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How to reset Bluetooth headset

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How to reset Bluetooth headset: You have paired your Bluetooth headset with your smartphone to be able to accept phone calls without unlocking the phone screen, particularly while driving. Just today, however, you bought a new phone but, despite numerous attempts, you are unable to unpair your Bluetooth headset from the old one in order to use it on the new device.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you! The operation is simpler than it seems: you just have to familiarize yourself with the Bluetooth commands offered by the various devices, so you can reset Bluetooth headset and disconnect it from the old phone, so as to reassign it to the new one in a few simple steps.

I anticipate right away that, once a Bluetooth device is paired with a particular device, it will always try to connect to the last connected device: you will therefore have to cancel the association between the headset and the last device on which it was used, as well as putting the headset itself into pairing mode (also called pairing). Happy reading and good work!

Reset the pairing of the Bluetooth headset

In this part of the guide I’ll show you how reset the pairing of the Bluetooth headset on all popular mobile and computer operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. This way, the device you used to use the Bluetooth headset from will no longer recognize it and you can pair it with a new one.


If your headset is paired with any Android device, you must first turn on the headset itself and then activate the phone’s Bluetooth: to do this, simply tap on the icon Settingstake you to the menu Bluetooth and enable the voice of the same name, bringing up ON the corresponding lever.

After a few seconds, the headset should automatically connect to Android and appear in the list of usable Bluetooth devices. To delete the association, simply tap on headset name (or, in general, on the item that represents it) and, in the deletion request panel, press the button OK.

Alternatively, tap the small button in the shape of Arrowhead present next to the name of the headset, then tap on the item Unpair / Unpair and confirms the will to proceed.

Note: the procedures described above may be slightly different depending on the version of Android installed on your device. The end result, however, is absolutely the same.


You had previously paired the headset withiPhone or toiPad? You can remove the pairing in an equally simple way.

To begin with, turn on the headset, then take the iOS device to which it is currently paired, tap on the icon Settings and, finally, presses on the voice Bluetoothtaking care to activate the lever of the same name.

After a few seconds, the headset in question should connect to the device and be available in the list shown on the screen: to delete the association, tap the symbol (the) located next to the headset name, and then tap the items Forget this device And Forget Device. At this point, the headset should be immediately disconnected from the iOS device.


If you paired your headset with a laptop or desktop PC with Windows 10you can disconnect it very easily: first, open the menu Start (the icon in the shape of flag located in the lower left corner of the screen), presses the button residing in the side section of the same, then presses on the icon Devices and on the voice Bluetooth and other devices.

If your computer’s Bluetooth and headset are turned on, you should see the headset’s name in the section Audio, where the system gathers all wireless devices capable of playing sound and music. To delete the pairing, click on the name of the headset, in order to expand its menu and, immediately after, click on the buttons Remove And OK.

As for, however, the versions of the Microsoft operating system prior to Windows 10 (ie Windows 8.1 And Windows 7), you can delete the association between computer / tablet and Bluetooth devices as follows: first, right-click on the Bluetooth icon (the stylized “B”, usually blue) usually located next to the system clock, and then select the voice Show Bluetooth devices from the context menu.

If everything went well, a further window should appear containing the list of Bluetooth devices associated with the system: from there, right-click on the icon marked with the first name earpiece and press on the voice Removeto delete the association.


You have paired your Bluetooth headset with the Mac? In this case, you can quickly reset the association between the devices in the following way: after turning on the computer, click on the button System Preferences attached to the Dock bar (the gear icon), then on the item Bluetooth.

At this point, identify the item relating to the Bluetooth headset in the window that opens, right-click on it, click on the item Remove present in the small menu proposed and, in the next warning panel, click again on the item Remove: The device will be immediately removed from any peripherals associated with the Mac.

Reset the pairing of the Bluetooth headset

After eliminating the association between the Bleutooth headset and the “old” device, it is time to understand how to pair it with the new device of your interest, following the pairing procedure provided for by the relevant operating system.

Before proceeding, however, you must perform a further operation on the headset in your possession: as I mentioned in the opening bars of this tutorial, it is necessary reset Bluetooth headset setting it to mode pairing or pairingi.e. able to accept a new connection from an unknown device.

To do this, you usually need to turn off the headset and turn it back on holding down the power button for at least 4-5 seconds. The activation of the pairing mode is usually accompanied by a pre-recorded voice message (in which you are notified that you have entered this mode and the security code to be used if required by the new device is described) and by flashing control LED, usually with a fast flicker or alternating red and blue colors.

Keep in mind that the steps to access the pairing mode may differ depending on the model in your possession: if the procedure described above is not suitable for your case, I suggest you refer to the user manual of the headset to get more specific information.


Now that the headset is in pairing mode, you can pair it with an Android device in the following way: first, press the icon Settings attached to the drawer of the device, touch the item Bluetooth and move up ON the homonymous lever.

After a few seconds, the name of the headset should appear under the section Available devices; all you have to do at this stage is tap on device name detected and wait for confirmation of successful connection. For some Bluetooth headset models, you may be asked to enter a security code (which is usually communicated by the headset’s automatic voice).


If you intend to restore the pairing between the Bluetooth headset and a iPhone or iPadfollow these steps: after setting the headset to pairing mode, tap the icon Settings located on the iOS Home screen and access the section Bluetooth.

At this point, if necessary, activate the lever Bluetooth located at the top of the screen and wait for the headset to appear in the section Devices. To finalize the pairing, simply tap the headset name appeared previously and wait for confirmation of successful connection. That’s all!


Do you want to connect the headset to a computer running Windows? If you use Windows 10the procedure to follow is really very simple: put your headset in pairing mode, open the Settings by clicking on the icon from the Start menu, click on the entry Devices and finally brought to the menu Bluetooth and other devicestaking care to activate the Bluetooth lever.

At this point, click on the item Add Bluetooth or other device present at the top and, in the window that appears on the screen, select the item Bluetooth. It will automatically search for nearby devices: as soon as you see your headset appear, click on its first name to establish a connection and pair it with your computer.

If you have an older version of Windowsinstead, start the Control panel calling it up from the menu Start (or by typing the words in its search area control panel) and click on the sections Hardware and sound And Devices and printers to access the appropriate configuration panel.

Finally, press the button Add a device located at the top right, wait for the earpiece to be detected, click on its first name and then on the button Forward to finalize the connection procedure.


If it is your intention to pair the Bluetooth headset to the Macinstead, do the following: after setting the headset in pairing mode, move to the Mac and access the screen System Preferences by clicking on the button in the shape of gear attached to the Dock bar.

At this point, access the section Bluetooth and wait for the name of the headset to appear among the discoverable devices: when this happens, click on the button Connect corresponding to the latter and wait a few seconds for the pairing procedure to be completed successfully.

In case of problems

Are you having difficulty connecting your Bluetooth headset to a new device as it is not detected at all? First of all, I advise you to check that the pairing mode is correctly activated on the headset of your interest, reading, if necessary, the instruction manual: it is possible that, for reset Bluetooth headset completely, it is necessary to perform specific operations for the model in your possession.

If you suspect that the problem is with the device you want to connect the headset to, you can first try restarting the system – in many cases a simple restart will solve most of the problems related to Bluetooth drivers.

How do you say? Not even a reboot was able to solve your problem? Don’t worry, all is not lost: in this regard, I recommend that you read my guide on how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your PC very carefully, in which I have shown you some useful methods to try to solve the problems associated with the connection