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How to rename iPod

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How to rename iPod: You purchased a iPod second hand that is recognized by iTunes still with the name of the old owner and would you like to fix this? You need to change the name of your iPod, because you don’t like the standard one (iPod of …), but you don’t know how to do it? Very well! Today I was going to deal with this very topic.

If you want to find out how to rename iPod, all you have to do is take five minutes and follow the directions I am about to give you. Regardless of the iPod model you have, you will be able to rename the device as you prefer.

Let’s start from how to rename iPod with the standard procedure, the one that applies to all models of the Apple media player. All you have to do is connect the iPod to a PC or Mac with the multimedia software installed iTunes and wait for the device to be recognized by the program (which should start automatically).

At this point, click on the button iPod located at the top right (or Devices> iPod if you’ve connected more than one Apple device to your computer) and select the item iPod by [nome] located next to the device icon in the screen that opens. Then type the name you want to assign to your iPod, press the button Submit on the PC keyboard and click on the button Synchronize (bottom right) to complete the operation.

If you need to rename iPod Touch type, which are equipped with iOS (the same operating system as iPhone and iPad), you can do everything without connecting the device to the PC or Mac. Don’t you believe it? Then press on the icon of Settings located on the player’s home screen and select the item General from the menu that appears.

At this point, go to Info> Name and, in the screen that opens, type the name you want to assign to your iPod. Then presses the button end (located at the bottom right) and you’re done. When the operation is completed, connecting the device to the computer you will see the new name appear in the iTunes summary screen. It was easy, wasn’t it?