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How to restore icons on mobile

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Have some icons disappeared from your phone’s Home screen and you don’t know how to restore them? Has your smartphone’s Home screen become a bazaar of icons in no logical order, and every time you have to launch an application, do you take endless seconds to find the right one? Have you “fiddled” with the icon themes on your smartphone and now you don’t know how to restore the default one (which, on balance, you liked best)? Don’t worry: if you want, I’m here to solve these little technological hitches of yours.

In today’s tutorial, in fact, we will see together how to restore the icons on the mobile phone by resetting the default order of the Home screen, arranging the icons of all the apps in alphabetical order (at least those of third parties: the system ones simply return to their original position). Alternatively, if you have a phone that allows the use of custom icon themes, I will explain how to restore the default theme from the device settings.

Come on, don’t waste any more time. Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, take your device immediately, access its Home screen and put into practice the instructions you find below based on your preferences and needs. I assure you that the newfound order of your Home screen will greatly speed up the daily use of your phone.

How to restore icons on Android

If you want to know how to restore icons on your mobile and use an Android device , you have various possibilities at your disposal: first of all, if you have simply “disappeared” of the icons from the Home screen, you can access the app menu and restore your icons. interest with a trivial dragging of the same.

If, on the other hand, you want to “reset” the Home screen by arranging the icons in the initial order, you can act on the launcher settings (if possible) or alternatively you can delete the files with its settings (drastic measure, generally to be avoided, but in some cases indispensable).

If, on the other hand, you simply want to restore the graphic theme used for the icons, you must also use in this case the launcher settings, or the app in charge of managing the smartphone themes. Either way, find all the details below.

How to restore icons on the Home screen

How to restore icons on mobile

Let’s start with the most trivial operation of all, but one that many novice users often ignore.

If your smartphone has a separate Home screen and drawer , then a sort of desktop where the icons of the most frequently used apps are located, the Google search bar and other widgets (Home screen) and, separately, a menu with the list of all the apps installed on the device (drawer), you can restore any “disappeared” icons from the Home screen in a very simple way.

All you have to do is access the drawer , by pressing the appropriate button (usually the one with the squares at the bottom center) or by swiping from the bottom of the screen to the top, locate the app icon of your interest , perform a long tap on it and drag it to the point on the Home screen you want. That’s all!

If, on the other hand, what you want to restore is a widget (e.g. weather information, the Google bar and so on), you need to perform a long tap on the Home screen (in a point where there are no icons), press on the Widget icon and then drag the widget of your interest to the spot on the screen you prefer. If the long tap doesn’t work, try a pinch on the screen.

If you only have the Home screen, without a drawer, and an icon has disappeared from it, most likely you have simply uninstalled the app in question: to solve, install the application again through the store of your device.

How to restore the order of the icons

How to restore order icons on mobile

Your smartphone’s Home screen is full of icons and you can’t figure them out, so have you decided to reset it and bring everything back to the default order? Nothing particularly complex.

The simplest and most “elegant” way to restore the order of the icons in the Android Home screen is to act in the launcher settings, but unfortunately not all launchers offer an option to reset the order of the icons.

In any case, among the most popular launchers that support the function in question there is Nova Launcher : if you use it too, you can quickly restore the order of the icons by performing a long tap on the Home screen, pressing the Settings button that appears in down and then going to Backup and Restore .

On the next screen, tap on the Restore defaults option , give it confirmation and the current layout used for the icons on the Home screen will be replaced with the default one, then only the Nova default folders, icons and widgets will be visible (those displayed in the promo launching the launcher).

If you use a different launcher, try to access its settings and look for an option in the latter to restore the layout of the icons or at least to arrange them in alphabetical order .

If not, you can go to the “hard way” and clear the launcher data. This procedure, however, will delete all the data and settings of the launcher , not just the information relating to the order of the icons, so it will be like reinstalling the app in question from scratch. Understood?

Good. If you intend to proceed, open the Android Settings (the gear icon located on the Home screen or in the app drawer), go to App (or App> App , depending on the version of Android you are using), select your launcher (eg. Huawei Home , if you have a Huawei terminal), touch the Memory item , press the CLEAR DATA button on the opened screen and confirm .

