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How to see Facebook on Smart TV

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For some time now, you have moved away from classic television entertainment: your television continues to stay on, but the programs that really interest you can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, you often get bored seeing what is being broadcast over the antenna. Sometimes you think that it would be much more fun to be able to watch, on your TV , the same videos you love to see on your computer or smartphone using the Facebook app .

Indeed, to be honest, you’d like to be able to view the posts and other content of the popular social network on your TV too, I guessed it? How do you say? Does the idea appeal to you a lot but does it sound a bit “sci-fi” to you? Absolutely not! I assure you that what I have presented to you is already reality and, as if it were not enough, it is a really simple solution.

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I will show you, in the course of this tutorial, how to watch Facebook on Smart TV . Well yes! Everything is possible thanks to your “smart” TV and Internet connection. I will also show you, as a second step, some solutions to be able to view the social network in a “standard” version on TV. Then? You want to know all about it, right? Well, then don’t waste your precious time! Make yourself comfortable and continue with the next lines. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a lot of fun!

Preliminary information

By now we all (or almost all) know Facebook . Well, you should know that for some years now a variant for Smart TV of the well-known social network has also been available which, however, is focused on the video part of the latter: Facebook Watch .

Facebook Watch allows you to watch the video content of the Facebook pages you follow and your friends and other videos offered directly from the social network. So if you already spend a lot of time watching such content on your phone and / or computer, this might be just the solution for you.

Facebook Watch is available for LG Smart TVs (for 2014 and later models ), Samsung (for 2015 and later models ) other platforms including Xbox One , Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick / Cube . For a complete list of supported devices, I refer you to the official support page of the app (just press on the item Supported TV platforms ).

Before proceeding further, I inform you that in the course of the tutorial, I will show you in detail how to download and use Facebook Watch in a general way and, afterwards, I will show you the specific steps on a seventh generation Samsung UE43NU7092UXXH Smart TV . The menu items may be slightly different in case your model is not the same. I assure you that, however, you will be able to perfectly understand the operations to be carried out.

Furthermore, if you are not particularly interested in the videos posted on the social network, I will tell you how to “project” the Facebook app on your TV starting from a smartphone, tablet or computer; it will be very simple, you will see.

How to install Facebook on Smart TV

Facebook Watch TV LG

If you agree, let’s get straight to the point and see how to see Facebook on Smart TV through the Facebook Watch app . I will show you the various steps, from downloading the app, to installing it to using it, in the clearest and simplest way possible.

Preliminary operations

Internet TV Samsung

Of course, before doing anything else, you need to make sure your TV is connected to the internet. To connect your Smart TV to a Wi-Fi or wired network , first make sure your modem is turned on and working. Then, just turn on the TV, press the Menu button on the remote control and choose the Settings item from the menu, pressing the OK button or the central button (the button related to the settings on the remote control could also be present and the latter could be called Settings and be indicated by the gear symbol ).

Once the Settings are open , go to Network (it could also be called Internet Connection ) and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your “smart” TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet . In the first case, you will have to choose the network to connect to and type in the relative access key ; in the second, you just connect the TV to the router via an Ethernet cable and everything should work instantly.

If you are using a Samsung TV , to carry out the operation I have just explained to you, press the Settings button on the remote control. Moving through the menu, then, with the arrow keys , select the General item and press the Enter key (the one with the square symbol and the arrow located between the directional arrows) and then press the Enter key again on the item Network . Proceed by pressing the Enter key on the item Open network settings and, at this point, choose the type of network to which you want to connect your TV by pressing the Enter keyon the Wireless or Wired item .

Once this is done, press the Enter key on your network name (press the Enter key on the Update item below if you don’t see it listed in the list). Finally, type in the network key and hit the Enter key on the Done button on the right side of the on-screen keyboard. If you have any doubts or problems, check out my guide on how to connect a TV to the Internet.

Install Facebook Watch on Smart TV

Install Facebook Watch

Now that we have seen how to connect the Smart TV to the Internet, let’s proceed with the installation of Facebook Watch . First, you have to open the menu of your TV, by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control (the latter could be called Home and have the symbol of the house ) and, subsequently, press the central button on the item relating to the store (i.e. the shop virtual) from which to download applications.

At this point, you can use the search bar integrated in the store and type “facebook watch” or search for the application by browsing the various categories of apps available. Once you have found the Facebook Watch app, just press the center button on its name (it has a monitor icon with a triangle) and press the latter again on the Download item (it could also be called Install or Download ).

