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How to save the address book on Gmail

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How to save the address book on Gmail: With your mobile device, you now carry out a lot of daily activities and you would not be able to be without it anymore. Precisely for this reason you are looking for a solution that allows you to save your phone’s address book within Gmail, so that you always have a copy of your contacts: don’t you dare imagine how you would do if you were to lose them!

Well, if this is exactly the way things are, I don’t see why you shouldn’t succeed: if you need a hand to carry out this procedure, I’m more than happy to offer it. Save the address book to Gmail it is a fairly simple procedure to carry out that can be performed from the official website of the Webmail service and also through the settings of your Android or iOS mobile device.

How do you say? Are you eager to find out more? Would you like to know how to carry out this operation without margin of error? Okay, then I suggest you sit comfortably in front of your PC and take a few minutes of free time to devote to carefully reading this tutorial of mine. I wish you a good reading and a good “job”.

Import the address book to Gmail

The first procedure that I suggest you carry out to save the contacts in an address book within the Webmail Gmail service requires that you have to act through the Gmail official website in order to import your contacts in the section relating to those of this email service.

To carry out this procedure, you must then open the browser you usually use for browsing the Internet (for example Google Chrome or Safari) in order to connect to the Gmail home page and then press the button Log in which you can see located at the top right. In this way you can then log in with your Google account data: you will then have to indicate the email address and password relating to your account by pressing the button Forward when required.

If, on the other hand, you have not yet registered for this Webmail service and therefore do not have an account, then first of all you will have to press the button Create account and then follow the on-screen procedure for creating a Gmail account. In this regard, if you need more explanations on how to proceed, I invite you to read my guide dedicated to the topic in which I explain step by step the procedures to be carried out.

Once you are in the main screen of the Google Webmail you can begin to follow the steps that I will show you in the following lines, which will allow you to import the address book you have in the Gmail e-mail service.

The first thing you need to do is click on the icon with the nine squares located at the top right and select the item Contacts from the menu that opens, in order to display the contact management page of Gmail. Once you see the section containing all the contacts in your address book on Gmail on the screen, you can save your contacts in it by clicking on the button More and then on the button It matters. A menu will appear to choose the Webmail service from which to import contacts into Gmail.

The available options concern importing contacts from accounts such as Yahoo Mail,, AOLand also other providers such as the account Apple. Consequently, just click on the provider for which you have contacts and for which you need to save them on Gmail, enter the relevant login credentials and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to save contacts on Gmail in the traditional way, by uploading a CSV or vCard type file. In the latter case, after clicking the button More and on the button It mattersyou have to press the button Select filechoose the file with the contacts you want to import into Gmail and press It matters.

If you want to carry out the reverse procedure, that is, you want to export the Gmail address book on your computer to your computer, click on the button More and then on the button It matters from the left sidebar and follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to export contacts from Gmail.

Save the address book to Gmail from Android

If you have a device Androidthe procedure you need to perform to save the address book in Gmail is even simpler, as you just need to activate the synchronization of contacts related to the Google account of your device.

Then start the app Settings of your device (it is the one with the symbol of a gear located on the home screen), after which you will have to tap on the items Account > Google and you will need to select yours Gmail addressso that online data synchronization options are displayed on the screen.

In this regard, identify the wording Contacts and move the lever from OFF to ON, in such a way as to activate the synchronization of the same. By carrying out this specific operation, you will ensure that the address book of your Android mobile device is saved online on Gmail; consequently, if you add a new contact in the address book, you can also view it within the well-known Webmail service.

If you have not yet configured a Google account on your device or you want to save the address book on an account other than the one set on the device, go to the menu Settings> Accountsselect the item Add account from the latter and presses on the logo of Google and then log in to your Gmail address.

Save the address book to Gmail from iOS

Also iOS allows you to synchronize the address book with Gmail, but one important thing must be emphasized: the procedure in question only allows you to download the contacts from the Gmail address book to the iPhone (or iPad), and to save the new contacts that are created on the device. Contacts that are already on the iPhone (or iPad) are not synced. To synchronize them, they must first be exported as a file CSV or VCF and then import them into Gmail following the procedure described in opening chapter of this tutorial.

To proceed with exporting contacts from iOS, install the application My Contacts Backup which in its free version allows you to save up to 500 contacts. To export more contacts, you need to purchase the full version of the app for € 2.29. The operation of My Contacts Backup is disarming simplicity: after starting the app and giving it permission to access the iOS address book, tap on thegear located at the bottom right and choose whether to save the contacts as a file vCard (VCF) or CSV.

Then tap the button end located at the top left, press the button Backup and wait for the saving of contacts to finish. If you get a warning that the backup file size is getting too large and you need to remove contact photos, accept.

Finally, click on the button E-mail and auto-sent the VCF or CSV file with the iOS address book contacts. Once this is done, import the contacts into Gmail as explained a start post.

How to save iPhone address book

Now you can move on to downloading and syncing Gmail contacts with iOS later. To do this, you need to add your Google account to your iPhone (or iPad) settings.

From the main screen of your device, then tap on the icon of Settings (which has the symbol of a gear), identify the wording Account and password and tap on it, in order to view the section dedicated to the connected accounts within your device.

Pigia, therefore, on the wording Add account and then on the voice Google, so that you are prompted to log in with your Google account data and save the address book of your iOS device to Gmail. Then log in and choose which items you want to sync with your iPhone / iPad.

In case you only want to sync your address book contacts with Gmail, move from OFF to ON only the lever placed in correspondence with the wording Contacts. Then press the button Save which is located in the upper right corner to confirm the operations you have chosen to carry out.

After this step, you need to set the Gmail address book as the default iOS address book, so that all new contacts are saved in it. Then go to the menu Settings> Contacts> Default account and select the item related to Gmail from the screen that opens.

Once you have carried out these operations you can use your iOS smartphone and create new contacts in the address book. All new contacts that you create using the Contacts application of your Apple mobile device will be automatically saved in the Gmail address book and you can view them through the section Google Contacts I told you about earlier, which you can access faster by clicking on this link.

Obviously I remind you that to view the contacts saved in the Gmail address book you will need to log in through the website of Google Contacts using the account you synced on your iOS mobile device.

Save the address book to Gmail from a PC email client

You use an email client, such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, on your computer and would you like to synchronize the address book of the latter with Gmail? Nothing impossible, indeed, it is child’s play: follow the instructions below and you will realize it.

  • Microsoft Outlook – if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can synchronize the Gmail address book with your client using a free application called GO Contact Sync Mod: I told you about it in more detail in my guide on how to sync Gmail contacts.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Thunderbird also needs to use an external solution to allow synchronization of contacts with Gmail. I refer togContactSync extension, which I told you about in my tutorial on how to sync Gmail contacts. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about Mozilla Thunderbird, I invite you to read my tutorial dedicated to the program.
  • Windows 10 Mail – if you are using Windows 10, you can activate contact synchronization between Google and the system address book by starting the app Contacts (you can find it with a simple search in the menu Start) and first clicking on Start and then on Import contacts. In the window that opens, select the logo of Google, log in to your account and choose the option for synchronizing contacts. Easier than that ?!
  • Apple Mail – if you have a Mac and want to synchronize the Gmail address book with Apple Mail, go to System Preferences (the gear icon located on the Dock bar), select the item Internet account from the window that opens and click on the logo of Google to associate your Gmail account with your Mac. Once logged in, activate the checkbox for contact synchronization.