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How to see a friend’s hidden Facebook posts

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How to see a friend’s hidden Facebook posts: You are subscribed to Facebook for some time now and, despite knowing how to use the famous social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg in an excellent way, you still happen to come across phenomena that you think are “strange”, to which you do not know how to give an explanation. Recently, for example, you happened not to see in the diary of a user who is your friend on Facebook a post that he had published a few days before and you would like to know why. I’ll tell you the mystery right away: he probably hid the content.

Does this mean that you will no longer be able to see the post in question? It depends: if the content was simply hidden, continuing to remain public, you can see it by trying to use some useful device for the purpose. If, on the other hand, it has been made private, you will not be able to view it in any way (unless the user makes it public again).

What do you say, then, to deepen the matter and discover, together, how to see a friend’s hidden Facebook posts? Do you want? Well: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

As I already told you in the introduction of the article, there is a clear difference between seeing the public posts that have been hidden on Facebook by a user and those that, on the other hand, are private. In the first case, in fact, being public posts that have simply been hidden from certain users (if you remember, I explained how to do it in this other guide), it is possible to see them relatively easily with the help of some tools that I will tell you about shortly.

If, on the other hand, the posts you intend to view have been made private, as the author has changed their degree of visibility in Only me, you will not be able in any way to trace the latter (this also happens for posts published by users you are not friends with and who have a privacy setting for their contents Friends).

To succeed in see hidden posts on Facebook from a friend, once it was possible to take advantage of the Facebook search engine which, using specific URLs, allowed access to apparently hidden content or some browser extensions and some online services that made it possible to achieve the same result even more easily.

However, in mid-2019 Facebook changed the way its search engine works, preventing you from using the tools just mentioned. This means that the only thing you can do to try to see another person’s hidden Facebook posts is to create a second account on the social network, ask the person of your interest to befriend and hope they accept it.

Create a second Facebook account

As I told you a few lines above, since you can no longer count on some functions of the Facebook search engine, to be able to see the posts that have been hidden by a user who is your friend on the social network, you must create a second Facebook account.

The operation in question can be done in a few minutes, but before explaining how to proceed, let us tell you Facebook prohibits the creation of secondary and / or fake accounts. If you do, then, you will run into the violation of conditions of use of the service, which could also lead to the closure of the account itself. So far all clear? Well then let’s proceed!

From smartphones and tablets

Create second Facebook account

You want to create a second Facebook account by acting as smartphone and tablet? The first thing you need to do is start the official app of the famous social network on your device Android or iOS and eventually log out of your “real” account by first pressing the button (≡) and then selecting the item Go out located at the bottom of the screen and confirm the operation by tapping the item again Go out.

Then tap on the wording Join Facebook located at the bottom, tap the button Continue / Begin, indicate yours first name And surname in the appropriate text fields (since it is a secondary account and you do not want to be recognized, you should use a fantasy name) and tap the button Keep it going.

In the following screens, then, indicates the date of birth you prefer to use, press again on Keep it going, specify your gender, indicating if you are man or woman, tap the button Use your e-mail address and specify the email address to use when creating the account.

If you want advice, instead of using one of your main email addresses, create a temporary one, perhaps using 10 Minute Mail which from the tests I conducted seems to work perfectly with Facebook. To get a temporary email with 10 Minute Mail, just log on This Page.
Finally, specify the password of the secondary Facebook account, press the button Keep it going and then tap on the item subscribe. After logging in to the account you created, confirm the temporary email address you indicated, specifying in the appropriate text field the code that you received.

At this point, you can finally ask the person of your interest for friendship on Facebook: to do so, go to his profile and press the blue button add to friends. Obviously, the person in question does not necessarily accept your request: if he does, however, you may be able to see posts that are not visible with your other account.

If you want further information on how to create a second Facebook account I suggest you: there you will find more information on how to proceed.

From computer

how to send anonymous messages on messenger

You prefer to create the secondary account with which to “spy” the friend who has hidden the posts on Facebook by acting as computer? No problem. To begin with, if you haven’t already done so, log out of your “main” Facebook account by going to the first page of the social network, by clicking on the symbol (▾) located at the top right and selecting the item Go out in the menu that opens.

Now, you should find yourself in front of the Facebook registration form: enter the first name and the surname you intend to use (choosing a fancy one), the mobile number or e-mail address (perhaps using a temporary mailing address) and the password.

If you have decided to sign up using a temporary email, I recommend that you do so using 10 Minute Mail that works perfectly with Facebook. To get a temporary email, just log on This Page And that’s it.

Then use menus to specify the date of birth you want to indicate, the kind of membership (man or woman) and finally click on the button Create account. After logging into your account for the first time, remember to confirm the email address you indicated during registration by providing the code that was sent to you.

After doing this, ask the person of your interest to be friends on Facebook by going to their profile and clicking on the button add to friends– If the user accepts the request, you may be able to see some posts that are not visible with your main account.

For more information on how to create a second Facebook account, you already know what to do: take a peek at the article I just linked to.