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How to see if a cell phone has been used

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How to see if a cell phone has been used: Do you need to figure out if a phone you are about to buy is new, semi-new or used? Have you left your phone on your office desk and would like to find out if anyone used it in your absence? No problem: in the next paragraphs, I will be able to give you some information that will allow you to understand how to see if a cellphone is used.

In the case of the purchase of a mobile phone, you have every right to know if the device is used by asking this information directly from the retailer, whether it is a physical store, an online store or a private individual. However, you do well to keep your eyes peeled for any fraudulent behavior on the part of the channel you contacted and thus be able to understand if the phone was actually used and possibly how it was treated by the previous owner.

So, would you like to deepen the subject? Yup? Well: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to see if a cellphone has been used, let me provide you with some preliminary information which will be useful especially if you intend to buy a smartphone.

First of all, keep in mind that when buying on official online stores of smartphone manufacturers (eg. Apple, Huawei, Samsung, etc.), you can be absolutely sure that the devices sold are new. The exceptions are refurbished or regenerated smartphones, which are used models that have been returned for various kinds of problems and refurbished by the same manufacturers after having undergone various technical tests (in some cases they are devices that have conditions almost equal to the new ones).

Even when buying from other online stores, like Amazon and eBay, it is possible to have some security in buying a smartphone (or any other product), as these portals integrate a review system that allows you to understand how reliable a reseller is (if you remember, I have talked about in my guide on how to shop online safely). And if a smartphone purchased on these stores turns out to be used although “passed off” as new, it is always possible to return it, as I explained to you in the guides on how the return on Amazon works and how to cancel a purchase on eBay.

Check the appearance of the phone

Clean the mobile phone microphone

If you are considering buying a smartphone, it is of paramount importance too check the appearance of the phone . If the smartphone a retailer is selling to you is new or used, he should tell you that himself. Be that as it may, you may be able to figure out how things are by doing investigations yourself.

Looking at the phone packaging, for example, you should start getting suspicious if this turns out to be creased or battered and, more importantly, if i protection seals who had applied the manufacturer were violated.

If you already know that a smartphone you intend to buy has been used, however, I still advise you to carefully observe its appearance, in order to understand as has been handled and possibly identify defects that could lead you not to buy it (or to negotiate on the price).

If the smartphone has many dents, scratches And abrasions and / or these signs of wear are very pronounced, it is likely that it is a device that has suffered quite significant falls. Also pay attention to any bulges on the back of the device, which could indicate battery problems. Also check for the presence of scratches and halos on cameras of the device, because they could significantly compromise the quality of the shots that it is able to take.

If you do not have the possibility to carry out these inspections with the terminal in hand, perhaps because you are buying it online, carefully analyze the photos published in the advertisement of your interest and, if necessary, contact the seller to ask for more (especially if you are unable to understand the condition of the phone from the shots that have already been uploaded).

If the retailer refuses to cooperate, it may not be a good sign and it would be best to look elsewhere.

Check the IMEI

International Numbering Plans

Check the IMEI it is important to understand not only if a smartphone has been used but, more importantly, if it has been stolen. In case you don’t know, the IMEI is a 15-digit code which uniquely identifies a device on the mobile network. When a device is stolen and the owner reports the theft, it is blocked by the network operator, who inserts its IMEI in a list shared with all operators, making it unusable for making calls, sending SMS and surfing the Internet. .

To find out what the IMEI code of your phone is, you can open the dialer (the screen for dialing phone numbers) and dial the code # 06 #. Alternatively, you can view your phone’s IMEI in the following ways.

  • Android – go to Settings> About phone> Status> IMEI data.
  • iPhone – go to Settings> General> Info, scroll the displayed screen and locate the code IMEI, which is located at the bottom.

After recovering the IMEI of the mobile phone (more info here), to verify that the device has not been blocked, you can make use of various services useful for this purpose, such as International Numbering Plans. To use it, go up This Page, enter the IMEI code of your phone in the text field Enter IMEI number below and press the button analyze.

