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How to search for PEC address

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How to search for PEC address: Certified e-mail, or the PEC, is a very useful tool that allows you to communicate not only with companies, but also with professionals, private citizens and public administration bodies, guaranteeing the certainty of the interlocutor’s identity. The PEC also assumes legal value, just as if it were a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, thus revealing itself to be an effective and safe means of communication.

The PEC is an economic means (although there are no services that provide it for free, the prices of the most accessible subscriptions are below 10 euros per year) and does not require special knowledge or equipment to be used: for the end user it’s like using a common e-mail service; the important thing is to use PEC addresses both as sender and as recipient. Yes, how do you find the PEC address of a company, a professional or a public administration body? I’ll explain it to you right away.

There are online services that allow you to search public databases (eg that of the Register of Companies) and find the PEC addresses of companies, professionals and entities of the PA in a few clicks. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit more complex as far as private citizens are concerned, but we will talk about this in a bit. Take a few free minutes to understand how to search PEC address thanks to the resources that I will present to you.

How to search for a person’s PEC address

As I announced at the beginning, finding the PEC address of a private individual is a somewhat complex operation. At present, it is not yet possible to carry out the operation through public or government records. I understand your desire to look for an address that you urgently need, but at the moment the only way to obtain the PEC address of a person, who is not a professional or member of a company, is by contacting the person concerned. Maybe through social networks like Facebook or LinkedInor, alternatively, by sending an e-mail to your traditional electronic mailbox to request the PEC address.

However, I want to point out that the situation may change in the future, since the official site of the National Resident Population Registry (often abbreviated to ANPR): it is a national database that favors the digitization of data to improve services to citizens.

Although the data migration is now complete, I must warn you that, at the time of writing, it is not yet possible look for PEC address with fiscal code (unlike what happens for certified e-mails of professionals and companies) and, should this option be available in the future, it would allow to obtain the certified e-mail address only of those who have expressly indicated it as their digital domicile. In any case, I will update the post as soon as there will be news in this regard.

How to search for PEC address with VAT number

look for pec professionals

To search for a PEC address of subjects with VAT number you can use the site INI PEC, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development and which allows you to find the PEC of companies and professionals. This also supports reverse search, allowing you to trace the identity of a company or professional by typing its PEC address.

Search professional certified e-mail address via INI PEC in a simple and fast way: all you have to do is access the main page of the site that I linked to you just now and click on the box at the bottom left, where it says Search PEC address. In the next screen you will immediately find yourself in the search form with all the individual fields to fill in: first name, last name, fiscal Code, professional category (e.g. lawyers, accountants and accounting experts, labor consultants, etc.), province or order registration number.

Remember that you do not need to fill in all the fields: by entering the fiscal Code of the professional in the appropriate box, you can immediately search for the certified email address without adding further data. If not, you will need to fill in as many as possible to narrow the search.

After you have finished entering the information, put the check mark in the box where it says I am not a robot and then click the button below, where you read Search PEC Professionista. By doing this you will get the information you need and you can immediately send an email to the certified email address indicated in the results screen.

How to search for a company’s PEC address

search for company pec address

The PEC search operation of a company is not very dissimilar to that of a professional that I showed you in the previous chapter. If you are wondering how to search for PEC INIPEC address of a company, I invite you to continue reading: I will dissolve all your doubts about it!

First, connect to the first page of the site and select the box at the bottom left that says Search PEC address, a form will open with a form to fill in for the search. The site immediately refers to the search for the certified email of professionals, however you can click on Businesses (top right) to open the relevant form, where there are fewer fields to fill in.

In the case of businesses, or companies, if you prefer, you can enter: the Nameor the Business name of the company; there province where this is based; the Fiscal Code and finally thePEC address if you are doing the reverse search (i.e. you want to get all the data of a company through its PEC address). If you do not know all these data, do not despair, since with the tax code only it is possible to obtain the PEC of the company you are interested in, the other information only serves to narrow down the search field and are not strictly necessary.

When you have entered the data in your possession, check the reCAPTCHAwhere you read I am not a robot and then click on Search PEC Impresa below to view the search results.

company register pec

INI PEC is not the only portal through which to search for the PEC address of a company. These, in fact, are required to register a PEC valid in Business Register: a real register of companies, with all the official data of Chambers of Commerce.

The operation of the Register of Companies site is extremely intuitive. After connecting to the latter, fill out the form located at the top, to the right of the item Find Company. There are only two fields to fill in: the one relating to first name of the company and the province / region where this is based. After entering them click on the button Search for.

In the next tab you will find a list of one or more companies, click on first name than that of your interest to access the complete company profile. You will find all the specific data, including the wording Digital domicile / PEC. To get it you have to click on the button EXHIBITION in correspondence with the item.

How to find the PEC address of the Public Administration

pec public administration

If you need thePEC address of a Public Administration bodylinked to IPA website (Index of digital domiciles of the Public Administration and Public Service Managers), which allows you to search for the addresses of universities, port authorities, metropolitan cities and other public bodies based on various criteria such as digital domicile, the address of the headquarters or through invoicing and orders.

To obtain a PEC address you must take into consideration the links under the heading Digital domicile. Click on Digital Domicile Search Entity to access the form with the fields to be filled in: you can enter the first name of the institution (under the heading Name), the fiscal Codethe IPA codeL’geographic area and, for AOO (Homogeneous Organizational Areas) also theirs unique code. Of course you do not need all the data and in most cases it will be enough for you to enter the name of the specific entity to obtain the related PEC address.

After filling in the fields with the information at your disposal, click on the button Research at the bottom right to view the list of entities found by the system. The PEC address will be immediately visible under the column Digital domiciles.

If, on the other hand, you have the PEC address of an institution and you want to trace specific information such as the address of the office, from the consultation page, with the search links of the digital home, you must click on the link Search by PEC. In the next menu, enter the PEC address you have in the field of the same name and then click on the button Research bottom right: in this way you will get all the information of the institution that refers to that specific e-mail.