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How to restore Windows 8

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How to restore Windows 8: For some days now, your computer with Windows 8 installed has started to “tantrum”. Listening to the suggestions of your most trusted friends you have therefore decided to try to cope with the thing by going to  restore Windows 8 . The idea is very good, there is no doubt about this. However, if you are here at the moment and you are reading this guide, it is evident that you are having some difficulty in being able to understand how to proceed. If things are actually this way, you have no reason to worry. In fact, I can explain to you, by thread and by sign, all you need to do to be able to restore Windows 8.

I know, you are not very practical in terms of new technologies and themes that in trying to restore Windows 8 you do nothing but combine messes but trust, contrary to appearances it is a very simple operation to perform and to set up of which just take advantage of a special feature made available by Microsoft for its operating system. In fact, in Windows 8 there is a PC recovery system that allows you to intervene on the OS offering the user the possibility to choose whether to keep the system files intact, whether to prevent their documents and apps from being deleted or to bring back the computer in the factory state. Using it is a real no-brainer.

If you are interested then understand how to take advantage of this function and, consequently, how to restore Windows 8, I invite you to take five minutes or so of free time and carefully read the guide I am about to offer you. Are you ready? Yes? Great, then let’s ban the talk and go ahead!

The first step you need to take to restore Windows 8 is to access the appropriate function attached to the PC Settings section   of the operating system. To do this, first access the   Windows 8 Start Screen , then click on the search field located at the top right, type  PC settings and  then click on the PC Settings item present among the results that are shown to you.

How to restore Windows 8

At this point, click on the  Update and restore item  located at the bottom left and then select the Restore option   from the side menu.

Proceed by clicking on the Start button   located under the words  Remove all and reinstall Windows and  then press the Next button . Then choose the option Remove only my files if you intend to restore Windows 8 by deleting only your files (this is the recommended operation in most cases) or choose the Perform complete drive cleaning option if, for the in fact, you intend to perform a complete cleaning of the unit (it is a procedure to choose if you want to resell the computer) and click on the Reset button   to start the reinstallation of the operating system.

Warning: If you choose to restore Windows 8 by going for the complete cleaning of the unit, I suggest you make a  backup  of what you think is most appropriate before proceeding. In fact, complete cleaning of the unit will irretrievably eliminate all the data on the computer. If you don’t know how to make a backup and want to know more about it you can read my guide on  how to make a backup .

How to restore Windows 8

The “simple” recovery procedure takes 15–20 minutes on average, the more advanced one can go on for hours. However, you will not have to do absolutely anything, you will simply have to wait for the computer to restart with the new installation of Windows ready (almost) for use.

When the computer restarts, wait for the initial configuration of the devices to be performed, then follow the initial configuration procedure of Windows 8 that displays on the screen. Then choose the name you want to assign to the computer, the color you want to use as the background of the Start Screen , the settings referring to updates, those relating to file sharing and all the other settings. If you prefer to use the default settings, click the Use quick settings button  .

How to restore Windows 8

At this point, to complete the procedure by which to restore Windows 8, enter your Microsoft email address (Live, Hotmail or Outlook). The Microsoft e-mail address is essential in order to use the cloud features of the operating system. If you are not interested in synchronizing data and apps between multiple PCs via Microsoft cloud services, you can decide to use a standard local user account by clicking first on  Log in without a Microsoft account  and then on  Local account .

Finally, type in the username and password you want to use for your user account on the PC. If you entered your Microsoft e-mail address in the previous step, the username and password for the account on the PC will be the same as the access data of the e-mail address. Then presses the Finish button  . You will be able to start using the system after a short presentation of its features.

If, on the other hand, you intend to restore Windows 8, avoiding deleting your data saved on the hard disk and your applications, you can opt for a more “soft” alternative, as it were, to what has already been seen.

To restore Windows 8 as I just indicated, press the Start button , type PC settings in the search field located in the upper right part of the Start Screen and then click on the PC Settings item present among the results that are shown to you. Then click on Update and restore , press on Restore , locate the item  Reinitialize the PC keeping your files  and click on the relevant button to start .

How to restore Windows 8

Then, click on Next first   and then on  Reset  to restart the PC and allow Windows to return its settings to the initial state.

When the computer starts up again, before logging into Windows, the operating system logo will appear with the words  PC update (xx%)  at the bottom. Wait for the operation to reach 100% and for the system to restart again. After a few more minutes of waiting, you will finally have access to your Windows 8 restored to factory conditions.

The initial presentation of Windows 8 will be performed again (the one that is reproduced after the installation of the operating system) and you will find a list of the applications removed from the computer (i.e. all those not installed through the Windows Store) on the desktop, in the form of a Web page .

Do you want to restore Windows 8 using the classic recovery point method available since Windows XP? Nothing could be easier.

To begin with, press the Start button so that you can go to the Start Screen and type the term restore  in the search field that is shown to you at the top right and click on the Restore item attached to the results that are shown to you.

How to restore Windows 8

In the window that will open on the desktop at this point, select the Configure system restore item and click the System Restore button . Now, put the check mark next to the item Restore recommended or next to the item Choose a different restore point , depending on whether you want to use the most recent restore point or you want to choose a previous one, and click on the Next button to continue the procedure.

How to restore Windows 8

Once you have made your choice, click on the Finish button and your computer will restart to perform Windows recovery. The procedure will take several minutes. If you need more details about it you can consult my guide on  how to restore the PC to a previous date  and my tutorial on  how to restore the computer as new .

If, on the other hand, you prefer to restore Windows 8 by practicing the classic operating system formatting procedure, first of all know that it is a possible operation and, secondly, that it is quite easy to put into practice. To find out how to proceed and what you need to do it, you can consult my guide on how to format Windows 8 through which I have provided you with all the necessary indications in an extremely detailed way.