Now, check the placement of the symbol

| <: if this is located near the red part of the bar next to the item IMEI Validity Assessment, the device has been blocked by the operator. This means that not only has the phone certainly been used already, but that it could even be stolen.

To protect yourself and avoid incurring the crime of receiving stolen goods, I suggest you file a complaint of the incident by going to the nearest station of the carabinieri or of the police, bringing it with you any purchase documentation in your possession. The smartphone, of course, will be returned to its rightful owner and you could try to get compensation from the person who sold you the stolen item, perhaps by getting support from a lawyer.

Check the warranty status

Huawei warranty

Check the warranty status it can allow you to trace the purchase date of a mobile phone and, therefore, understand if it is actually new or used. To proceed with the verification in question, you must first obtain the serial number, which is usually shown on the sales package of the device. Alternatively, you can find the serial number in the following ways.

  • Android – go to Settings> About phone> Status> IMEI.
  • iPhone – go to Settings> General> Info> “Serial” number.

After locating the serial number, go to the phone manufacturer’s website (eg. Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc.) and locate the box where it is possible to search the status of the guarantee via IMEI, which is usually found in correspondence with the wording Search for warranty or Check Warranty.

Then type the IMEI code or serial number in the appropriate text field and click on the button located next to or below it (eg. Check it out, Verify, Check, Search, etc.). If you are asked to enter a Captcha code for security verification, you agree to do so by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

If everything went well, you should go back to information on the warranty status of the phone and understand, from this information, whether it is a used or new terminal.

Check the condition of the battery

IPhone battery

Check the condition of the battery it can give you an idea of ​​how much a smartphone has been used and, therefore, make you understand if it is a new device or not (as long as it has not been replaced, this is obvious!).

To proceed on Android, given the lack of an ad hoc functionality to analyze the battery conditions (at least on the vast majority of devices that integrate the Google mobile operating system), you have to rely on third-party solutions, such as the very famous AccuBattery, which offers various features to monitor the battery status.

After installing and starting AccuBattery, make sure you have disconnected the smartphone from the power cable and follow the tutorial that is proposed to you on the screen (just swipe from right to left to scroll through the various information cards and, finally, press on the checkmark).

Then, to check the condition of the battery, tap on the card Health located at the bottom and, in the screen that opens, compare the data Estimated capacity And Factory capacity: if the first data is less than the second, obviously the battery has worn out and, therefore, the smartphone has been used. If you don’t see any data in the tab Health, charge your smartphone. Please note, however, that to offer reliable statistics, the app needs a few charging cycles.

If you own a iPhone 6 (or a later model) equipped with iOS 11.3 (or later), know that to know the health of the battery, you can take advantage of a feature included “standard” in the Apple operating system.

To use it, go to the menu Settings> Battery and tap on the item Battery status, so as to display the percentage value of the maximum battery capacity. If the value is less than the 99-100%, evidently this is a device that is not brand new. More info here.

Consult usage statistics

Android usage statistics

Do you want to see if a mobile phone has been used, in the sense that you suspect that someone has used your smartphone in your absence and you want to be sure of this? If so, know that it is possible to do it simply consulting the usage statistics.

To access it on Android, you can use a special code which allows you to access a hidden menu. Then open the app Phone, log in to numeric keypad by tapping the button Dial (please note that the words may vary slightly depending on the version of Android in use) and enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # *. If that doesn’t work, try the codes * # 0 * # or # 7378423 # * # *.

In the screen that opens, then tap on the item Usage statistics and check the current usage statistics of the apps: through the appropriate drop-down menu, you can even sort them by usage time, count starts And app name.

On iPhoneinstead, it is possible to access the usage statistics by going to the menu Settings> Battery and consulting the various items displayed. By tapping on the tab Last 24 hours, it is possible to check the usage statistics relating to the energy consumption of each app occurred in the last day, while selecting the tab Last 10 days You can view statistics spanning a 10-day time period.