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How to reset an HP printer

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How to reset an HP printer: For some time now, yours HP printer does nothing but give you problems and errors of various kinds, which you had never seen before: you are convinced that the cause is due to a hasty change you made in the past, but you just don’t remember how to go back and, to bring the situation back to normality, you would like to restore the device to factory settings: the problem is that you have no idea how to do it, because the information provided in the user manual did not help you.

Well, if this is your problem, know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In fact, below I will explain to you in detail how to reset an HP printer to its factory values, whether it has an integrated screen or not. For completeness of information, where possible, I will also explain how to restore the network settings only.

I guarantee you that everything is much simpler than you think and that, by continuing with the reading of this guide, you will realize it yourself: a few minutes of free time and a little patience are enough to succeed brilliantly in the enterprise, without no effort or prior knowledge. Ready to get started? OK let’s go! I wish you a good read and I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining yourself how to reset an HP printerlet me give you some more information about the consequences of this operation.

The reset to factory settings, for example, involves deleting all parameters set on the printer: custom print profiles, network and proxy settings, domain profiles, print logs, history of printed / scanned documents, mail server settings, password administrator and so on. According to the information provided by HP, the language of the device and the count of printed pages.

Following the reset procedure, which should only be started in case of need, the printer must necessarily be reconfigured in order to be used again.

Some HP printers then allow you to reset them only network optionswithout deleting the rest: this is a very useful feature, if the printing problems are due to an incorrect configuration of the LAN or Wi-Fi parameters, or if you are using a wireless network other than the one used in the configuration phase initial.

For the sake of completeness, I would like to point out that most printing problems, unless they depend on the cartridges, can be solved with a “soft” reset of the printer, which does not involve deleting data: to succeed, after having it lit, disconnect it from the mains and leave it disconnected for at least 60 seconds.

After this time, reconnect the printer, turn it back on and wait for the start-up, warm-up and cleaning routines to complete – in most cases, you should be able to print again without any difficulty. If the problem you encountered does not resolve itself in this way, follow the instructions that I am going to give you in the following sections of this guide, to proceed with the actual restoration of the device.

How to reset an HP printer without an integrated display

If your HP printer does not come with screenyou can restore it using the web management panel, or the physical buttons on it.

Web Panel

How to reset an HP printer without an integrated display

To reset the printer through its Web panel, it is essential that it is connected to the Internet and that the device from which you intend to act (e.g. the computer) is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To begin with, we need to recover theIP address of the printer: to obtain it, after turning on the device and waiting for the start-up process to complete (there should be no more noises), simply start printing the network configuration pagesimultaneously pressing the physical buttons Wireless (the one in the shape of antenna) And Information (the icon (the)) on the printer panel. The information sought will be printed on the first sheet.

If you have no way to start a print, you can retrieve the printer IP by entering the router, or from the appropriate Windows, macOS, Android and iOS / iPadOS panels: I have explained to you how to proceed, in detail, in this guide.

In any case, once you have the information you are looking for, open the browser you prefer, enter theIP address fetched earlier in the address bar and from Enter: If everything went well, you should see the printer’s web panel.

How to reset an HP printer without an integrated display

Now, click on the tab Settings located at the top and then on the item Restore defaults, visible in the left sidebar. Later, if you want to reset the network settings (Wi-Fi network in use and proxy settings), click on the item Reset Network Settingsthen on the namesake button resident down and come on confirmation to the next warning message.

If, on the other hand, you intend to restore the printer to its factory default values ​​- thus eliminating all the customized parameters, excluding the language settings and the page count – click on the item Restore factory defaultstap on button namesake placed at the bottom and answer affirmatively to the message next, to start the reset: at the end of the procedure, the printer will turn off and restart automatically.

Once the reset is complete, you will need to re-configure the printer using the application HP Smart or the installation CD that you received with the device: for more information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to configure an HP printer.

Note: If you are using the HP Smart software, you can access the printer’s web panel from within the app itself by clicking on the button first Settings and then on the voice Advanced settings (to the left).

Physical buttons

How to reset an HP printer without an integrated display

If for some reason you are unable to access the printer’s web panel, you can reset the network parameters or restore the device to its factory state using the physical buttons located on the panel of the same. To proceed, turn on the printerwait for the startup routine to complete (the device should no longer emit noises) and follow the procedure that best suits the result you want to obtain.

  • Network data recovery: Press and hold the keys Wireless (depicting theantenna) And Cancel (there Red X) for 3-5 seconds, or until the Power LED and Network LED start flashing. On some printers (e.g. HP Envy 6000, Pro 6400, DeskJet Plus IA 6000, and DeskJet Plus IA 6400), just press and hold the button Wirelesslocated on the back of the printer, for about five seconds.
  • Factory data reset: Press and hold the button Powerpress and quickly release the key Copy in black and white twice in a row, then press and release the key Cancel three consecutive times. If everything went well, the network LED should start flashing: then release the Power button and wait for the printer to turn off and start up again, a sign that the reset is complete.

At the end of the procedure, you will have to re-configure the printer using HP Smart or other software that you received as a bundle.

How to reset an HP printer with integrated display

How to reset an HP printer with integrated display

If you have a HP printer with integrated displayyou can perform a network settings reset (or factory data reset) directly from the device screen.

If your display is a touch-screen type with White backgroundswipe from top to bottom to open the toolbar, then tap the button Settings (the symbol ofgear) and go to the menus Printer Maintenance> Reset> Reset Defaults., to start resetting the printer.

If your printer has a touch screen with black backgroundtap the button Configure / Settings (the one in the shape of wrench or of gear), go to the sections Service> Restore Defaults and tap the button OKto start the reset procedure.

If your device was equipped with 2-line LCD screenwithout touch-screen, press the physical button OK to display the home screen and, with the help of the directional arrowsselect the menu Service> Restore Defaultsor the menu Configure> Printer Maintenance> Reset> Restore Defaults. Finally, press the key OK to start the data recovery procedure.

In case of problems

How to reset an HP printer

The procedures I have told you so far work with the most common HP printer models available on the market; however, in some cases, the steps you need to take to succeed may differ slightly, depending on the printing device you have.

So, if you have followed my instructions to the letter and are still unable to complete the restoration of the print, I recommend that you look for the solution in the pages of the dedicated HP support: enter the product name in the appropriate text field, click on the most relevant result and use the guides that are proposed to you to identify the most suitable recovery system for the printer in your possession.