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How to reset LG

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How to reset LG: Lately, your LG smartphone is going missing out. For no apparent reason, it has become incredibly slow and, in the last few weeks, you’ve also noticed some noticeable lags and crashes that prevent you from using it properly. Well, you don’t necessarily have to send it for assistance: perhaps you can solve the operating problems you encountered simply by resetting it. How do you say? You’ve already thought about it, but you haven’t found anyone willing to explain to you how to reset LG? Don’t worry: if you want, I can help you.

You will see: if the malfunctions of your device originate from some software problem, deleting all data, applications and settings and returning the system to the factory state, the situation will return to normal. Of course, you will have to “tinker” a bit and take the trouble to copy all your data back to your phone (or tablet), but don’t worry: even if, from what I understand, you are not very familiar with technology, if you will follow the directions I will give you to the letter, you will not have the slightest problem in completing your “business” today.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Courage: take your LG device, make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, put into practice the instructions I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you happy reading and wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary operations

Before explaining to you how to reset LG, I recommend that you do some preliminary operations which are necessary to avoid problems due to the reset procedure you are going to do. Specifically, I suggest you make a backup complete data saved on your LG device, because depending on the restore operation you decide to perform, you could lose them irretrievably.

Are you wondering how you can make a backup of your device? There are various ways to do this. Among other things, it is possible to save some data (such as contacts, photos and videos) using the Google cloud backup functions, you can resort to using third party apps, as Titanium Backup And Easy Backup & Restore, or you can use LG Bridge, a software for Windows and macOS that allows you to create backups of all the data on your LG device simply connecting it to your computer.

If you have never backed up the data on your device before, I suggest you take a look at the guides in which I explain how to backup on Android and how to connect the smartphone to the PC, where I have proceeded to illustrate you in the detail the operation of all the aforementioned solutions.

Reset LG

After you have backed up your LG device, you can finally reset it. Below I illustrate some of the procedures that you can implement for this purpose: please carefully follow the instructions I will give you, so you will avoid running into problems of various kinds.

Factory reset

If you are able to access the Android settings because your LG device is still working, you can do the so-called factory reset, a procedure that allows you to restore the device to its factory state (here is why factory reset). I guarantee you that carrying out this procedure is really simple: as I told you, you simply have to go to the settings of your LG smartphone or tablet and look for the option through which to restore.

First, then, launch the app Settings pressing the icon depicting thegear located on the Home screen of your device, then locate the item Backup and restore (found in section Personal) and presses on it. Now, scroll the screen to the bottom, tap on the item Factory data reset and, as you can see, a box will appear on the screen that will remind you which data you are going to delete by continuing with the operation (e.g. account access data, system and app settings data, downloaded applications, etc. ).

To continue, make sure your device has a residual charge greater than 30%, presses the button RESET PHONE which is located in the lower right corner of the screen, then tap the button Delete everything, follow the on-screen instructions to start the data deletion procedure and wait for the restore operation to complete (it will take a few minutes).

Keep in mind that the displayed words may slightly change based on the model of the LG device in your possession and, above all, the version of Android installed on it (the substance, however, does not change). When the device is finally restarted, then, it will be as if it had come out of its sales package and you will then have to carry out the entire initial configuration procedure of Android again by selecting the language with which to use the system, the Wi-Fi connection to connect to, set up a Google account and so on.

Hard reset

If you have problems starting up your LG device, know that you can still reset it using the procedure of hard reset (even if this is off). Thanks to it, you can force restart the device and access the Recovery (a software that acts outside the main operating system, in this case Android) to delete all the data saved in the device memory, thus restoring it to factory settings.

To perform the hard reset, press the keys simultaneously Power + Volume (-) device until the appears on the screen LG logo. Then release the button Power for about 3-4 seconds (by continuing to hold down the key Volume (-)) and press it again, in order to access the screen Recovery.

Now, navigate to the Recovery menu using the keys Volume (+) / (-), choose the option wipe data / factory reset (to select this and the other options you have to use the key Power), then select the item Yes delete all user data to start the procedure for resetting the device to its factory state and, finally, select the item Reboot system now. When done, select the item Reboot system now, so as to carry out the initial configuration of the operating system and that’s it.

The procedure I have just described you to do should be valid for all newer LG devices. However, if you are unsure what to do, check out the manual of your smartphone / tablet or try to search for some video tutorial on YouTube to check the exact procedure to perform on the model in your possession (especially if it is obsolete).

Find my device

Have you lost your LG device or would you like to help a friend of yours who is having problems with his device? In this case, know that you can reset an LG device even remotely, using the service Find my device (or Find my device). In case you have never heard of it, it is a service (also available in the form of app) that Google has developed to allow its users to identify the exact location of Android smartphones and tablets (if they are connected to the Internet) and remotely perform actions on them, such as remote reset.

Before explaining how to use it, however, I would like to clarify that to access the remote reset function you must first have activated this setting from the app. Find my device (just start the app on the device of your interest and activate the function RESET DEVICE from its main menu, of course first of having lost it). In addition, the device must be connected to the Internet to perform the procedure.

To use the Find My Device service, connect to This Page, log in to the Google account connected to the LG device you want to reset, click ondevice icon at the top left (if necessary), click on the item Reset device placed in the sidebar located on the left and confirm the operation by pressing again on the item Reset device.

Custom recovery

If your device LG you have root permissions unlocked (I explained to you how to root) on another guide, remember?), you can reset using the Custom Recovery that you have installed. Since it is not possible to describe the steps to be performed on all available recoveries, I will show you how to proceed on one of the most used by the Android community, that is TWRP.

To start recovery TWRP, you must first turn off your device: to do this, just hold down the button Power and press the button Switch off in the screen that is shown to you. After that, hold down the key Power + Volume (-)until the logo appears TWRP (if nothing happens, try holding down the key Volume (+) together with the key Power).

Once in the TWRP main screen, press the button WIPE, swipe from left to right, so as to start resetting the operating system and clearing the data in the cache. This operation does not involve the deletion of data, but for security I still invite you to make a backup if you haven’t already … you never know!

To perform a total reset of the device, thus eliminating all the data saved inside it, you must instead press the button Format data and type the word yes in the text field displayed. If you prefer, you can also achieve the same result with an “alternative” procedure: specifically, you have to press the button Advanced wipe, put the check mark on all the boxes you see on the screen, except the one where the wording System (otherwise you risk deleting the operating system as well, in fact making your device an expensive one paperweight!).