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How to search for photos

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How to search for photos: After reading my guide on that what is a blog and on the website creation, you decided to go deeper into the topic, so you turned to a free hosting among those I have recommended, to finally give life to your personal blog. Very well! I am more than happy to have been of help and to have been able to give you the right push for the opening of your personal project.

But if you are here now and reading these lines, it probably means that you still need my advice. I am glad to be at your complete disposal; what can I help you with this time? As you say, you don’t know how to search for photos, why would you want to beautify the articles you wrote on your blog? Quiet, you are in good hands, I help you immediately, there is no problem.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to search for photos, using some popular Internet sites that play the role of search engines for images and photos. There are in fact many Internet sites that host photos and images to download at no cost and you can use them in various areas, including the commercial one. What intrigued you and would you like to know more? Okay, so take a few minutes to read my guide calmly, I’ll tell you about how to search for photos on the Internet, showing you in detail what, in my opinion, are the best websites with image databases you can draw on for your projects. Are you ready to get to the heart of the matter? All right, let’s get started!


I decided to start my guide entitled “how to search for photos“Talking first of all about Flickr. In my opinion, Flickr is one of the best tools on the web that you can use to search for photos. Although not so well known, compared for example to Google Images (which by the way I will tell you about in the following lines), Flickr is an existing website since 2004. Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is often used by professional photographers and amateurs who want to share their works online. Flickr is also used by people who, even without necessarily having a passion for photography, want to make their images and photos public.

From your perspective, you can turn to Flickr for search for photos, using it as a search engine for photos and images. As I mentioned, it may happen that the images uploaded to Flickr have been taken by other people, but you will also see companies that use Flickr as an online database to create a digital showcase of their products.

The most prominent feature of Flickr is undoubtedly the possibility of finding images and photos distributed under a Creative Commons license; you will therefore need to check the type of attribution from time to time. Some photos, in fact, can be used freely as they do not have copyright restrictions, others can be used and the author of the photo must be mentioned, still others cannot be downloaded, because they are protected by copyright.

To search for images with Flickr, the first thing you need to do is connect to official site of the service. Then type in the keyword referring to the images or photos you intend to search within the text field dedicated to the search; then press the button Submit directly from the computer keyboard to confirm the search.

Once this is done, you will be shown a new web page with the results of the search you have carried out inside. Through the appropriate buttons, located under the search bar and, in particular, using the button advanced, you can refine the results of your search and change, for example, the orientation mode of the photo. You can also search for images based on a specific color simply by selecting the reference color from the appropriate filter.

In addition, always using the bar for customizing searches, you can filter by license type. For example, by filtering the entry Creative Commons only, you can find photos to use freely and use only for personal purposes, or by filtering by Changes allowed you can find all those images that can be edited and used freely in personal projects. Finally, filtering the images by Commercial use allowed, you can find all the Flickr photos that you can also use in the commercial sector.

When you have found the photo you were looking for on Flickr you can download it for free and to do it just click on it. On the page that opens, click on the white arrow located at the bottom right. At this point, if you click on the item View all sizes, you can choose the size of the image to download. For example, you can choose to download the photo in resolution Original or in other formats, such as Small, Average, Great or square.

Flickr is accessible from the Web but also through an application for Android is iOS.


If you are a blogger or more generally a person who loves creativity, I imagine that you will need to look for photos that are aesthetically high quality, without resorting to paid services. Do you agree with my statement? Then don’t waste any more time and go immediately to the Pexels website.

Pexels is a website that offers a database of beautiful stock images, all completely free of charge. The main feature of Pexels is certainly given by the presence of very high resolution images, as well as excellent quality, all distributed under license Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means that all the images available on Pexels are free and it is possible to copy, modify and distribute them for personal and commercial use. It is not necessary to ask the author of the photo for permission or even to mention the author. All photos are fully usable, as long as it is clearly a legal purpose. Better than this?

As mentioned, however, Pexels is an Internet site with a database of stock photos, the images you will find will be generic and it is necessary to type the search term in English. To search for photos, using Pexels, just go to his official website and type in the search term in the search engine text field, then press the button Submit on the keyboard. Once this is done, you will be shown a new web page with the results of the search you have carried out inside.

Once you have chosen the image that best suits your needs, you can download it for free. To do this, just click on it and, on the page that opens, click on the green button Free Download. Alternatively, by pressing the down arrow, you can choose the resolution of the photo. By choosing the item Original, you will download the photo in original resolution or you can choose other formats like Large, Medium or Small. If you particularly like a photo, you can also share it on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, using the button Share.

Pexels therefore offers a database of professional images taken and made available free of charge by photographers and enthusiasts; to support the work of the photographers it is possible to make an optional donation through PayPal.

Google Images

The easiest tool of all to search for photos? Google Images. The Big G search engine offers a very rich image database that will meet your every search. Searching for an image on Google Images is as simple as drinking a glass of water, practically on a par with a normal Google search.

How do you search for photos on Google Images? It’s very simple, I’ll explain it to you right away. The first thing you need to do to search for photos with Google Images, is to connect to the official website and, in the search bar, type the keyword relating to the image you are looking for. Then click on the button magnifying glass that you find on the side or simply press the button Submit on the keyboard to confirm the search.

When the search results appear and once you have identified the image you are interested in, click on its thumbnail then click on the button View image in order to view the selected image in full size. Subsequently, to download it, you will simply right-click on the image and select the item Save image as.

As an alternative to the method I just told you about, you can search for images via Google Images also by uploading a photo present on your computer or by indicating the url of a photo present online. Through these two methods, you will be able to find an image similar to the one you have indicated. To do this, just press the icon depicting a camera located next to the Google Images search bar, then select the item Paste image URL or Upload an image, paste the url of the reference image or upload from your computer based on the choice you have made. The next step will be to click on the button Search by image.

Whatever the photo and image search method you have used, you will notice that Google Images also offers you some buttons to filter the search. If you click the button Instruments, you can filter different types of images. For example, you can search for images based on a specific size, based on usage rights or by type.

Other tools to search for photos

Did the list of Internet sites to search for photos fail to meet your needs? Don’t worry, I can still help you. Below is a summary list of other popular Internet sites with image databases.

  • Unsplash: similar to Pexels, Unsplash is another site that you absolutely must put in your favorites of your browser. Equipped with an attractive user interface, the website offers a very wide range of generic images that you can use and modify in any context, even the commercial one. The images are all of the highest quality and you can download them for free.
  • Getty Images: Getty Images is one of the most popular websites that offers professional-made stock photos. The images of GettyImages they are though for a fee and the purchase prices are very high. For some images, however, Getty Images provides the function of embedding the images, through the built-in Viewer button. The images containing this wording can be incorporated on websites as long as they respect the conditions of use and the terms of use indicated on the website by Getty Images.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is anything but a traditional image database. Defined as the social network for the search for ideasPinterest offers images and photos of many types, divided into categories: fashion, beauty, movies, places to visit and much more. The main feature of Pinterest is the ability to register to create thematic virtual whiteboards to save online and easily find the images and photos you like most. App available for Android is iOS.