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How to renew PEC Aruba

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How to renew PEC Aruba: You bought one PEC Aruba and, since its expiration period is approaching, you would like to request its renewal. Unfortunately, however, you have no idea how to proceed and, for this reason, you have searched the web for information that can help you in this regard. This is how things are, am I right? Then you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time.

In fact, in today’s guide, I’ll show you how to renew PEC Aruba through some quick methods, which will only take a few minutes of your free time. I will explain in detail how to renew through some manual methods or through the automatic renewal functionality offered by Aruba. Also, I will give you some information on how to renew an expired PEC account and how not to renew it.

How do you say? Are you curious to know more? So what are you waiting for? Let’s start immediately: sit down comfortably, take all the time you need to carefully read the tips you will find in the next chapters and put them into practice. I just have to wish you a good read!

Aruba PEC renewal: cost

If you have purchased one PEC Aruba and, now, you are close to its expiration, you will need to renew it, unless you want to lose your certified e-mail address.

The renewal costs are higher than those incurred as a promotion in the first year of purchase of the PEC mailbox. Now I will illustrate them to you in detail.

  • PEC Standard – 7.90 euros / year + VAT.
  • PEC Pro – 25 euros / year + VAT.
  • PEC Premium – 40 euros / year + VAT.

All renewal costs indicated above may vary at certain times of the year, in the event that promotions are activated. If you want to expand the space of your PEC, the cost is 5 euros / year + VAT for each additional gigabyte. To find out about the different plans that can be subscribed for Aruba PECs, I suggest you read this guide of mine dedicated to the subject.

Please note that you can proceed with the renewal of an Aruba PEC using, as a payment system, the credit cards circuits Visa, Card Yes, MasterCard, Masterpass And Visa Electron or the prepaid cards enabled for online payment of circuits Visa Electron And MasterCard Maestro. You can also pay by account PayPal, Bank transfer or Postal.

How to renew the PEC Aruba

If you want to proceed with the renewal of the PEC Aruba, you can refer to the different methods that I will show you in the next chapters. I warn you that it is recommended to proceed at least 15 days before the actual deadline.

Quick Renewal of PEC Aruba

Quick Renewal of PEC Aruba

The quick renewal of Aruba certified e-mails is a system accessible directly from the communication of impending expiration sent by Aruba via email: to use it, you only need to open the message in question, received at the ordinary email address associated with your Aruba account, and click on the link contained in it.

After clicking on the link, you will see the Aruba login web page, where you will need to type the username and the password of your account. Once this is done, you will be directed to the section PEC mailbox management, through which you will have to choose a renewal plan among those indicated on the screen or add more space to the current plan. For more information about it, you can refer to what I have already written to you in previous chapter.

At this point, press the button Continue, located at the bottom of the page, and fill out the form that is shown to you: this form summarizes all the information relating to the holder of the PEC account. In the event that you need to make changes or require any additional information, fill in the relevant text fields.

At the end of this operation, press the button again Continue, to choose the payment method, indicating one of those available in the box at the top right. Then choose the years of renewal you want to purchase, using the selector Renewal frequency (years)accept the contractual conditions (by placing a check mark in the boxes below), and press the button Confirm and complete the order.

Depending on the payment method chosen, you will be shown a new screen through which to complete the payment. When the payment is received by Aruba, the order status will change to Paid and the expiration extended until the date corresponding to the number of years you have purchased.

How to renew Aruba PEC from Customer Area

Aruba PEC renewal from Customer Area

If you cannot take advantage of the fast renewal of the Aruba PEC, because you no longer find the expiration notice in your e-mail box, you can remedy the situation directly from theAruba Client Area. To do this, hit the site and click the button Customer arealocated at the top right.

At this point, enter your login credentials and press the key Walk into access theCustomer Area. In the section Certified mailthen click on the wording Renew boxes and you will be directed to the section PEC mailbox management.

