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How to search in pictures

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How to search in pictures: Browsing through the “twists and turns” of your computer, did you find a photo of an old schoolmate whose name you don’t remember and would you like to check if it is registered on some social network, so that you can contact him? Surfing the Net, you stumbled upon a beautiful landscape, would you like to find other similar photos but you don’t know what the immortalized place is called or, much more simply, you don’t know where to find other similar images? No problem, in both cases I can help you. How? Well, simple: explaining yourself how to search by images.

In fact, you need to know that some online services and some apps for mobile devices are available through which you can search for images starting from a photo taken from your device or already present online. In short, searching by images is a bit like searching for textual content on Google: the difference lies in the fact that, instead of typing a keyword, you have to select a photo. Consequently, the results of the research will be visual and non-textual.

So tell me: are you ready to find out, together with me, what you need to do to be able to search by images? Yup? Great! I would therefore say to ban the talk and immediately take action. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to tell you more than satisfied as well as happy to have been able to find what you wanted starting from a photo. Happy reading and enjoy!

How to search for images on Google

Google Images

The first solution that I suggest you adopt, if you want to search by images, is Google Images: the famous search tool included in Google that allows you not only to find photos based on the terms entered, but also to perform reverse searches. In a nutshell, it allows you to upload a photo and find all the similar images on the Net.

For search for images on Google, connected to the main page of the service through the link I just provided you and click on the icon of the camera present in the search bar. Then select the card Upload an image and click the button Choose file / Browse, to upload the photo you want to search for.

Then wait a few moments and the service will offer you a series of photos similar to the one you uploaded (Visually similar images), more than the links to the Web pages that contain an exact copy: try to find the one that most interests you and click on it, to get more information.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in searching for images starting from a photo you found on the Internet, click on the item Paste image URL attached to the main Google Images page, paste the address of the image to be used for the search and press the button Search by image.

If you don’t know how to download the address of an image on the Internet, right-click on it and select the item Copy the address of the image from the menu that is then shown to you.

Google will then show you all the Web pages that contain the image you have selected, just as seen a few lines plus you act with images uploaded from your computer. Simple, right?

Other online services to search by images

There are so many other online services to search for images. Let me talk to you in more detail about a couple of them that I’m sure will come in handy.



Another solution that I invite you to try is TinEye: it is an online service that allows you to find images similar to the ones you upload to it. To use it, immediately connect to its main page via the link I just provided you and click on thearrow icon located next to the search bar.

Now select the image you want to use for the search and wait a few moments for the upload to be completed and all the Web pages that contain images similar to the one you have uploaded are shown. Click, then, on the shot of your interest, to get more details.

Like on Google, also on TinEye you can find photos similar to images already present online. To do this, you must paste the link of the image (you can find it by following the instructions I have given you in the previous lines) in the field Upload, paste or enter Image URL and click on the icon of magnifying glass located on the right.

Please note that TinEye is also available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox is Opera. By installing the addon on the web browser that you generally use to surf the net, you can search for images simply by right-clicking on a photo and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that opens. Comfortable, don’t you think?

Bing Pictures


Didn’t the online services to search for images that I have already proposed attract your attention in a particular way? Well, then try to turn to Bing Pictures. This is the Microsoft solution to search for images on the Net. The service scans a large database of indexed images and allows you to filter them using some special and useful tools.

To use it, connected to the main web page of the service through the link I provided a few moments ago, click on the icon of the two dots inside the square (on the search bar of the service located at the top) and upload the image of your interest. You can simply drag the image into the opened box or click on the link puff pastry and select it from your computer. Alternatively, you can click on the button Paste the image or URL for paste the URL of an image present online.

When you are ready to do so, start the search by clicking on the icon magnifying glass, and you’re done: Bing will offer you some images similar to the one you uploaded.

How to search for mobile images

You want to know how to search for mobile images? In addition to taking advantage of the online solutions I told you about in previous chapters – Google Images, TinEye is Bing Pictures – you can use some free apps for this purpose. Below are some for Android is iPhone that I hope will come in handy.

How to search for Android images

Image Search

If you use Android, you can resort to the use of Image Search. It is a free application that offers a simplified interface for searching for images on Google.

Its operation is fairly intuitive, to the point that there would not even be a need to talk about it in detail. In fact, all you have to do to make use of it is to press on the icon of the cloud located at the bottom right, select the photo to be used for the search and press on the item Start upload.

Once the screen containing the search results is displayed, press on the image for which you are interested in knowing more details and you’re done.

I point out that the function is also present Custom search engines, through which you can add customized search engines to the app.

How to search for iPhone images


If instead you have a iPhone, you can turn to Reversee: a semi-free app (also available for iPad) that allows you to search by images using the iOS camera roll, Dropbox or the system clipboard. The free version allows you to perform reverse searches through the use of Google Images; the paid version, which costs 4.49 euros, allows you to use multiple search engines and to take advantage of some extra functions (such as the one relating to the search for images by URL).

To use Reversee, install the application on your device, launch it and tap the button Choose a Picture, to select an image saved locally. After selecting it from the roll, tap the button Search placed at the top right and you’re done. You will be shown images similar to the one you are looking for.

By pressing the button Pasteinstead, you can reverse search an image already present on the Internet, using its URL. The feature in question, however, is only available in the Pro version of Reversee.