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How to remove Samsung keyboard sound

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How to remove Samsung keyboard sound: You have to type a very long text on your smartphone or tablet Samsung, using the keyboard on screen, and the idea of ​​listening to that annoying beep over and over again when you press each letter is driving you crazy before you even start? You usually manually dial the numbers to call from your smartphone and would like to prevent the sound reproduced by pressing the keys can, in some way, allow those around you to guess the numbering you are about to contact?

Don’t worry, you can easily solve this situation in just a couple of taps: Samsung devices, in fact, integrate some options that allow you to eliminate audio feedback for the virtual keyboard and for the dialer numeric keypad, and in the following bars of this. tutorial it is my intention to explain to you, precisely, how to remove samsung keyboard sound taking advantage of this possibility.

Wait, are you telling me that you are not very sure you want to continue, because you are not very familiar with technology and you are afraid of doing some trouble? You have nothing to fear: the steps that I am about to illustrate are very simple to apply and, above all, they are completely reversible. Read on to find out everything!

How to mute Samsung keyboard sound: text

If you are interested in take out the sound of the Samsung text keyboard, thus avoiding the reproduction of the “tap” when you press any letter, symbol or number, you have to change the settings of the virtual keyboard in use on your device. The indications are valid a little for all the models of the manufacturer, so you want to know how take out Samsung S10 keyboard sound, take out Samsung S20 keyboard sound or any other smartphone or tablet, the procedures to follow are roughly the same (only some menu items may vary slightly).

On almost all smartphones and tablets produced by the South Korean big, the Samsung keyboard; therefore, it is sufficient to access the panel that specifies its operation and deactivate the sound reproduction from there.

To do this, open the Settings of Android, by tapping on thegear which resides on the Home screen or in the drawer, tap on the item General management and then on the option Language and input, located on the next screen.

Now, tap on the item On-screen keyboard, tap on the wording Default keyboard and then on the symbol ofgear, located next to the selected keyboard, to access the area dedicated to the usage settings.

How to turn off the sound of the Samsung keyboard: phone numbers

At this point, if you use the Samsung keyboard, tap on the item Drag, touch and feedback that appears in the next panel, touch the item Tactile feedback and, to mute the sounds, move from ON to OFF the switch located in correspondence with the item Sound. Likewise, if you wish, you can disable the display of font preview.

If you have second thoughts, you can turn on the keyboard sounds at any time – go to the menu again Settings> General management> Language and input> On-screen keyboard of Android, access the sections Samsung keyboard And Drag, tap, and feedback> Tactile feedback and move from OFF to ON the lever corresponding to the option Sound. That’s all!

The menu items related to keyboard settings vary depending on the typing application you are using – for example, if you use the keyboard Google’s Gboard, after calling up the menu relating to its settings for use, tap on the item Preferences and move from ON to OFF the lever placed in correspondence with the item Key sound, located in the box Press the keys.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to use the keyboard Microsoft Swiftkey, access its settings as I showed you a little while ago and tap the item Sounds and vibration: in this case, you can choose to keep the sounds active and lower their volume by adjusting the adjustment bar Key sound volume, or turn off the sound feedback completely by moving from ON to OFF the corresponding switch.

Note: The keypad sounds are automatically turned off when the device is in silent, vibrate only, or do not disturb state.

How to turn off the sound of the Samsung keyboard: phone numbers

How to turn off the sound of the Samsung keyboard: phone numbers

How do you say? The information I have given you so far has not been very useful, because it is your intention take out the sound of the Samsung keyboard for entering phone numbers? Also in this case, I have excellent news to give you: you can easily succeed in the enterprise by intervening in the settings of the dialer of the device (i.e. the area responsible for manual entry of telephone numbers).

To do this, start the app Phone (the icon in the shape of handset), recalling it from the Home screen or from the drawer of the device, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and choose the item Settings, located in the menu that appears.

Once you have reached the next screen, tap on the item Call alerts and ringtones and move from ON to OFF the switch located next to the item Resume keyboard touch sound.

If you have second thoughts, you can re-enable sound feedback by going back to the Settings of the app Phone, then in the section Call alerts and ringtones and reporting on ON the lever next to the item Resume keyboard touch sound. That’s all!

Note: The numeric keypad makes no sound when the device is set to silent, vibrate only, or do not disturb.