This will clear all launcher data and restore the icons to their default order. This means that the system icons will return to their original position, while the third-party apps (the ones you have installed) will be arranged in alphabetical order (in some launchers they may even be deleted, if there is a separate drawer).

How to restore the icon theme

How to restore icons theme on mobile

If your aim is to restore the default look of the icons and restore their appearance to that of the default theme, you must act in the settings of the smartphone or launcher you use (many launchers, in fact, support the use of customized icon packs) .

Some smartphone models, such as the Huawei ones , support the installation of icon themes (as well as wallpapers and other customization elements) without resorting to third-party launchers and offering users a default app dedicated to managing their themes.

If you have a phone of this type and, for example, you want to know how to restore icons on Huawei , you simply have to open the app dedicated to Themes that you find on the Home screen, go to the Personal section , select the default smartphone theme and press on the Apply button , to go back to using it on your device. Easier than that?

Alternatively, as mentioned, you have to act from the settings of the launcher in use. In the case of Nova , for example, just access the app settings menu (as seen in the previous chapters of this guide), go to Appearance> Icon style , tap on the Icon theme item on the proposed screen and choose the Default option from the box that appears on the screen.

How to restore hidden icons

Hide app in Nova

Some launchers, such as the paid version of Nova Launcher , also support a function to hide apps from the drawer and / or the Home screen.

The absence of an icon on the Home screen or in the drawer could therefore also depend on a setting of this type. To solve, in the case of Nova Launcher, you need to go to the launcher settings , then to the App menu> Hide apps and uncheck the boxes relating to the icons to be made visible again .

In other cases, however, the icons may have been hidden by apps dedicated specifically for this purpose (or parental control applications): to know how to solve in these cases – basically you have to go to the settings of the applications in question -, read my tutorial on how to hide apps on android.

How to restore icons on iPhone


iPhone offers less customization options than Android, for example it is not possible to use alternative launchers or custom icon sets (there are only a few apps that allow you to customize its own icon through the internal settings); in any case it is possible both to reorder the icons on the Home screen and to restore any apps hidden by the latter. Find all the details below.

How to restore icons on the Home screen

iOS 14

On the iPhone there is a Home screen to which, starting from iOS 14 , a sort of drawer has been associated, called App Library , in which the icons of all the apps installed on the phone are located (which are automatically divided into categories ). This means that if an app icon “disappears” from the Home screen, there can only be three possible solutions to the mystery: it is only found in the App Library, it was uninstalled by mistake, or it was hidden via the system security settings. operating.

In the first case, to get the app icon back on the Home screen, simply access the App Library, perform a long tap on the icon of your interest and select the Add to Home item from the menu that opens, or drag it directly to Home.

In the second case, however, you have to download the application from the App Store (if you don’t know how to do it, read my tutorial on how to download apps on iPhone). In the second case, however, read the instructions you find in the next chapter of the guide and its icon will be saved in Home and / or in the App Library, depending on the settings chosen by the user.

How to restore hidden icons

IOS restrictions

The iPhone restriction settings allow you to hide both some predefined apps (eg Safari or Mail ) by choosing them one by one, and third-party applications, in this case choosing them based on the age of the target audience (eg hide all apps not suitable for children under 12).

To restore the Home screen icons hidden in this way, go to the iPhone Settings (the gear icon located on the Home screen), go to Usage time> Content and privacy restrictions and enter the security code set for the settings in question.

Once this is done, go to the App allowed menu and activate the levers relating to which predefined apps you want to show on the Home screen (eg Safari , Mail , or FaceTime ); then go to Content restrictions> Apps and check the Allow all option , to show the icons of all third-party apps on the Home screen, or choose another age setting you prefer from those available ( 4+ , 9 + , 12+ or 17+ ).

How to restore the order of the icons


If the Home screen of your iPhone is so confusing that you have decided to restore the arrangement of the icons and put them all in alphabetical order (also losing any groupings in folders created), you can act from the iOS settings.

Go, therefore, in the menu Settings> General> Reset of your iPhone, tap on the item Reset Home screen layout and confirm by pressing on Reset Home screen layout .

All default app icons will be arranged in their original order, third party apps will be arranged alphabetically, and you will eventually lose created folders.