Let’s see now how to download Facebook on Samsung Smart TV . If this is your first time installing an app on your TV and you haven’t set up your user account yet, read here to learn how to do this. If, on the other hand, your account is already configured, proceed by pressing the Home button on the remote control (the one with the house symbol ).

Then scroll to the left in the submenu displayed on the screen and, once you have reached the item Apps , press the Enter key . Once you have accessed the store in this way, move to the upper right corner of the screen with the directional arrows and press the Enter key on the magnifying glass icon . At this point, type “facebook watch” , press the Enter key on the Done button and press this last button again on the app icon in the list.

To complete the procedure, press the Enter key on the Install button . A no-brainer, right? I inform you that several Samsung Smart TVs have the app pre-installed, therefore, this last step may not be necessary.

For further information, you can take a look at my other guides on the site. For example, if you are wondering how to download Facebook on LG Smart TV or other brands, just read my guide on how to install apps on Smart TV.

Watch Facebook on Smart TV

Facebook Watch interface

I will now show you how to use the Facebook Watch app on Smart TV . I anticipate that, in this case, the operation of the app is the same regardless of the device and if, therefore, you are interested in knowing how to see Facebook on LG Smart TVs , you can safely follow the steps that I will list shortly (in this case, instead of the Enter key , every time I name the latter, you will simply have to use the OK key ). To link your account you will need a mobile device or computer connected to the Internet.

First, launch the app from the menu menu of those available. To do this, press the Menu button on the remote control (or the Home button ), then select Facebook Watch in the submenu and press the center button on the remote control on its icon to start it. If you are using a Samsung Smart TV, proceed by pressing the Home key , scrolling through the icons of the various apps in the submenu and pressing the Enter key on the Facebook Watch one .

If you do not find the latter in the submenu, just follow the same steps I listed in the previous chapter to download the app (in this case, the system will show you that the app is already installed on your TV and you can start it directly from the Samsung store). Once you have started the app, move down the left menu list and press the Enter key on the Login item , then press the Enter key on the Continue button , on the right.

An on-screen code will then be displayed . At this point, just connect with any browser for PC or mobile devices at , log in to your account (if necessary) and type the code you see on the TV in the only compilation field and , from here, click on the Continue button . Done! Now your account and preferences will be automatically synchronized with the app on Smart TV.

Now you can start taking a look at the contents of the latter. By pressing the Enter key on the Home item , in the left menu list, you can view the videos posted by the Facebook pages you follow (you can scroll through them by pressing the right directional arrow key). To start playing any video you preview , simply press the Enter key on it. To close the videos, press the Return button on the remote instead .

By scrolling down the menu again, you can see the videos you previously shared on your profile or the ones you recently watched. By pressing, instead, the Enter key on the Search item at the top of the left menu, you can type the name of a particular video that you believe is present in the general archive of all those present on the social network.

By pressing the Enter key , on the Settings item in the general menu and pressing the same key once again on the Exit item, you can disconnect from your account and maybe connect a different one, repeating the steps I showed you above. It’s all very simple and intuitive, isn’t it? For more details on how the app works, check the official support guide on the Facebook site .

How to log into Facebook on Smart TV

Facebook your TV

If Facebook Watch is not to your liking and you would like to enjoy the “classic” version of Facebook on your TV, below I will explain how to “project” the social network on the TV starting from any smartphone, tablet or computer. There are various solutions that you can use, both integrated directly into the TV and your devices, and external. The choice is yours.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring

One of the most immediate solutions you can use to mirror your Facebook app or site (i.e. broadcast the video signal from one device to another device’s display) to TV , is to use Miracast technology , which is built into many Smart TVs , Android devices and many recent Windows PCs . Thanks to this transmission protocol, you can connect an Android device or a Windows PC to your TV easily and without using a router as an intermediary (it works, in fact, via Wi-Fi Direct).

To proceed, first check if the function I’m talking about is available on your TV. To do this, consult your TV manual. It should be noted that many manufacturers use different trade names for this technology, such as Anyview Cast , Screen Share or WiDi . To make your life easier, you could also try typing in Google how to activate Miracast on [your TV name and model] .

If you are using a Samsung TV, to find the Miracast option, press the Menu button , then select the Network item and press the OK button . Alternatively, you can press the Settings button on the remote control, then select the General item , press the OK button , and then select the Network item and press the OK button .

At this point, select the item related to Screen Mirroring and press the OK button . Finally, I inform you that on some older models the option is directly accessible by pressing the Source button and, on still other models, there is no need to activate a specific option for Miracast.

