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How to search for people on Skype Android

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How to search for people on Skype Android: You just downloaded Skype on your Android smartphone, to try to save some money on phone calls, but not being very familiar with the service yet, you don’t know how to add your friends’ numbers to the address book? Don’t panic.

With today’s guide, we will see in fact how to search for people on skype android and how to add them to the contacts of the application in an extremely easy and fast way. In this way, you can quickly contact both users subscribed to the service and traditional telephone numbers. Let’s get started right away!

If you want to learn how to search for people on skype androidthe first step you need to take is to start the Skype application on your smartphone and press the button Menu. Then select the item Add people from the menu that opens and use the search bar located in the center of the screen to search for the name, email address or telephone number of the user you wish to find.

At this point, select the name of the person you want to add to your contacts from the search results, press the item Add to contacts present in the screen that opens and type a message to associate with your friend request (you can also leave the default one). Pajamas on check mark () and your invitation will be delivered instantly.

When your friend request is accepted, you can chat, call or video call with the person you added to your contacts by going to the tab People from the main Skype screen and selecting their name from your friends list. Easier than that?

As you surely know, Skype also allows you to call standard telephone numbers at very affordable prices compared to the traditional telephone system.

If you want search for people on Skype Android to add their real phone numbers (and not Skype accounts) to the contacts, press the key Menu phone and select the entry Add number from the menu that appears. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering the first name of the person and his telephone number in the appropriate text fields, and presses the check mark () to complete the operation.

I remind you that to make calls to standard telephone numbers, you need to add credit to your Skype account. It is a very simple operation. Anyway, if you don’t know how to do it, press on yours photo located at the top right and select the item Credit from the screen that opens.