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How to restore Android

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Despite having deleted several apps and checked the system with anti-malware software, your Android smartphone is still inexplicably slow? Are applications crashing all the time? In situations like this, it’s bad to say, but the most effective solution is to restore Android by deleting all the files on the device’s memory.

It’s a drastic operation, I know, but this eliminates any software conflicts and malware that may have led to the Android malfunction in one fell swoop. So, what do you think? Do you want to try? Well, then take some time off and follow the directions I’m about to give you that will show you step by step how to restore Android , even from Recovery in case your device is in a really critical situation.

The guide will be useful to you not only if you want to reset your smartphone, but also if you want to sell it to another person and want to erase all your data from the device memory. It was created using a smartphone but is also valid for tablets (the procedure to follow is always the same). Enjoy the reading.

How to restore Android without losing data

By now you are really resigned, your smartphone has become too slow, so you want to try a full reset to try to save it. However, there is a problem: the device contains all your data and you would like to avoid losing them, so you would like to understand how to restore Android without losing data .

Quiet, that’s what I’m here for. Now I’m going to show you just how to restore your Android device without losing any data, using Google’s cloud backup system . You must know that thanks to the Google backup system, you can save almost everything: app data, Wi-Fi passwords, contacts and even photos and videos thanks to the Google Photos service without any effort and at no cost (within certain limits ). But let’s go in order.

First of all you need to backup your device to the Google cloud. To start the backup, open the Settings app on your smartphone and tap on the System and Backup items . On the next screen, the system will ask you to backup your phone with Google One , which is none other than Google’s cloud system which now contains all of the company’s services, including Google Drive and Google Photos.

Before proceeding, however, I warn you that you will have 15 GB of storage space available for free , which also includes any files or photos that you have already saved on Google Drive or Google Photos. If you need additional space you will need to activate a monthly or annual subscription , with prices that vary depending on the cloud storage space you need (starting from 1.99 euros / month or 19.99 euros / year for 100GB of storage) .

To start the backup, tap the Activate button at the bottom right and, on the next screen, tap the Back up now button and then enter the PIN or unlock pattern to confirm the operation.

How do you say? Does your smartphone not have Google services or would you simply like to proceed in an alternative way? In this case I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to backup Android , in which everything is explained in detail, including several alternative procedures that you could use.

Once you’ve backed up all your data, all you have to do is restore your device . To do this, open the Settings app , usually recognizable by the icon of a gear , and tap on the System and Recovery Options items .

On the screen that appears, you will have some recovery options, but in this case you have to tap on the Delete all data item . Then, tap again on the Delete all data button at the bottom and confirm the operation by entering the PIN or unlock pattern.

The smartphone will restart automatically and the automatic formatting procedure will begin. After a few minutes the smartphone will restart again and the initial configuration screen will appear. Now all you have to do is set up your smartphone again: by entering the same Google account used to back up previously, you can restore all the data in a few simple taps.

How to reset Android from off

How to reset Android from off

You are practically desperate because your Android smartphone does not seem to give any signs of life anymore: you try to turn it on but it freezes on the initial animation screen, without being able to enter the operating system and carry out the normal recovery procedure that I explained to you in the previous chapter .

You are probably wondering now if there is any alternative method to get out of the impasse, right? Then know that in this chapter I will show you just how to restore Android from off using the Recovery partition on the smartphone, which allows you to perform various operations – including formatting the device – without having to enter Android. Unfortunately, however, I must warn you that even through this procedure you will lose all the data on the device.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you might think about making a backup via PC or Nandroid, as explained in this tutorial of mine.

If you are ready to continue, even if you will lose all data, I will now show you how to reset Android with keys . With the smartphone off, to enter Recovery , hold down the Volume Up and Power keys and, when the smartphone logo appears, release the Power key and continue to hold only the Volume Up key . After a few seconds the Recovery menu will appear, with several items at your disposal.

Usually most of the Recovery do not have touch-screen support , so to move between the items you will have to use the volume keys , while to select an item you will have to use the Power key . To perform the complete reset of the device, reach the Wipe data / Factory reset item with the volume keys or the touch-screen (if enabled) and, subsequently, select it by pressing once on the Power button (or always with the touch-screen) . Then confirm by selecting the yes option .

In a few seconds the device will be completely restored and the initial Recovery menu will be loaded again. From here select the Restart / Restart system now item to restart the device using the Power button . The smartphone will restart and after a few minutes the initial configuration screen will appear . Now all you have to do is set up your smartphone again from scratch, as if you had just purchased it.

