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How to remove Marketplace from Facebook

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Every time you open Facebook, it’s always the same story: that little number on the Marketplace icon is always there, ready to let you know that someone has been selling something new. This thing interests you very little, since you do not intend to buy or sell anything using the pages of the social network: however, although you are quite “experienced” in the use of Facebook, you have not yet been able to overcome this annoying problem. It is for this reason that, determined to remedy the situation once and for all, you opened Google in search of a guide that would teach you how to  remove Marketplace from Facebook , ending up straight on my site.

Well, I am happy to inform you that this is just the right place to start: in fact, below I intend to explain to you how to get rid of the purchase / sale functions of the social network, abandoning all groups dedicated to them, both from smartphones and tablets and computers. Later, I will also take care to explain to you how to disable the trading features from one or more groups you manage, so as to prevent members from publishing this type of announcement.

So, without waiting a moment longer, dedicate a few minutes of your free time to reading this guide: I am sure that, once you have finished reading, you will be perfectly able to reach the goal you have set for yourself, freeing yourself from the “shop ”Of Facebook once and for all. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and … good luck!

How to remove the Marketplace from Facebook

If it’s really your intention to get rid of annoying Facebook Marketplace notifications, this is the section of the tutorial for you. Before going ahead, however, I have to make you a necessary clarification: at the moment, you cannot completely delete the Marketplace icon, but you can avoid the appearance of notifications (and thematic suggestions) by abandoning all the purchase / sale groups to which you are registered. Below I intend to explain how to perform this operation both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.


Leaving a sales group on Facebook from smartphones and tablets is very simple: first, start the Facebook  app for Android  or  iOS  and press the button  located at the top right (on  Android ) or at the bottom right (on  iOS ), tap on the item  Groups  and, when you reach the next screen, identify the sales group of your interest (based on the preview of the cover images or on the name) from the proposed list.

At this point, make a  long tap  on the group preview , touch the item  Abandon the group  located in the displayed menu, press the Abandon  button  that appears in the next warning message and you’re done. To finish and get rid of the Marketplace notifications, repeat this operation for all sales groups that appear in the list.

Note : At the time of writing this guide, there is no “quick” way to view all sales groups in a separate section, which could be a problem if you were enrolled in a large number of groups. If this is your case, I recommend that you check out via your computer, as, as you will soon discover, you can use a “trick” to view Marketplace groups in one go.


To exit the sales groups from your computer, proceed as I suggest below: first, log in to the Facebook website  as you normally would, then click on the Marketplace  item located at the top of the left navigation bar ( or, alternatively, connected directly to this link ) and then on the item  Groups , also located on the left side of the new screen.

If everything went well, you should be able to see the list of sales groups you are subscribed to in the Your groups section  , located on the right side of the page you just opened: if necessary, press on the item  More  to view them all.

Subsequently, right-click on the link relating to the first sales group placed in the list and choose the item  Open link in another tab  from the proposed menu: in this way, the group in question will be opened in a new browser tab, leaving , therefore, the previously opened list is available. Once this is done, move to the newly opened tab, click on the Subscribed / Subscribed  button  placed immediately under the cover image of the group, choose the item  Abandon the group  placed in the proposed menu and confirm the willingness to proceed by pressing the Abandon the group button  .

If you wish, you can make sure that the members of the group can no longer add you to the same again (you can still do it independently whenever you want), by placing the check mark in the appropriate box. At this point, you can close the tab relating to the group just abandoned, return to the one containing the list of sales groups and repeat the same operation for all the groups listed. Have you seen? It wasn’t that hard!

Facebook for Windows 10

Do you use Windows 10 and do you usually log into Facebook using the appropriate app available on the Microsoft store ? Don’t worry, even in this case you can leave the sales groups whenever you want, thus eliminating the annoying Marketplace notifications (which, however, do not appear yet in the aforementioned app). In any case, exactly as already seen for the app for smartphones and tablets, it is not possible to “group” all the sales groups in one place, but you will need to identify them from the list of groups you are subscribed to.

