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How to see hours of play on PS4

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How to see hours of play on PS4: You own one PlayStation 4 for quite some time now and you have used it for so many great gaming sessions, sometimes even several hours long. You have then wondered if it is possible to take a look at the statistics relating to the time it took you to finish a particular game or, in any case, how many hours you have gone on so far. However, you weren’t quite able to find the option to do this, so you searched online for this on my site. That’s how it went, wasn’t it? Well then let me tell you that you are in the right place!

In fact, in today’s tutorial I’ll explain how to see hours of gameplay on PS4 showing you in detail how to use both the official method provided by Sony and the systems offered by third-party companies, such as Rockstar. I will also not fail to show you some additional statistics that you can access in relation to your console. In short, in this post you will find all the information you may need on the subject.

Courage: what are you waiting for there, motionless in front of the screen? Are you ready to get started and find out what are the methods to see the time you have dedicated to various titles on PlayStation 4? I would say yes, since you’ve come this far and are reading this guide with interest. I can assure you that the instructions below are pretty quick and that it won’t take you more than a few minutes of your time to get all the information you need. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading!

Preliminary information

PS4 2019

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to see hours of gameplay on PS4I believe it is of fundamental importance to explain to you what are the initiatives set up by Sony in this regard.

In fact, you should know that the Japanese company does not always allow users to officially see these statistics, but active periodically This possibility. To give you concrete examples, a December 2018 there was theMy PS4 Life initiativewhich allowed people to get their own statistics for that year.

TO January 2020Sony has also made available a portal that allows players to see how many hours they played on PlayStation 4 in 2019. In short, there is no precise rule, but usually the Kyoto company gives players the opportunity to see their statistics in the end / beginning of the year period.

Sometimes, there can be gods requirements to be respected in order to obtain this information. For example, to access the initiative of January 2020 you had to have come on 18 years and up and have scored more than 10 hours of gameplay during 2019 before December 10th. You may therefore need to have played for a while amount of time to be able to access statistics. In addition to this, it is clearly of paramount importance that you are logged into the PlayStation Network via the PlayStation 4, otherwise Sony will not be able to associate the game statistics with a user’s profile.

Official PS4 game hours stats

It must also be said that, often, these initiatives do not allow access to the total hours of play, but to the time spent on the PlayStation 4. during the course of the year involved and the hours dedicated to titles / genres most played by the user. In short, there is no real feature capable of showing the statistics relating to each individual title, but I can assure you that there is a good chance that, by continuing to read my indications, you will be able to reach your goal.

As you can see the hours of play on PS4

PlayStation Network login

As explained in the previous chapter, the initiatives for viewing the statistics are put in place particular periods decided by Sonyalmost always coinciding with the end of the year: this means that I cannot be very precise with my indications, since the websites and the voices to be used they may be different depending on the period.

However, Sony’s initiatives usually involve a rather trivial procedure: just connect to the official page made by the Japanese company for the occasion and carry out the login with your own PlayStation Network accountthat is the one related to PlayStation 4. In short, you shouldn’t have any kind of problem getting the statisticsobviously doing everything in the period where Sony has activated this possibility.

To give you a concrete example, speaking of the initiative launched a January 2020to access the hours of play it was sufficient to connect to this official page using any web browser, enter theemail address (Login ID) and the password of your account PlayStation Network and press the button Log in. In some cases, it was also required to resolve a captchaselecting the correct images.

Total PlayStation 4 game

Once logged in, a page appeared on the screen showing players all statistics relating to the previous year. Going from top to bottom, the number of titles played during the twelve months involved, the hours dedicated to the 3 most played titles by the user, the favorite genre (with lots of information about the number of titles, trophies and hours dedicated to that type of game), the number of days the PS4 was usedthe amount of hours played locallythe number of hours played onlinethose passed on VR titlesdetails regarding the duration of the longer game section absolutely, the preferred time band to play (eg Tuesday afternoon), the total number of hours passed in front of the console during the year involved, the total of trophies earnedthe hours played online with the multiplayer title the user spent the most time with and the number of games downloaded via your PlayStation Plus subscription.

Finally, the initiative # MyPSYear2019 allowed users to share statistics on Facebook or Twitter and redeem some awards (an avatar and a dynamic theme). In short, although Sony does not provide a real feature to see the hours of play on PS4, the statistics that are provided to the player during these initiatives are quite complete and you will most likely find the information you are looking for.

How to see hours of play on PS4 via third parties

PS4 third party play time

How do you say? Are you reading this post in a period in which Sony has not activated any initiative of this type? Didn’t you find the statistics related to the game you are interested in among those that the Japanese company has made you have? Don’t worry, let’s see which ones are right away third party solutions in this sense.

Well, some software house provide PS4 users with detailed statistics. To access the latter, you usually need to sign up for a service made by third parties and perform the login to the official website via browser.

To give you a concrete example, Rockstar Games made this possibility available to GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V). If you’ve played this title on PlayStation 4 and you want to see how many hours you passed, for example, on GTA Onlineall you need to do is connect to this official websitepress on the item LOGIN present at the top right, then on the icon PlayStation and perform the login inserting theemail address and the password associated with your account PlayStation Network.

At this point, simply press on the item GAMESat the top, and select GRAND THEFT AUTO V. Then, press on the box of yours character from GTA Online and you will see all the statistics of the case, play time included. This will show the hours you spent within the Rockstar Games title on PS4. Of course, to be able to obtain these details, you must have linked your Social Club account to your PlayStation Network profile.

GTA Online Stats

In case the game involved does not support this possibility, another method is to understand if one is present internal statistics. It may seem trivial, but in some cases the titles already include this information within them and you just need to search among them settings or in screens related to save games.

To give you a concrete example, in Death Strandingthe blockbuster by Hideo Kojima released in 2019, the hours of play can be seen directly within the title. In fact, the user is informed of how much time he has spent up to that point whenever he is able to complete a delivery (and activate the relative automatic saving).

Plus, just select the item Load game present in the main game screen to obtain all the necessary information regarding the hours spent in the title. In short, it is often necessary to simply take a quick look at the saves, although clearly this depends from game to game.

Death Stranding game save hours

Perfect, now you have all the information to be able to understand how many hours have you spent in front of the PlayStation 4. Since you are interested in the Sony console, I would also like to recommend some tutorials that you might find useful.

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