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How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3

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How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3: Would you like to make some money by selling your old Samsung Galaxy S3? Good idea, you won’t make a fortune on it but thanks to the ad sites you should be able to “place” it pretty quickly. But I recommend, before putting your phone on sale, make sure you delete all the data on its memory and reset Android. How do you say? Don’t you know how to do it? No problem, I’m here to help you.

Take five minutes of free time and try to follow the instructions below: I’m about to explain how to reset samsung galaxy s3 in order to delete all the data on the mobile phone memory and restore Android to the factory state. I assure you that it is much easier than you imagine, you just have to put a pinch of attention on it.

The procedure you are about to read applies to all versions of Galaxy S3, the standard one, the Mini one and the Neo one and is suitable for all Android editions compatible with these devices. So, are you ready to get started? In a few minutes you will have a refurbished phone ready for sale (or at least to change the owner). Roll up your sleeves and try to follow the instructions in this tutorial carefully.

Preliminary operations: data backup

Before getting into the tutorial and find out how to reset samsung galaxy s3, it seems only right to explain to you how to save all the data you are about to delete: photos, videos, contacts, etc.

To make a backup of your smartphone you can use various solutions, both online and offline. First of all, I recommend that you go to the Android settings and check that all the functions of online backup linked to Google are active.

He then clicks on the icon ofgear located on the main Android screen, select the item Account from the menu of your S3 and presses the icon of Google. At this point, select yours Gmail address from the screen that opens, check that the synchronization functions related to photos, contacts, calendar, app data, etc. are active (otherwise you activate them) and that’s it.

If you don’t see the option to back up photos online, install the application Google Photos on your smartphone, start it and press the ad icon Hamburger located at the top left. Next, select the item Settings from the bar that appears on the side, select the option Upload size and set the latter to High quality. In this way, all the photos and videos in the Android Gallery will be saved on Google Drive (free and without limits of space for storage).

As a next step I recommend you connect the S3 to the computer and to copy all the data of your interest on the hard disk of the computer. To do this you can contact the application Samsung SmartSwitch which allows you to create complete backups of your smartphone, or you can open the Windows Explorer and “manually” select the files to save. In case you need more information on these procedures, check out my tutorials on how to connect a Samsung mobile to PC, how to connect a Samsung mobile to Mac and how to download photos from a Samsung mobile.

Other tools that may come in handy in this juncture are Titanium Backup and Easy Backup & Restore. The first is an application that allows you to create a backup of apps, files and settings and requires the root to work correctly; the second is an application that allows you to save and restore SMS, MMS, call log, calendar, bookmarks, and address book. I told you about both in my tutorial on how to make Android backups.

In conclusion, if you use Whatsapp or other messaging systems that have “manual” backup functions, make sure you have created a fairly recent backup. To learn more, you can also read my guide on how to save WhatsApp chats.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3

Once all your data is saved, take action and reset your Samsung Galaxy S3. Then access the device settings (by pressing the icon of the gear located on the main Android screen or in the notification menu), select the item Backup and restore from the screen that opens and first presses on the option Factory data reset and then on the buttons Reset device and Delete everything.

The phone will reboot and start the Android reset procedure, which should take about 15 minutes. At the end of the operation, the smartphone will restart again and the initial Android configuration procedure will start (which you will not have to follow if you want to sell the device).

In the unfortunate event that the S3 does not boot properly, do a hard reset of the device and commands its formatting from the Recovery menu (a software that is loaded before Android and allows you to perform various operations, including formatting the internal memory of the phone, before the operating system is started).

To hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S3, turn off the phone completely (by holding the Power button until the screen goes black or removing the phone’s battery), turn it back on and hold the keys Volume +, Power And Home until you see the Recovery menu appear.

At this point, use the key Volume – to select the option wipe data / factory reset and press the button Power. Then select the option yes – – delete all user data, presses up again Power and wait for the Android reset to complete (with the deletion of all data on the phone memory). This should take a few minutes.

At the end of the procedure, select the item reboot system now from the Recovery menu, press the key Power and the phone will restart. In case you are not clear about any of the steps in the procedure, try search YouTube, there are many video tutorials dedicated to the latter.

Note: the Android reset procedure, regardless of whether it is started via the operating system menu or via Recovery, only deletes the data present on the internal memory of the device, not those present on the microSD. If you want to format the microSD, go to the menu Settings> Storage> Format SD Card of Android or use the PC as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to format microSD.

How to sell Samsung Galaxy S3

Now that you have managed to reset Samsung Galaxy S3 are you ready to sell the mobile, right? Then read my guide on how to sell mobiles and find out which are the best sites to do it. I bet you will be able to “place” your smartphone in no time!