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How to reset Canon Pixma printer

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How to reset Canon Pixma printer: Your faithful printer Canon Pixma, after so many years of honorable service, has suddenly decided to stop and there is no way to make it work? Were you printing an important document or your favorite photos and, despite the fact that the printer was working perfectly a minute ago, all of a sudden an annoying window opened with an error message? You don’t have to worry: if you want, I’m here to help you.

Unless the printer has hardware defects, by implementing my recommendations, you should be able to get the device back fully operational: in the following lines, we will see how to reset a Canon Pixma printer by resetting the LAN, returning it to factory settings and using the Canon My Printer program, thanks to which you may be able to “save” your printer by adjusting some particular settings. Also, in case your problem is not related to the printer, I will also explain how to reset the Windows print spooler and the macOS printing system. In short, one way or another you should be able to fix the situation!

Just a small clarification before starting: this guide is being written taking the Canon Pixma MG5250 printer model as a reference. The solutions I will walk you through will work for most Pixma models, but the menus and other features may differ depending on your printer model. All clear? Well, let’s get started: make yourself comfortable and put into practice the instructions you find below. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

Preliminary operations

When the printer shows an error on the screen or freezes, often the first thing that comes to mind is to reset it in some way, perhaps simply by tending to turn it off and on again. However, some problems may be software-related and not directly related to a mechanical malfunction of the printer. So I recommend a simple procedure: update the drivers from Canon Pixma.

The procedure you need to follow is simple: first of all, click on this link to access the official Canon website. On the page that opens, click on name of your printer present in the list (you can find the model name of your Pixma simply by looking at the front of your printer), in order to be directed to the page that will allow you to download the correct drivers.

Now select the operating system installed on your PC from the drop-down menu (although it should be detected automatically) and click the buttons first download related to the drivers available on the page (the drivers could be more than one) and then on click to Accept and Download. After downloading the file (or files), proceed with the installation of the same by opening them and following the instructions on the screen (usually just click on the button Forward or up Next).

Driver installation screenshot

If installing the latest drivers, the problem with your printer does not go away, don’t worry, keep reading this guide. In any case, having the latest drivers installed is an important step that will come in handy after the reset the printerwhen you need to reconfigure it.

Now if you are using a Macyou can skip the rest of this chapter and go directly to the next chapters, where I will explain how to reset the printer and how to reset the Mac printing system. If you are using a Windows PC, please continue reading.

You need to know that not all printing problems require a system reset – some problems may be simpler than you think, but pinpointing what kind of problem actually affects your printer is the hardest part. To untie this knot, you can turn to Canon My Printer: an official Canon program that allows you to make an immediate analysis of the printer and to understand the type of malfunction of the same.

To download Canon My Printer (which is only available for Windows), go to this link and, on the page that opens, choose the model of your Canon Pixma printer from the list displayed on the screen. I remind you that you can know the model name just by looking at the front of your printer.

After clicking on the name of your printer, on the page that opens, click on the item Software (present in the top menu) and select the operating system in use on your PC from the appropriate drop-down menu, if it has not already been identified by the site itself automatically.

Now, scroll down the site page until you find the entry My Printer (Windows) and click the button first download and then on click to Accept and Download. When the download is complete, open the Canon My Printer installation package and first click on Forward three consecutive times and then on Yupstill Forward And Business suit to finish the setup.

Well, you are now ready to start the printer status diagnosis via Canon My Printer. Then start the program and, in the window that opens, click on the items to start the diagnostics of the printer, setting up the same, check printer status and finally, click on the button Resol. problems.

Canon My Printer screenshot

You will then be guided to solve various problems or you can contact Canon Technical Support. The program is very intuitive and you just need to follow the instructions on the screen according to the type of problem detected on the printer.

Reset Canon Pixma via the printer menu

Circuit board image

If, after trying the solutions I gave you earlier in this article, the problem with your printer is not resolved, try resetting it.

The first attempt I recommend you do is reset your Canon Pixma using the display of the printer itself (if available on your model). Before starting, however, you must know that with this procedure the printer will return to factory conditions, this means that you will lose the settings that you have possibly saved on your printer, and also you will have to reinstall your Canon Pixma as if you had just bought it.

For the printer reinstallation procedure, you will need to install i correct drivers. In this case, if you have not already done so by following this article from the beginning, I refer you to explanation I gave you earlier. In any case, if you have problems reinstalling your printer, I recommend that you consult the article in which I explain in more detail how to install a printer.

Now let’s take action: in the menu of your printer, navigate using the directional buttons or the crown present on the same until you find the item Setting. Select the latter by clicking on the button OK (or another confirmation button, depending on your Pixma model), search for the entry Device Settings and presses OK. Now you just have to select the item Reset setting And confirm on the next screen.

The procedure I just explained restores all the information to initial default values. However, your problem may lie with the LAN connection with your PC or Mac, so now I will show you how to proceed with resetting the network connection as well.

Also in the printer menu, under Settingselect Device Settings > LAN settings. In the menu that opens, then select the item Reset LAN settings And confirmation and that’s it. After completing the reset procedure, you will have to reset the connection to the LAN: if you do not know how to do it, please consult my article on how to connect a WiFi printer to your PC.

Reset the Windows Print Spooler

Windows Services Screenshots

The malfunction of your Pixma could derive from a “jam” in the print queue or from another problem related to the communication between the operating system and the device. In order to act on this type of problem, it is not necessary to reset the printer, just act on the Windows print spoolerthat is the software component that manages the communications between the PC and the printer.

Then click on the button button Start Windows (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), type Services in the search field in the menu that opens and select the icon two gears from the search results, to access the Windows services management panel.

In the window that opens, scroll through the list of available items and select Print spooler. Now you just have to stop the spooler and start it again. You can do this in two ways: click with the right mouse button on the item Print spooler and click the buttons Stop And Start or click on the commands Stop and then thereafter Start in the left column.

Reset the macOS printing system

Apple menu

If you use a Mac and the problem of your Pixma printer is not caused by a physical failure of the same, you could solve it simply by resetting the macOS printing system, therefore without resorting to resetting the printer.

Doing this is very simple: click on the symbol of bitten apple located at the top left (in the menu bar) and select the item System Preferences from the menu that opens. Next, click Printers and Scanners (the icon with the shape of a printer). In the window that opens, move the mouse cursor to the left side, where there is thedevice listright click (or hold down ctrl and click) in the white space and click Reset Printing System … > Reset And enter your Username and Passwordfinally click on the button OK.

The printing system is reset. Now you just have to add your printer again following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

What to do if the printer does not work

Canon support web page screenshot

Despite all the information I have given you, the problem on your Pixma printer is not solved? In this case, the problem could be related to the physical breakage of some components present in the device.

Therefore, I recommend that you contact Canon Technical Support by clicking on this link and clicking on the item first support present in the top menu and then on that Contact technical supportin the menu that opens.

You will be shown two options: Contact technical support And Repair. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions to call or contact the Canon support service and hope for a prompt resolution of the problem affecting your printer