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How to restart Samsung

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How to restart Samsung: Do you own a Samsung smartphone or tablet that has been playing the “tantrum” a few days ago and would you like to understand if there is any “on the fly” system to try to cope with it? Well then try restarting it and see if that way you can solve your problems. I know, it may seem trivial to you (which is why I guess you didn’t think about it yourself) but, believe me, often the execution of this simple move can be able to put an end to so many problems.

How do you say? Not being very practical in terms of mobile devices, would you like some “tips” on what to do? No problem! If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, I can tell you in detail how to restart Samsung . Whether you own a mobile phone or a tablet it makes no difference, the methods (yes, there are different depending on the case!) To restart are practically the same for both types of devices.

Obviously, some menus may differ slightly depending on the exact model of device you are using and the version of Android installed on it, but you don’t have to worry about this: I will still try to provide you with all the explanations you need. Having said that, I just have to wish you happy reading and wish you a big good luck for everything.

How to restart Samsung

How to restart Samsung

To begin with, let’s try to understand how to restart Samsung through what is also referred to as a “soft reset” in technical jargon.

To perform this operation, all you have to do is press and continue to hold down the power button (depending on the type of Samsung device in use and the model it can be placed on the side or on the top of the body) for a few seconds, select the Shut down item from the menu that appears in the center of the screen, confirm the execution of the operation by pressing Shut down again and wait for the device to switch off completely. Next, you will have to turn the device back on by holding down the power button again for a few seconds.

In the most recent models, Samsung has disabled by default the ability to invoke the shutdown or restart menu of the device via physical keys. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. Pull down the notification curtain, swiping down, and then do a second swipe to access quick controls.

At the top right you will notice that next to the Settings icon (a gear), the shutdown icon has also appeared . To access the device’s restart or shutdown menu, tap on it and then tap the Shutdown or Restart button , depending on your needs. The same mechanism is valid a little for all Samsung smartphone models, so if you are wondering how to restart Samsung A51 , how to restart Samsung S21 or any other model, the steps to take are almost the same.

If you have a fairly recent Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can also use the automatic restart function instead of selecting the Turn off command and then manually turn the device back on. To activate it, tap on the Restart command that you see always appearing in the center of the screen and press Restart again to confirm your will. In this way, the device will turn off and turn on again automatically without you having to do anything else. Convenient, right?

How to restart Samsung stuck

How to restart Samsung stuck

Following the instructions I finished in the previous step, you were unable to restart your Samsung device because it was blocked or because some hitch has arisen. You’re probably wondering now how to restart stuck Samsung , aren’t you? In this case, my advice is to do a forced restart.

To do this, press and continue to hold down the device ‘s power button for about ten seconds . The device should turn off automatically and completely, and so you should then be able to turn it always pressing and continuing to hold and hold the power button .

If by doing as I have just indicated you are still unable to restart your Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can still succeed in your intent by trying to use the key combinations power key + volume key “-“ or that power key + Home key (on older devices that have a physical home button).

Regardless of the combination used, keep the indicated keys pressed for about ten seconds. The device screen will go black and your Samsung smartphone or tablet will turn off. Once turned off, press the power button again for a few seconds and wait for the smartphone to complete the boot process.

And if you have a device with a removable battery, another system that you can adopt to perform the forced restart of the same is to remove the back of the body of the same and then the battery. Once this is done, the device should shut down instantly. Subsequently, reinsert the battery (and also the back of the body) and turn the device back on as normal, i.e. by holding down the power button for a few seconds .

How to restart Samsung with user switching

How to restart Samsung with user switching

You have owned a Samsung tablet for some time and are aware of the possibility of being able to set up multiple users on the same device. Unfortunately, however, you still haven’t figured out how to restart Samsung with user switching . Quiet though, that’s what I’m here for.

Previously, the multi-user function was present on both Android smartphones and tablets. With the latest versions of Android, however, Samsung has decided to remove this feature from its smartphones, to make it available exclusively on tablets. The multi-user function makes it possible to configure multiple user accounts (and multiple Google accounts) on the same device having the ability to switch from one profile to another if necessary.

To do this, simply open the Settings app , usually recognizable by the icon of a gear, tap on the Account and backup item and then on Users and press the Add user or profile item .
So if you have configured multiple accounts on your device and want to know how to restart your Samsung simply because you intend to switch from one profile to another, all you have to do is expand the Android notification menu by swiping from the top of the screen towards the bottom, press on your profile photo at the top right (or on the little man icon , if you have not set any photo) and select the user account to use.

Once this is done, Android will prepare for a few seconds for the profile change and will load all the apps and preferences referring to the latter without even completely restarting the system. Easier than that ?!

