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How to report a photo on Facebook

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One of the people you have added as friends of Facebook posted a photo that seems offensive to you or to other people? You can report the matter to the managers of the social network and request the removal of the image using one of the Facebook protection functions.

Don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a hand. Take two minutes of free time and find out how to report a photo on Facebook thanks to the indications I’m about to give you. It is a very simple procedure to carry out and often helps to obtain the desired result, namely the removal of offensive content from the pages of the blue social network.

If you want to find out how to report a photo on Facebook as it is offensive towards you or someone else, all you have to do is connect to the page of the social network in which it is contained (eg on the profile of the person who posted it) and click on its preview to enlarge it. Then click on the button Options placed immediately below the photo and select the item Report / remove tags from the menu that opens.

At this point, a box will appear with a list of all the possible reasons for reporting the photo (eg. I don’t like this photo in which I appear, It causes bullying towards me, Spam or scam, Content that incites hatred and / or violence, etc.): put the check mark next to the item that comes closest to the reason why you want to report the image and click on the button Keep it going to go on with the procedure.

Depending on the option you’ve checked, the steps for report a photo on Facebook it could end after the first step by sending the report to the managers of the social network or, if you have selected one of the first three options (those relating to bullying), continue with a step that allows you to request the removal of the photo directly to the person who posted it and block it from your Facebook.

In such circumstance, you can choose from the option Send a message to [nome della persona] asking to remove the content to ask for removal of the image with a private message, Permanently remove [nome della persona] from friends to remove the offending user from your friends list or Block [nome persona] to temporarily block the person until the problem relating to the reported photo is resolved. You can also put the check mark next to the item Report to Facebook (located at the bottom left) to send a report to Facebook at the same time as the private message to the person who posted the image or its removal – permanent or temporary – from friends.

If you do not want to report the photo for reasons of bullying, spam or violence, but for copyright reasons because you have discovered that a person has stolen an image of your property and posted it on their profile, instead of putting the check mark on one of the items that appear after clicking on Report / remove tags you have to click on the item Is it your intellectual property? located at the bottom left of the box.