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How to reset Wiko

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How to reset Wiko: You are in possession of a Wiko-branded Android smartphone and, being a low cost device that you have been using for a long time, you begin to notice several slowdowns. You are wondering how to reset your Wiko device, as you are convinced that a formatting of the same can solve some of the problems.

Well, if this is indeed the case and you have clicked on this guide of mine because you need to reset your mobile, know that you have come across the right tutorial at the right time. Performing a factory reset of an Android smartphone is quite simple and no technical skills are required to perform this operation.

How do you say? You are eager to get started and to find out how to reset your Wiko? Okay, then I advise you to take a few minutes of free time to be able to calmly read the information I will give you in this guide of mine. Keep your smartphone in hand and you will see that you will succeed in no time. Let it bet? Have a good reading.

Back up (preliminary)

If your intent is to reset your Wiko-branded Android smartphone, the first thing you need to do is back up all the data it contains.

This is a fundamental preliminary operation since the reset of the device will completely erase everything you have stored inside it. Consequently, if you do not want to lose all the photos and videos you have taken and all the content on your smartphone, you will need to make a backup copy of your device.

However, keep in mind that the backup procedure can generally take place in several ways. Just to give you an example, if you have an SD card and therefore an external memory, you can proceed by copying all the data inside it.

Alternatively you can create a backup containing all the information about your smartphone on your computer, or you can make an online backup via a popular cloud storage service.

So you can understand that there is no official method or best method to back up a device. It all depends on what your needs and requirements are; you can then make a backup using one of the solutions I have indicated to you.

In this regard, in the following lines, I want to show you some of the most common solutions to perform backups. In fact, I want to talk to you about the features that some services dedicated to the same offer, as I consider them valid.

  • Titanium Backup: this is an application available for Android that allows you to back up a device. Among its features is the ability to save settings and applications data completely free. There is also the option to purchase a version a payment which allows you to have access to additional features, also including support for cloud storage services. However, this application needs root permissions to work at its best.
  • Easy backup & Restore: it is one of the best applications for Android devices with features dedicated to backup. This application is completely free, does not require root permissions to work and allows you to make a copy of everything contained within your device, also allowing you to save SMS, MMS and even the call log and address book.
  • Google Photos: if you intend to make a backup via a cloud storage service, then I suggest you use Google photos, a Google service that allows you to create a backup copy of the photos and videos located inside your device. The most prominent feature of Google Photos is its unlimited storage space, offered completely free of charge. If you want to know more about this service, read my guide in which I explain how Google Photos works.

Returning to the topic related to backup procedures, before resetting your Wiko-branded Android device, I also recommend that you make a backup of your WhatsApp chats and check that your contacts have been perfectly synchronized with the Gmail address book. This way, once you reset your device, you will find all your contacts back in their place.

Don’t forget that to make a backup, you can also connect your Android device to your PC and copy all the multimedia elements contained within it to create a backup copy locally. If you don’t know how to proceed to connect Android to your PC, read my guide where I explain step by step how to do it.

How to reset Wiko from settings

Once you have successfully backed up your device, you can proceed to reading this second part of my guide, in which I’ll explain, in a more technical way, how to reset your Wiko device.

As it is equipped with an Android operating system, your Wiko smartphone can be reset via the Android settings. In fact, there is the possibility to reset a mobile phone or tablet equipped with the operating system developed by Google by acting easily from the settings screen. If you are therefore interested in this topic, I advise you to pay attention to the lines that follow.

Then take your Wiko smartphone in hand first, tap on the app of Settings, which has an icon with the symbol of a gear. From this screen, then locate the entry Backup and Restore and tap on it.

Now, to reset your smartphone, tap on the wording Factory data reset; you will then have to type in the Pin related to the blocking of your device, if requested, and then press the button Reset phone.

In this way your Wiko smartphone will be completely reset to the factory settings and, consequently, all the contents present in the internal memory will be deleted. At this point you can therefore understand that having made the backup was an indispensable preliminary procedure.

Does your Wiko smartphone have expandable internal memory? In case the external memory on SD card was previously set as storage for primary storage, you will need to proceed by formatting the external memory first.

To do this you have to go to the menu again Settings of your smartphone by tapping the button with the symbol of a gear and going to the section Storage and USB> SD card.

Through this screen you will then have to tap the button with the three dots symbol located at the top right and tap on the option Format as portable memory from the menu that you will see appear on the screen. In this way you will have performed the formatting of the SD memory and you will have deleted all the data contained within it.

How to reset Wiko via Recovery

To reset an Android device, in this case a Wiko smartphone, you can also proceed with an alternative method. The solution that I propose to you relates to a procedure that allows you to reset all the data contained within a device, without using the settings menu.

This solution, which I will tell you about in detail in the following lines, is configured as an alternative method that will allow you to reset your Wiko smartphone, in case it is blocked or does not respond.

So, for example, if you are unable to turn on your Wiko and therefore cannot act through the settings to perform the reset, I recommend that you use this alternative method called Hard Reset.

The Hard Reset of a device is a procedure that works by pressing a combination of physical keys from the smartphone allowing access to the Recovery. This is a hidden section of your device that, through software, allows you to activate the deletion of data and the restoration of the device to factory settings.

The Recovery of an Android device can, in some cases, allow you to take advantage of additional features, if the Recovery has been customized. If, on the other hand, no customization work has been done on the Recovery, and therefore the Wiko device has not even been rooted, the Recovery will be stock and will allow you to take advantage of limited functions.

However, if your purpose is to reset your Wiko device you can use the Recovery stock to do this. In the following lines I will explain how to proceed, step by step.

To reset your Wiko device via this Hard Reset mode, you need to boot your device in Recovery mode.

To do this, with the phone off, you must hold down the keys at the same time Volume +, Volume – and the key Power on / off until the words appear on the screen Recovery Mode: Volume Up, Factory Mode: Volume Down. You will then have to press the button Volume + to enter the Recovery Mode.

Once you enter the Recovery Mode you will need to select the option Wipe data / Factory reset that you will see on this screen. If you do not find it, you will have to move to Recovery mode using the buttons Volume + or Volume –.

Once you have tapped on the mode Wipe data / Factory reset you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete all data on your device. At the end of this operation, if your device does not restart automatically, click on the reboot option.