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How to report abuse on Facebook

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How to report abuse on Facebook: Given its immense popularity, Facebook it can equally be an extraordinary source of useful resources and a theater of unpleasant encounters. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is open to everyone and for this reason it may happen that some of its users decide to use it in violation of the rules of civil coexistence, but you don’t have to worry because there is a way to report incorrect behavior to the site managers.

If you too have come across people who use Facebook to offend others for free (directly or by creating pages that praise hatred), pretend to be people who are not or otherwise violate the Facebook rules, take five minutes of free time and discover how to report abuse on Facebook thanks to the information I’m about to give you.

To learn how to report abuse on Facebook, you must first of all know that not only people but also pages, images or individual messages can be reported to the managers of the social network. But let’s go in order. To report the offensive behavior of a person towards you, all you have to do is connect to their profile page and click on the item Report / Block which is at the bottom left or, if the person in question has already adopted the new style profile Diary (Timeline), first click on the gear icon located at the top right and then on Report / Block.

In the box that appears, you can decide to perform two operations at the same time: block the person in advance so that they can no longer contact you on Facebook and report their misconduct to the managers of the social network. Then put the check marks next to the options relating to the type of misconduct perpetrated (eg. This friend bothers me or This profile pretends to represent someone else or is it fake) and the type of block you want to apply to the selected person (eg. Block [Nome Cognome]) and click on Keep it going to complete the operation.

In case you want to report an offensive page, the mechanism is practically identical to the one seen above for report abuse on Facebook. You have to connect to the offending page and click on the item Report page which is located at the bottom left.

A box will open in which you can choose the reason for which you want to report the page (eg. It causes harassment of me if it offends you directly or Speeches containing hate if it generally offends a certain group of people) and follow a quick wizard that will quickly lead you to report inappropriate behavior to Facebook management.

As mentioned above, you can also report abuse related to images or private conversations. The mechanism is always the same: just click on the item Report placed next to the item to report and choose the desired options in the box that appears.