How do you say? Can’t get into Recovery? Unfortunately it can happen that the key combination may slightly change depending on the device, In this case I recommend you take a look at my tutorial on how to reset HUAWEI or how to reset a locked Samsung. If you are not able to enter Recovery in this way, I recommend that you search among the videos on YouTube dedicated to the topic, which will surely be able to help you.

How to reset locked Android

How to reset locked Android

Your smartphone is completely blocked and is practically unusable by now. For this reason you are looking all the way to how to reset locked Android , aren’t you?

In this case my advice is to try to enter Recovery and perform a full recovery. In order to enter Recovery, your smartphone must be turned off. If by chance your smartphone is in the boot loop , then it continues to turn off and on, try to turn it off by holding down the Power button for about ten seconds . This way the smartphone should suddenly shut down, as if you had removed the battery. Alternatively, if it is a model with a removable battery , remove the battery and reinsert it after a few seconds.

After turning it off, all you have to do is enter Recovery and try to perform a complete recovery, exactly as I showed you in the previous chapter .

How to restore Android from PC

How to restore Android from PC

You want to reset your smartphone, but at the same time you would like to try to carry out the whole procedure via PC, as you find it much more convenient than having to do everything from your smartphone. Unfortunately, you still haven’t figured out how to restore Android from PC . Quiet, that’s what I’m here for.

You should know that some smartphone manufacturers (not all), provide users with practical PC tools that allow you to perform various operations on the smartphone, including a complete reset.

If you own a Samsung smartphone , for example, you can use the Smart Switch tool that allows you to perform various operations on the Korean manufacturer’s devices from a computer, including backing up and restoring them. This is a very convenient software, but it is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices. If you want to find out more take a look at my tutorial about it.

If, on the other hand, you have a HUAWEI smartphone , you may find the HiSuite tool useful , available on both Windows and macOS. This software is capable of fully backing up your device, restoring it and even performing a software update to your smartphone. Also, if you’ve already backed up your smartphone, it might come in very handy if you’re wondering how to restore Android to an earlier date . The operation of this tool is really very simple, but if you want to know more take a look at my tutorial on how to reset a HUAWEI, in which I will explain everything in detail.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, not all smartphone manufacturers provide such software. In this case, my advice is to operate directly from the smartphone following the procedure I explained to you in the previous chapter : you will see that it will be child’s play.

How to reset Android Auto

How to reset Android Auto

Your car is very smart thanks to a state-of-the-art infotainment system, which also supports Android Auto . Unfortunately, however, you have not used it for some time, because every time you connect your smartphone to the car the problems begin. You’re not a very technological type, so you want to avoid having to get your hands on your car’s infotainment and maybe do even more damage.

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to do any of this – below I’ll show you how to restore Android Auto quickly and easily. In fact, to be able to restore Android Auto, simply act on your smartphone.

Take your smartphone and open the Android Auto app or simply open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear and digital “android auto” in the search box at the top: now tap on the first item that comes to you suggested.

Well, now you are finally inside the Android Auto settings , from where you will be able to solve all your problems. From the main screen, then tap on the previously connected cars item . In the next section, you will find listed all the cars you connected to with your Android Auto account, among which you will surely find your current car.

To reset Android Auto, all you have to do is tap on the menu with the three dots at the top right, select the item Remove all stored cars and then press the OK button from the pop-up that appears. In a few seconds you will see all the synchronized cars disappear from the list (this could have been the problem).

Now all you have to do is go back to your car and connect your smartphone to the infotainment system. Contrary to what happened previously, now you will have to redo the whole connection procedure from scratch. This way it is very likely that you will no longer encounter any problems and can go back to using Android Auto.

How to reset Android TV

How to reset Android TV

Some time ago you finally decided to buy a new Smart TV equipped with the Android TV operating system . Unfortunately, however, something must have gone wrong and you are experiencing several problems. You would like to try to fix them in which way, so you are wondering how to reset Android TV .

Don’t worry, the procedure is really very simple. First of all, turn on your smart TV and wait for the Android TV home screen to load. Now, with the remote control, tap on the gear button at the top right, through which the Android TV Settings menu will open .

With the directional pad on the remote control, scroll through the different items until you find the item Memory and reset : select it by pressing the OK button on the remote control. From the next screen, select the Factory data reset item and confirm the operation by selecting the Delete all item .

In a few seconds the complete reset of your Android TV will begin. After a few minutes of waiting your smart TV will restart and the initial setup screen will appear . Just like when you first bought it, complete the setup and enjoy your Android TV.