Alternatively, always from theCustomer Areapress the button Manage that you find in the section Certified mail, to view the screen relating to the PEC addresses active on your Aruba account. After identifying the PEC account you want to renew, press the button Renew located on the right, in order to access the section PEC mailbox management.

Regarding the operations to be carried out in the section PEC mailbox management to renew the PEC, I suggest you read the previous chapter of the tutorial, as the procedure to be carried out is the same as what I have already described to you.

How to renew Aruba PEC from Webmail

Aruba PEC renewal from Webmail

The renewal of an Aruba PEC can also be done directly from the panel of the PEC webmailon the screen Desktop summary. To do this, hit the portal of the Webmail PEC of Aruba and log in using your PEC account credentials.

After logging in, on the home screen (named Desktop), you can read various summary information relating to the latest messages received, the space used and guides on using the mailbox, just to give you some examples.

In the box located at the top right you can find a section, called Information about your box, which shows the expiration date of the PEC. If you want to renew the mailbox, simply press the button Renew nowchoose the plan to subscribe and indicate a valid payment method.

About the section PEC mailbox managementI advise you to read the procedures that I have already described to you in the chapter on the Quick renewal of the PEC Aruba.

How to renew Aruba PEC automatically

Automatic Aruba PEC renewal

If you do not want to risk that Aruba’s PEC service may be interrupted due to non-payment of the fees after the deadline, you can decide to activate the Automatic Renewal: this payment method guarantees that your PEC can be renewed automatically 7 days before the expiration, without you having to worry about anything.

The service can be activated if the credit card or the bill PayPal as a payment method. For other payment systems, bank transfer and postal order, renewal is only available in manual mode.

To enable automatic renewal on your Aruba PEC, reach the site and press the button Customer area, which you find at the top right. At this point, log in with your credentials, to reach theCustomer Area and, in the section Certified mailpress the button Manage.

In the new screen that appears, locate the PEC box you want to renew: under the expiration date, you can find the wording Automatic Renewal. Then press the button Disabledto begin the configuration procedure.

If you have never registered a payment method on your Aruba account, you will be prompted to do so. To proceed, you must then press the key Add method and follow the steps below to add a credit card or PayPal account. At the end of this phase, you will receive an email confirming the activation of the automatic renewal.

If you have previously registered a payment method, after pressing the button Disablednext to the wording Automatic Renewalyou can proceed with the activation of this service.

Choose, therefore, the payment method already registered, through the drop-down menu, and press the button Activate. An email will notify you of the activation of the automatic renewal service for the PEC.

How to renew Aruba PEC expired


If yours PEC Aruba has expiredyou can only renew it if they have not yet passed 90 days from the expiration date. In this case, the PEC box will be labeled with the status Suspendedwith the only possibility to consult the mail, without being able to send or receive messages.

In this regard, all you have to do is follow what I have already described to you in the previous chaptersto proceed with the renewal of the PEC Aruba.

If 90 days have passed from the expiry of the PEC, it will be canceled and you will have to proceed with a new purchase. If you want to know how to do this, you can consult what I have shown you in my guide on how to activate PEC Aruba.

How not to renew PEC Aruba

Aruba PEC renewal disabled

Don’t want to renew an Aruba certified email? In that case, you don’t have to worry, because the PECs are only active for the period you have purchased. At the expiration date, the mailbox will be renewable again for others 90 days, at the end of which it will be completely canceled. So just ignore any warnings you will receive and let it run for the time needed.

If, however, you have activated the automatic renewal of the PEC Aruba, as I explained to you in this chapter of the tutorialyou must deactivate it, to prevent the amount necessary for the payment of subsequent annuities from being withdrawn.

To do this, hit the site and press the button Customer area, located at the top right. Now, log in and, in theCustomer Arealocate the section Certified mailtaking care to press the button Manage.

In the new screen that is shown to you, locate the PEC you do not want to renew and press the button Activatedwhich you find next to the wording Automatic Renewalunder the expiration date.

By doing so, you will see a box, through which to manage the automatic renewal of the Aruba PEC. To deactivate this service, press the button Deactivate And that’s it!