All clear? OK, let’s proceed. First of all, press the button  located at the top left, select the item  Groups  from the list that appears and identify, from the proposed list, the sales group of your interest; Once this is done, click on the icon of the group in question, press on the item  Registration done  and choose the option  Leave the group  from the menu that appears. To conclude, click on the Leave the group  button  that appears immediately afterwards and repeat the previous steps for all the other sales groups to which you are subscribed.

How to disable the buy / sell function from a group

Didn’t you find the information I previously provided useful, as it is not your intention to  remove Marketplace from Facebook  but to deactivate upstream the buying (and selling) functions related to a group you manage? Then this is precisely the section of the guide that is right for you: below, in fact, I will provide you with all the instructions you need to achieve the goal you have set for yourself (by changing the type of group), whether you are acting as a smartphone or tablet. , whether you are preparing to perform this operation from a computer.

Before starting, however, I must make you two necessary clarifications: the first is that you can, at any time, activate the group sales function again; the second is that, as you can imagine, you can only make a change of this type if you are a  group administrator .


If you intend to act on the group of your interest using your smartphone or tablet, start the Facebook app  for Android  or  iOS  calling it from the drawer of your device, press the button  located at the top (on Android ) or at the bottom (on  iOS ) and tap on the Groups  item  from the panel that is subsequently opened.

Once this is done, touch the Manage tab  to view only the groups for which you have administrative permissions (available only on Android) and select, from the proposed list, the group on which you want to act. Later, if you are on Android , press the button  (i) located in the upper right corner of the cover image and tap the button  Access tools for administrators ; if you are using iOS , tap the  star shield  icon located in the upper right corner. To access the section relating to   the group settings , tap on the button of the same name located on the next screen.

At this point, identify the Group Basic Information section  , touch the Group Type  item  corresponding to it and select an option other than  Purchases and Sales  from the list proposed later (eg Club ). When you are finished, press the Save  item  located at the top right: starting from this moment, the members of your group will no longer be able to sell items through the same. You, as the administrator, will still be able to continue selling as usual.

If you want to go back and activate the sales function for the members of your group, all you have to do is repeat the steps suggested above, making sure to put the check mark next to the item  Purchases and sales  attached to the Group type panel  .


If, on the other hand, you usually use Facebook via computer, the procedure to follow is slightly different: first, go to the social network’s website , log in, if necessary, click on the Groups  item  located under the Explore section   in the bar left navigation and, subsequently, identify the name of the group on which you intend to act in the Groups you manage pane  , located in the next window.

At this point, press the button  located in correspondence with the group in question and choose the Change group settings  item  to access the administration screen of the same. Once this is done, scroll down to identify the Group type section  (which should be set to the item  Purchases and sales ) and click on the Edit  item  corresponding to it. Finally, put the check mark on the item most relevant to the type of group you are interested in (different from the item “Purchases and sales”) and press the Confirm  button to make the change effective: starting from this point, group members will no longer be able to list new items (which you and other group admins will be able to continue to do instead).

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, you can activate again the buy / sell functions for the members of the group in an extremely easy way: all you have to do is repeat the procedure described above, taking care to select the item  purchases and sales  in the process of choosing the  type of group .

Facebook for Windows 10

You can deactivate the purchase / sale functions also from the Facebook  app  for Windows 10, in an extremely simple way: after starting the app, press the button  , choose the item  Groups  from the menu that appears and select the group on which you intend act from the proposed list. Alternatively, you can get the same result by searching through the appropriate bar located at the top.

In any case, once in the section dedicated to the group, click on the Tools and statistical data for administrators item, click on the  Settings  item  attached to the next window and then on the Group type item  : to conclude, choose a different item from Purchases and sales and confirm everything by clicking on the Save  button located at the top right.

In the future, you can reactivate the functionality by repeating the same steps and selecting the item  Purchases and sales  from the screen relating to the type of group. That’s all!

If you want more information about the Facebook group management features, I invite you to carefully read the themed guides that I have created especially for you: how to schedule a post on Facebook, how to appoint a Facebook group administrator, how to close a group on Facebook and finally (but only in list order), how to put photos on a Facebook group. I guarantee you won’t regret it!