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How to reset Facebook

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How to reset Facebook: Driven by the fact of being able to stay in constant contact with all your friends directly goes Web and eager to be able to share your life through the Internet with all your acquaintances, in recent months you have created your first account on Facebook. After a few days, however, you realized that this was not for you so you read my article on how to unsubscribe from Facebook temporarily and, in fact, you decided to temporarily suspend your account.

However, if you are here now and are reading this article, it seems clear to me that you have rethought it further and that now you would like to understand how to do it. restore Facebook. I am wrong? No, here it is. So let’s do this: take a few minutes of free time all to yourself, make yourself comfortable and concentrate on reading this traveling tutorial dedicated to the topic. In the following lines I will in fact explain to you, in detail, how to succeed in your intent without encountering various obstacles and difficulties.

How do you say? Are you afraid of not being able to carry out the requested procedure because it is impractical in terms of information technology and new technologies? Come on, don’t be a coward! Apart from the fact that it is a very simple operation to be carried out by anyone but then I really don’t see what you worry about if I’m here with you, ready and willing to provide you with all the info you need. Come on then, let’s ban the chatter and immediately begin to focus on what to do. You will see, in the end you will be able to say that you are very happy and satisfied. Happy reading and good return on Facebook!

How to restore the account

As I told you, restoring a voluntarily deactivated Facebook account using the specific functionality attached to the social network is a real breeze. You can perform this operation both from a computer and from a mobile phone, the steps to be taken are good or bad the same in both cases. To find out more, keep reading, below you will find all the explanations you need.

From computer

Are you interested in understanding how to restore Facebook from your computer? Yup? Then what you have to do is simply log in to the social network using your login data, the ones you have always used until before the deactivation of the account. I know, it will seem trivial to you but I can assure you it is!

Therefore, all you have to do is start the web browser that you usually use to surf the net from your computer (eg. Chrome), to type in the address bar and press the button Enter on the keyboard in order to open the main page of the social network. If you prefer to speed things up you can also click directly here.

Now, fill in the fields below the entries Email or phone And Password which are located at the top right by typing, respectively, the email address or telephone number with which you registered on the social network and the password you started associated with your account, then click on the button Log in and it’s done. It was easy, wasn’t it?

Once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the Facebook News Feed with all your posts, those of your friends, those of the fan pages you follow and the groups you belong to as well as if you had always remained on the social network and did not have never deactivated your account.

From smartphones and tablets

How to re-enable the Facebook account

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to restore your Facebook profile from a smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is grab your device, access the screen of the same where all the applications are grouped, tap on the icon of Facebook (the blue one with a white “F” printed in the center) and fill in the fields relating to the e-mail address or mobile number and password that are shown on the screen. Then press the virtual button to log in and it’s done!

At this point, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the app with all your posts, those of other users, pages and groups just as you left them and you can start using your profile again as if nothing had happened. . In short, it takes a lot longer to explain how to do it than to take the actual action!

How do you say? You have not downloaded the Facebook app on your mobile or tablet and would you like to understand if there is an alternative system to the one I have just indicated to restore the account from mobile? Yes, of course! You can do everything from the web browser you usually use to browse online from your device.

So, to begin with, access the smartphone or tablet screen where all the applications are grouped, step on the browser icon (eg. Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS), type in the address bar and press the button Enter / Go on the virtual keyboard shown on the display. If you prefer, you can also speed up the steps I just indicated by tapping here directly from your device.

Now fill out the forms displayed on the screen by typing the email address with which you registered with Facebook or the telephone number and the relative password and then click on the button Log in. Very easy, right?

Restore the account disabled by Facebook

How to contact Facebook

It was not you who deactivated your Facebook account but the social network itself and would you like to understand if there is any system to restore the account in this case? Well, maybe I can help you with that too. Read the instructions below and you will most likely be able to fix it.

Before giving you the necessary explanations, however, it seems to me to make a small premise. In almost all cases, an account on the social network is arbitrarily deactivated by Mark Zuckerberg and colleagues because the Facebook Statement of Rights and ResponsibilitiesIn a nutshell, when other users are disturbed with harassing behaviors, when they use a false name pretending to be other people or, again, when they publish content that is considered inappropriate such as threats, violent photos and dirty photos. But sometimes Facebook can make mistakes by disabling accounts that actually have absolutely nothing to do with such violations. This could be the case for you.

Therefore, if you believe that you have not violated the declaration to tell you and the responsibilities of the social network, you can try to restore Facebook by visiting This Page and filling in the form attached to it with the requested data. Then provide your e-mail address (preferably the one you used to register with Facebook) in the field The login email address or phone number and type your name and your surname in correspondence of the field Your full name. Then click on the button Choose file / Open file and select from the computer the scan file of your valid identity document (eg identity card).

Then fill in the field below the item Further information requesting explanations regarding the suspension of your profile and click on the button Send to send everything to the social network team. The answer should not be long in coming, generally it takes a maximum of 24/48 hours from receiving the message, and if no particular problems arise, your account will be immediately reactivated and will be ready for use again as if nothing had ever happened.

In case of problems

How to re-enable the Facebook account

Have you slavishly followed all my instructions but continue to have problems and are unable to restore your Facebook account? So why don’t you try to take a look at the help page made available by the same social network with the indications relating to the reactivation of the account? You can access it by clicking here. Maybe you can find further tips that can help you to complete the above procedure correctly.

Another thing I suggest you do is to log into the Facebook help center and take a look among the countless suggestions and various indications that you can find inside it. To do this, click here and type in the search bar at the top the reference keyword of your problem. Then select one of the available options from the list that is shown to you and consult the relative indications.

You can also select one of the most popular topics of the moment by clicking on the one that interests you in the section Popular topics or, again, you can use the menu at the top to choose an issue that attracts you and about which you would like to be able to get some clarification.

Are you using your smartphone or tablet and want to access the Facebook Help Center from the official social network app? You can do this easily by simply tapping the button with the three lines horizontally attached to the main screen of the social network application, by sectioning the entry Assistance and support and then that Service center from the menu that opens. If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the browser, the steps you need to take are the same as seen together above.

Were you unable to put into practice the operations I indicated in this guide of mine because previously you had not simply deactivated your account but I had completely deleted it (as I also explained to you in my article on how to permanently unsubscribe from Facebook)? Sorry to disappoint you but… there is nothing you can do (other than create a new account from scratch) unless you have second thoughts within the first 14 days of deleting the profile. Only in this case it is possible to restore the use of your profile simply by logging in to it.