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How to rotate on Rocket League

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How to rotate on Rocket League: Each player of Rocket League self-respecting spends countless hours playing and practicing to improve their skills and be able to climb the rankings of the best players. As you can well imagine, making your way in a competitive world like that of the famous title Psyonix Studios requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, but there are also small “tricks” that allow you to save a bit of sweat and effort.

What am I referring to? I’m talking, for example, about making your rank jump from Silver to Diamond by learning how to master the ability to rotate with your vehicle. This is one of the most important mechanics of the game, so I think you would do just fine to delve into it and find out how to rotate on Rocket League thanks to the “tips” you find below.

If you’re ready to get down to business, get comfortable, hold your controller or keyboard in front of you and start Rocket League. In no time at all, you will surely be able to win a few more games and gradually improve your performance in competitive matches. Happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

If you’ve come across this article, you may already know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, let me explain in more detail what it means. rotate on Rocket League.

If you are familiar with the game at Psyonix Studios, you will know that to be able to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal you must be able to juggle your competitors’ cars and manipulate the ball correctly. Regardless of the game mode chosen, in fact, without having any idea of like shooting in the air on Rocket League you don’t go very far!

The title is available on different platforms, therefore it is possible to use both the controller and the keyboard to play it: for this reason, in the next chapters you will find how to take advantage of both these input methods. In my opinion, the best choice is to use a controller rather than the keyboard, since thanks to the analog sticks you have a more precise control of the vehicle, but of course the choice is up to you.

Before getting into the guide, I strongly recommend that you take a look at my article on how to play Rocket League, so that you have a more solid foundation of the game and learn more about the advanced techniques that I am about to teach you. If everything is clear, I would say to proceed with the next chapters: let’s go!

How to shoot on Rocket League

First, I would say to clarify what are the fundamental elements for soaring in the air in Rocket League. First, you will need to fill up the bar Boostor the turbo, obtainable by collecting the orange spheres scattered around the arena. This is essential for staying off the ground for more than a moment. Here are all the details.

With controller

rocket league controller menu

Using the boost button, your car’s thrusters will start producing a thrust, which will be used, along with the rotation of the car, to move the vehicle upward.

To do this, press the button Jump once and thanks to left analog stick, tilt the nose of the machine upwards. Once you reach a good angle, release the turbo to maintain the necessary altitude.

At this point, you want to know like turning around in the air? Very easy, press the button L2 (or LT if you’re using an Xbox controller) in mid-air and then, moving the analog stickyou will no longer move the machine, but will rotate it on its axis.

Now that you know what the two fundamental movement mechanics are for turning the vehicle, let’s proceed with the actual technique. The latter consists in balancing the right amount of turbo to maintain the necessary thrust and alternating the rotation of the car with the left trigger of the controller, in fact, a minimum incorrect movement of the analog stick to crash your car on the ground.

A great way to practice rotation is to start the practice tool from the main menu. Select the item Plays and, subsequently, that Training; then go to the mode Free trial and choose an arena of your choice.

Once the map is loaded, block the view of the ball by pressing the button triangle (or Y on Xbox) of your controller and proceed with the technique I told you about a few lines ago; only this time you will have to try to keep the machine in flight for as long as possible, without touching the walls of the field or the ground, making turns around the ball.

This exercise is very useful for understanding like shooting in the air on Rocket League: it will help you, in fact, to familiarize yourself with the controls and manage the vehicle in midair, particularly effective in a game against other players to be able to intercept the incoming ball before they do.

With keyboard

training screen

I can assure you that using the keyboard it will penalize you, since the controls are much more cumbersome and less ergonomic than using a controller, but in case you need them, the technique I talked about in the previous chapter is also applicable in this case, but in a slightly different way.

Note that in order to jump you will need to use the right click of the mouse, while to use the turbo you will need to hold down the left click.

Even in the case of the keyboard, the main concept is to keep the vehicle in mid-air thanks to the boost and then make it rotate by alternating the horizontal rotation and that with respect to its axis. This time, however, you will have two additional keys that will allow you to perform the same task without having to hold down the L2 key on the controller, i.e. the keys Q and AND keyboard. The latter, in fact, are used to rotate the machine on its axis, respectively to the left and to the right, without having to maintain pressure on additional buttons.

I recommend the same exercise I proposed in chapter concerning the controller, but to help you further let me teach you another. The purpose of this training is to be able to fly from one side of the pitch to the other, passing from one corner of the goal to the opposite corner of the opponent’s area, all while maintaining altitude and rotating the vehicle in mid-air thanks to the keys. Q and ANDwhichever you prefer the most.

To move in flight, this time you will have to use the keys W, TO, S. And D. of the keyboard, which will allow you to move forward, backward, rotate left and right respectively. The key to aerial rotation on the keyboard is to quickly alternate your fingers between the keys for rotation on the axis and those for moving the vehicle on the other axes.

Now everything should be clear to you. If, however, you are interested in a detailed tutorial on how to fly in Rocket League more generally, I have written one that could be just for you