Once the above steps have been carried out, to proceed from an Android smartphone and tablet , simply slide your finger downwards starting from the upper edge of the display, scroll the menu page with the icons to the right (if necessary) and press on that Projection (the screen symbol ). At this point, tap on the name of your TV and confirm by pressing the OK button (if necessary, you will have to press the OK or Enter key on your TV to allow the connection).

If you have problems with this procedure, press the gear icon at the top right of the icon menu, then press the Connection and sharing item and, finally, press the Wireless screen item and from here tap on the name of your TV. For more details on this Android feature see here.

To proceed from a Windows 10 PC , instead, you have to press the notification area button at the bottom right corner (the square balloon icon next to the date and time), click the Connect button and, from here , click the TV name . At this point, go back to the TV and press the OK (or Enter , depending on the remote control you have) button on the Allow button in the top right.

Do you have an iPhone , iPad or Mac ? In this case, I’m sorry, but you can’t take advantage of the Miracast technology. However, if your Smart TV supports AirPlay technology, you can still mirror your screen using it. To proceed, just connect the TV and device from which you want to broadcast to the same Wi-Fi network, press the Duplicate screen button in the iOS / iPadOS notification drop-down or in the macOS multifunction menu (top right) and select the name of your TV from the menu that opens. The first time you connect, you will be asked to enter a verification code , which you will see directly on the TV.

Done! Now you just need to open the app or the main page of the Facebook site to see it on your TV. Convenient, right?

Cable connection

Samsung TV HDMI ports

The more “traditional” option to connect a TV to a mobile device or a computer (on which you view Facebook ), is to connect via cable with the classic HDMI connection . In the case of mobile devices, you will clearly need a micro-USB or USB-C to HDMI adapter ; on computers many times there are standard HDMI ports, but on some laptops there may only be USB-C ports and, again, you need special hubs or adapters. For more information, you can consult my guides on how to connect smartphone to TV and how to connect PC to TV.

Once the connection is established, you will need to open the input menu on your TV. To do this, press the Menu or Home button on the remote control, then select the Sources (or Inputs ) item and select the one that has the same number as the HDMI port to which you connected your device (eg HDMI 1 ).

Other solutions to access Facebook from TV


If the devices in your possession do not support Miracast technology and you find the cable connection inconvenient, you can project the Facebook app or site on the TV using external devices to connect to it.

Chromecast , for example, is a dongle produced by Google that can be connected to the HDMI port of the TV and can be purchased from websites or physical stores of electronic chains. It can be used to stream multimedia content and the screen of smartphones, tablets and computers to TV. It is compatible with both Android and iOS / iPadOS and, in the computer field, with the Chrome browser on all operating systems. All devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Chromecast is available in its basic variant (at 39 euros on the Google site ) with the possibility of playing video signal in Full HD (1080p) and in the variant with Google TV (at 69.99 euros on the Google site ) with support for 4K , HDR , Dolby Vision which is based on the Google TV operating system and therefore allows you to install apps directly on the device and can be controlled with a remote control. For more details on how this device works, check out this tutorial.

Another rather inexpensive solution that you can evaluate for wirelessly connecting your computer to the TV is the Amazon branded Fire TV Stick . Among the many functions integrated in the Fire TV Stick (store with installable applications, voice commands and the ability to listen to music and watch various streaming contents) there is also that of being able to mirror Android devices .

The device is available in the Lite version compatible with the Full HD resolution standard and in the 4K / 4K Max versions with support, in fact, for the 4K / Ultra HD format (and different performance between the two 4K models). For the complete overview of all the features and details of the Fire TV Stick, take a look at my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

If you are interested in this device, I inform you, moreover, that the Fire TV Cube variant with Alexa speaker included is also available . The latter integrates all the functions of the Fire TV Stick and those of the Amazon Echo speakers.


Another interesting option is the one that involves the use of an Android TV Stick / TV Box . These are small computers with an Android operating system and application stores, which therefore allow you to access Facebook and many other applications directly from the TV, without connecting to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

In this case, however, be careful to choose the right one: in fact, the Mountain View home store is not available on all devices of this kind. In addition, some sticks and boxes suffer from reception problems and overheating. For all the details on the Android TV Stick / Box I suggest you read this in-depth analysis.


If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone , iPad or Mac , you can connect these devices to your TV easily and wirelessly with an Apple TV. It is a convenient media center (with reduced dimensions) specially designed to broadcast the screen of the devices of the Cupertino giant on TV. In addition, Apple TV has its own application store. It is available in both HD and 4K version (with also support for Dolby Vision and HDR10). For all the details of the case, read my tutorial on how Apple TV works.