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How to save the Facebook stories of others

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How to save the Facebook stories of others: A friend of yours always posts really very interesting photos and videos in the stories of Facebook, to the point that it really seems a shame not to be able to see them after the canonical 24 hours of their duration. Speaking of which, you are wondering if there is a way to download them offline and access them even after they expire. Did I guess? Well then let me help you achieve your goal.

Yes, you got it right! Downloading Facebook Stories offline is possible and I’m about to tell you how. In the next lines, in fact, you will find explained how to save the Facebook stories of others using various solutions for smartphones, tablets or computers. I bet you won’t struggle to find the one that’s right for you.

Just a clarification before starting: the content shared by users in Facebook stories may contain personal information. Therefore, before saving this content on your device, I recommend that you ask the author’s permission. Also, don’t spread them on the web unless you have permission to do so, otherwise you may be infringing Facebook terms of use, but also the copyright of the author of the contents. I do not take any responsibility for the use you will make of the information reported in this tutorial.

How to save other people’s Facebook stories

From the moment you wonder how to save the Facebook stories of others, I want to first explain how to do it from a smartphone using the predefined tools of Android and iOS. In more detail, you can make one screenshot to capture photos from Facebook Stories and run one screen recording to save the videos. Read on to learn more about how to do this.


On smartphone Android come on iPhone you can take a screenshot of the screen using the native functionality, in order to save a photo published in the Facebook stories in the memory of your device. The author of the story will not be notified of this.

To proceed, start the app Facebook for Android or iPhone, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen or in the app menu, and log in to your account (if necessary).

Now, come on Android, to take the screenshot, press the keys simultaneously Volume Down And On / off / lock button. On iOS, on the other hand, to take the screenshot on the models of iPhone with Face ID simultaneously press the side button and the Volume up key. If, on the other hand, you have a model of iPhone with Home button, simultaneously presses the side button and the Home button.

In case you prefer to act as computer, you can view Facebook Stories from browser and take a screenshot using the native Windows or macOS feature. More info here.

Screen recording

Screen recording

In case you want to save a video contained in Facebook stories, you can use the functionality of screen recording present natively on some models of Android device come on iPhone. Again, the author of the story will not receive notifications.

To proceed, launch the Facebook for Android or iPhone, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and or in the app menu and tap on the story of your interest, to view it.

At this point, come on Android, to record the screen of your device, press and hold the key combination for a few seconds Volume Up + Power Off. Then, to stop recording, press the button Stop located at the top.

In case the screen recording functionality is not present on your device, you can use third-party apps, such as for example ADV Screen Recorder, which you can download for free from the Play Store or from alternative stores. More info here.

On iOS instead, to register the screen, press the red round button located in Control Center of iOS (which is accessible, on iPhone with Face ID, swiping down from the top right corner of the screen, or, up iPhone with Home button, swiping up from the bottom edge of the display). Then, to end the registration, click onred indicator located at the top and then presses the button Stop.

If you don’t see the screen recording icon in iPhone Control Center, enable it in the menu Settings> Control Center. More info here.

In case you prefer to act as computer, you can view Facebook Stories from browser and record the Windows or macOS screen using various tools suitable for the purpose. More info here.

Other solutions to save the Facebook stories of others

As an alternative to the native solutions of Android And iPhone that I proposed to you in previous chapter, you can contact some third party apps through which you can succeed in saving the Facebook stories of others.

However, since these tools are not official and require access to social network data, I suggest you use them only if strictly necessary. Furthermore, after using them or, in any case, as soon as they no longer need to be used, I advise you to delete them, since their use could represent a potential risk for privacy.

Save Story (Android)

Save story Android

On Android you can use the app Save Story which, in its free version, allows you to download the stories of others published on Facebook. This app also has a version a payment which, with prices starting from € 7.49 for 12 months, allows, among its most prominent features, to remove advertising and download content in high resolution.

To use it, after downloading it from the Play Store from Android or from alternative stores, first log into your Facebook account by pressing the button Log in with Facebook, located on the main screen.

Once this is done, press oncircle icon located in the top bar, so you can see all the stories of Facebook of your friends. Then tap on the one you are interested in to view it. After that, click on the icon (…) located in the lower right corner and, in the menu that is shown to you, tap the button Download.

After the automatic download is complete, the photo or video will be saved in the Gallery of your device (the app Photo or Gallery).

Total Files (iOS / iPadOS)

Total Files ios

On iOS / iPadOS, instead, to download the videos published in the stories of Facebook others can use the app Total Files, a file manager that, thanks to the presence of an internal browser, allows you to download videos from the websites you visit. This app is free, but it can be purchased at a price of € 5.49, to remove advertising.

After downloading it fromApp Store from iOS / iPadOS, start it by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the app Library, then press on theworld map icon located at the bottom right and connected to Facebook by typing the address in the address bar of the internal browser.

Now, locate, the story of Facebook of your interest and presses on it to start playing the video. This is done when the message is shown to you do you want to download this content? tap on the icon (√). Now, customize the first name of the file and choose the destination folder. Finally, complete the operation by pressing the button end located in the upper right corner.

Once the download is complete, the file will be visible on the main screen of the app (theicon with folder symbol), but you can also view and manage it via the app IOS files (after activating access to the app Total Files, via the menu Browse> Locations).

Story Saver (Chrome / Edge / Opera)

Facebook PC Stories

For save the Facebook stories of others from PC you can use Story Saver, a free extension for Chrome, Edge Chromium And Opera, which allows you to do this easily.

To use it, start the browser you are using among the compatible ones and download it: to do it on Chrome, go for example on the Chrome Web Store page dedicated and press the buttons add And Add extension.

At this point, connected to your Facebook account via the browser, locate the story of your interest and click on it to view it. Then, press onStory Saver icon located in the upper right corner, in order to automatically start the download of the photo or video in the story.

At the end of the automatic download, the content will be saved on your computer, in the folder you set through your browser preferences (for example the folder Download).