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How to reset Google bar on Huawei

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How to reset Google bar on Huawei: When you want to search online from your smartphone Huawei, you often use the Google search bar available in Home Screen. Unfortunately, however, you have recently encountered operating problems on the latter or you can no longer find it. For that reason, you are trying to know how to reset google bar on huawei and you would like to know if I can give you a hand in this regard.

This is how things are, am I right? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s guide, you will find all the information you need to be able to achieve this goal. Not only will I tell you how to re-add the Google search bar to your phone’s Home screen, but also how to customize it and how to restore it in case it malfunctions.

That said, let’s ban the chatter and take action right away. Come on, sit down comfortably, pay close attention to all the tips and procedures that I will describe to you in the next chapters and try to put them into practice. I just have to wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!

How to reset Google bar on Huawei

If you want to know how to reset google bar on huawei, you must know that this operation is possible if your smartphone is equipped with Google Play Services. In fact, the search bar is managed by the app Google which is pre-installed on the device, along with other Google services.

Therefore, in the next chapters, I will explain how to enable the widget on the Home screen of your smartphone and, if necessary, how to restore it, focusing on Huawei devices that have Google services (therefore Huawei smartphones with AppGallery are excluded).

Add the Google bar widget to Home

Add Google bar on Huawei

If you’ve accidentally removed the Google bar from your smartphone’s Home screen or can’t find it anymore, know that you can easily restore it.

First, keep your finger pressure on the Home screen, somewhere on the screen where there are no icons. Once this is done, you will be shown the screen for customizing the Android Home screen.

What you need to do, at this point, is to press on the card Widget that you find at the bottom and scroll the items from left to right, until you find the one named Google. Then tap on the latter to expand the view and locate all the widgets of the app in question, which you can easily add to the Home screen.

To do this, hold down the button on the widget Near and drag it to the Home screen, to the position you want. In case you want to change the size of the Google bar, after positioning it, keep the pressure of your finger on it, to view the resize pane.

When you have finished changing the size of the Google bar, simply tap on any position on the display where there are no icons, so as to exit the edit mode of the Home screen.

Do you want to customize the Google bar in style, changing its color and shape? Nothing simpler. What you need to do is search for the app Google on the Home Screen of your phone or in the drawer. If you can’t find it, locate the folder named Google and search for the aforementioned app among the other Google apps pre-installed on your device.

Now tap on its icon, in order to start it, and select the tab Other that you find at the bottom of the main screen of the app. On the next screen that is shown to you, tap on the item Customize Widget, to display all the toolbar customization tools, located in the lower area.

Among the changes that you can apply, I point out that you can choose whether to show only the wording Google or only the “G” logo. Also, you can change the shape of the bar, deciding how the corners of the search box should appear (square or rounded), change colors and set a degree of transparency.

When you have completed customizing the Google bar in its entirety, press the button end, which you find in the area above, to complete the procedure. If you do not like the changes applied, still from the same screen, click on the wording Restore the default style, below, to reset the Google bar to its original style.

Reset the Google bar to work

Disable Google app

Find some error in the operation of the Google bar? Probably the problem lies in the fact that a bug occurred while updating the app Google. Since the app is pre-installed on the Huawei smartphone, you can’t just uninstall and reinstall it.

Therefore, the only operation that remains for you is to disable the app, in order to restore it to factory settings and perform its update again from the Android Play Store. However, it is also possible to put into practice some other precautions.

First, remove the widget by keeping finger pressure on it and dragging it over the item Remove. Based on the version of EMUI in use, you may also need to simply press on the item Remove which is shown to you right above the widget. Now, try adding the widget again, as I explained to you in previous chapter, to test its correct functioning.

In case you are still having trouble, you can try clearing the app cache. To do this, launch the app Settings (L’gear icon available on the Home Screen or in the drawer) and, in the screen that is shown to you, select the items App> App> Google then press on the item Memory and on the button Clear Cache.

If even this solution does not lead you to a resolution of the problems that you find in the Google search bar, then proceed with resetting the app Google. To do this, start the app Settings and select the items App> App> Google from the screen that is proposed to you. Now, press the button Deactivate and confirm the operation by pressing the key Deactivate app in the notice below.

Now update the app again: from your Huawei smartphone, tap on this link to open the Play Store in the app tab Google. Then press the button Refresh to update the app to the latest version available. You just have to add the widget to the Home screen again, following the procedures I indicated in previous chapter of the tutorial and everything should work properly again.