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How to reset Xbox One

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How to reset Xbox One: You are going to sell or give yours away Xbox One to a friend? Are you having problems on the console that prevent you from performing certain operations, such as launching apps and games or connecting to the Internet? Don’t worry, nothing is lost! I assure you that your Xbox One will be back to the way it was before. How? I’ll explain it to you in a moment.

In fact, in this guide of mine, I will illustrate you how to reset xbox one to solve, in most cases, the most common problems relating to incorrect console operation. Therefore, there is no need to take it for repair in a service center, without first having put into practice the solutions I wrote in this tutorial of mine.

I’m sure that eventually, by resetting the console, you will be able to enjoy your favorite video games and multimedia content again. Are you eager to get started? So let’s not waste any more time! Sit comfortably in front of the Xbox One and carefully follow the procedures I will show you. Are you ready? So I wish you a good read and, above all, I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Back up your data

Before starting the procedure Xbox One resetI recommend that you make a backup the settings of the console and the games installed on it. As you well know, video games, especially the latest generation ones, take up a lot of space on the Xbox One’s internal memory. In this regard, if you want to avoid reinstalling and re-downloading all the data of each game, I recommend that you perform the backup procedure.

To back up the games on your Xbox, you need a USB storage device (version at least 3.0) from the capacity of at least 256 GB. Here are some that might be right for you.


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After turning on the Xbox One, you must connect the external hard drive to the USB input of the console, then following the procedure that is shown to you on the TV to enable the transfer of apps and games.

Once this is done, select yours user profile, which you find on the main screen in the upper left corner. In the sidebar that is shown to you, scroll the tabs at the top until you select the one with the symbol of a gear.

Now, choose the voice Settings to start the app Settings Xbox One, scroll the items on the left sidebar, select the one named System and press the button Archive. In the section Manage Storagethen select theinternal memory drive of the Xbox One, which you can identify by the wording Internalbelow the percentage of space utilization.

In the context menu that is shown to you, click on the item Transfer to access the section for backing up or transferring games to external memory drives. Check the individual apps or games you want to transfer or press the button Select all to select them all.

Once this is done, press the button Copy selectionto create a duplicate content of games and apps on the external hard drive, or press on Move selectionto transfer data directly to the external drive without keeping a copy on the console’s internal memory.

At the end of the procedure, you can also backup your Xbox One settings as well. To do this, go to Settings Xbox One, through the procedure I indicated in the previous lines, and select the items System > Backup and transfer.

In the screen that is shown to you, click on the button Backup settings and then press on the one with the wording Back up to device. In this way, some configuration parameters are saved which concern, for example, login and security preferences, network name and password, language and location, time settings and much more.

Reset Xbox One

Now is the time to run the Xbox One reset. To do this, on the main console screen, select the user profile that you find in the upper left corner. Now, swipe right and select the tab with the symbol of a gearthen clicking on the wording Settingsamong the items that are shown to you.

Launched the app Settings Xbox One, in the left sidebar reach the item System and then press the button Console info. In the new screen that is shown to you, press the button Reset console and choose one of the options that are shown on the screen.

The first option is the one called Reset and keep my games and apps, which allows you to restore the operating system, also resetting its settings. Through this choice, it is not necessary to reinstall games and apps, as they are not deleted. However, if the problems you are experiencing are caused by a damaged file of a game or app, you must reinstall it or perform a total reset, which I will talk about in the following lines.

If you choose the option Reset and remove everything, this allows you to delete any data on the Xbox One internal hard disk. In this case, you will lose everything if you have not made a backup, as I have indicated to you in the previous paragraph. This reset mode is to be used especially if you intend to sell or give the console as a gift or if you do not solve it through the other reset option, which I told you about in the previous lines.

Whichever choice best meets your needs, after selecting one of the two options, the process of deleting the selected contents will start, then proceeding to restore to factory settings.

Reset Xbox One via USB

The procedure that I will show you in the next lines is to be used in extreme cases, if you do not have the possibility to access the Settings of Xbox One, through the procedure that I have indicated in the previous paragraph. The procedure of reset via USB flash drive involves the deletion of all data on the console, including games, apps, accounts and settings, if you have not performed a backup.

What you need to perform this procedure is a Windows PC that has Internet access and an available USB port. Also, you need one USB pendrive with at least 4 GB of available space, formatted with file system NTFS, which I told you about in my guide on how to format a USB stick. If you don’t have a USB stick, you can think about buying one of those listed below.


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The first step is to download the necessary files from the Internet to be transferred to the USB stick. The files in question are located within the archive officially downloadable from Microsoft’s website via this link.

Now, connect the USB key to your computer and transfer the contents of the ZIP archive you downloaded to the root folder of the external drive (for example in “G: “). If you don’t know how to transfer the contents of an archive to a folder, I suggest you read this tutorial of mine.

At the end of the operation, you will find a folder called $ SystemUpdate. Then disconnect the key from your computer to proceed to the next step.

Turn off the console and unplug it from the power supply for at least 30 seconds. Also take care to unplug the network cable, in case you are using a wired connection. Now reconnect the Xbox One to the power supply and insert the USB stick you prepared previously into the USB port of the console.

Now comes the hardest part: hold the buttons Association (for pairing, which you find on the side or in the front section) ed Expulsion (to eject the disc, located on the front). While holding down these keys, press the power button (the button Xbox) to start the console.

Do not release the buttons Association And Expulsionwhich you must keep pressing for at least another 10 seconds, until you feel two startup sounds close together. If you have heard the two sounds correctly, you can release the pressure of the two keys, so that the console can restart and perform the factory reset. The initial setup procedure will be shown on the TV, which you will need to follow step by step.

If you have not heard any sound and the console has turned off, it means that you have not correctly performed the steps I have indicated. I therefore advise you to re-read the above lines, scrupulously adhering to my instructions.

Reset the Xbox One controller

If you have any problems al Xbox One controlleryou can think about rerunning the association with the console or check if there are any updates that resolve the malfunctions.

In the latter case, first connect the controller to the Xbox One via USB cable and turn on the console. Log in to the app Settingsselecting the user profile on the main screen and choosing the item Settings that you find in the tab with the symbol of a gear.

At this point, in the left sidebar, choose the item Kinect and devices and then press the button Devices and accessories. Once this is done, in the screen that is shown to you, press the icon with the symbol […] and check the wording that appears under the item Version sign. If you are told that an update is available, select this item and follow the on-screen procedure; if you see the wording No updates. availableit means that you cannot currently update it.

If the above update procedure did not solve the problems you are experiencing, for example the console does not recognize the controller, you can think about re-pairing. To do this, press and hold the button Association on the front of the controller, until the button Xbox does not start flashing.

At this point, press the button Association on the console, which is on the side or front, depending on the model of Xbox One you have. The button light Xbox on the controller will stop flashing, indicating that the pairing procedure was successful.

If the procedure does not go well, you can try to connect it via USB cable to the console. If it works via cable but not wireless, you can try to check if there is a firmware update (which I told you about in the lines above) or replace it.


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You can purchase a new one or request a replacement from Microsoft for repair or free warranty claim by going to dedicated section on the official website.