How to restart Samsung via app

How to restart Samsung via app

The power button on your smartphone or tablet no longer works well or is it even completely broken? While waiting to carry out the necessary repairs, I will show you how to restart Samsung via an app which, in fact, allows you to turn off and restart the Samsung device without having to use the physical button.

There are plenty of resources of this type on the Play Store (some actually working and others not, unfortunately) but in this case I will tell you about one in particular, which is really convenient, since it is able to call up the shutdown menu of your Samsung smartphones (but also other Android smartphones) without the help of the power button.

The application in question is called Shutdown (no Root) and is available for free download from the Play Store . To use it, then download it from the link I just provided (just press the Install button ) and start it, in order to directly open the shutdown menu of your smartphone. Convenient, isn’t it?

How to restart Samsung without touch

How to restart Samsung without touch

You have a problem, you have broken the display of your Samsung device so the touch screen no longer works. Would you like to try restarting or turning off the device while waiting for a repair, but you can’t do it because you can’t press the Shutdown or Restart button of the menu that appears when you press the Power key? Are you desperate and wondering how to restart Samsung without touch ?

Don’t worry, to remedy the problem you could connect a mouse to your Android smartphone or tablet using a UBS OTG adapter . Normally you could check for OTG support on your device by downloading the USB OTG Checker app , available for download on the Play Store. Unfortunately, in this case, not having the possibility to use the touch screen, I recommend that you check this support on the official Samsung website or check directly in the technical data sheet of the product in your possession, by searching on Google.

Once you have verified the presence of OTG support you simply need to connect the USB OTG adapter to the micro USB or Type-C port of your device. How do you say? Don’t have an adapter and don’t know which one to buy? Do not worry, below I leave you some suggestions for the purchase.


Well, now that you have connected the USB OTG adapter to your Samsung device, connect a mouse with cable or with RF receiver to the USB-A port of the adapter and in a few seconds you will see the classic mouse pointer appear on your device. Now you can use the mouse as a control tool instead of the touch screen, just like you would with your PC. To restart, you can follow the same instructions as in the previous chapter , using the mouse instead of the touch-screen.

How to perform Samsung reset

How to perform Samsung reset

None of the above attempts allowed you to restart your Samsung device? Android has become too slow and errors on errors occur? Then more than a restart it could be useful to carry out a complete reset of the smartphone or tablet. In this way, you can delete all the apps and data saved on the system and restore the device to factory conditions, practically as it was just out of the sales package at the time of purchase.

If the question interests you and you want to find out how to perform Samsung reset , you can read my guides on how to reset Android, how to reset Samsung mobile phone and how to reset Samsung tablet through which I proceeded to tell you about it in great detail.

In case of problems

In case of problems with Samsung

Despite having followed the instructions I gave you in the previous lines in detail, have you not yet been able to understand how to restart your Samsung device or has some hitch arisen that not even the reset was able to solve? So, in case of such problems , I recommend that you visit the company’s online support .

Subsequently, press on the item Mobile telephony that you find under the heading Select the type of product in the center of the screen, then click on Smartphone or Tablet based on the type of device in your possession and select the reference model from the list that is proposed to you or, if you can’t see it, type its name or code in the Search box for model code or name .

On the product page that you will see appear at this point, you can immediately view the solutions to the main difficulties encountered by users (on the left there is also a menu that groups the themes of the various reference topics), you can carry out a targeted search among the various FAQ by clicking on the Solutions and suggestions button in the appropriate bar at the top and you can download the complete user manual of the device by clicking on the wording Manuals and downloads and then clicking on the Download button in the box relating to the user manual you are interested in downloading.

In case of problems with Samsung

If you can’t get the support you need even by doing this, I suggest you take a look at the various open discussions of the official community . You can carry out a targeted search using the appropriate bar located at the top or you can select a reference discussion topic among those proposed by the Community.

If you deem it appropriate, you can also get in touch with Samsung via the switchboard, email, chat, social network as well as by going to a service center. Let’s see immediately how, exactly.

  • By calling 800 7267 864 .
  • By sending an email by filling out the appropriate online form .
  • Chatting with assistance via the appropriate Internet page .
  • By writing to the Twitter account @supportosamsung .
  • By going to a service center in person, identifying the one closest to your area via the appropriate web page .
  • By making an appointment for a repair at a Samsung center by filling out the form attached to the reference Internet page .

And if you are part of the Samsung Members , the free club dedicated to owners of a Samsung product, you can also refer to the dedicated customer support.

Another thing that could be useful to you is to search on Google by typing in the reference keywords (by doing so, for example, you could run into one of the numerous forums of enthusiasts who compare and exchange ideas about the functioning of their Samsung devices) or , again, on YouTube (on which you could find, as easily imaginable, video indications on what to do).