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How to remix songs online

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How to remix songs online: You love the PC world very much, but your true passion is called music. Your secret dream is to become a famous DJ and, for this reason, every time you have some free time at your disposal you delight in creating music and remixing songs. How about, then, if we try to merge your two passions through Soundation?

Soundation is a free online service that allows you to create music and remix music tracks having a huge range of Urban and Electronic samples available. All strictly via browser without having to download or install any program on the PC. Find out now how to remix songs online using it!

If you want to find out how to remix songs onlineall you have to do is connect to the Soundation website. You will immediately find yourself in the presence of a very practical graphic interface for all music lovers with the list of all available audio channels (new ones can be added by clicking on the button + bottom left), under the commands to control the tracks and on the right the folders containing all the music samples available in the service. There are many free ones but many others are available for users of the paid version of the service (section Premium).

To add musical samples to yours remix online, just scroll the list located on the right, double click on the songs to listen to a preview and drag the ones of interest with the mouse into the desired audio channel and position. All the songs inserted in the various audio channels are played at the same time, so be careful which one you choose and how you position them in the Soundation grid.

You can also import ready-made MIDI files into your remix by selecting the voice Import MIDI File from the menu File of Soundation and create custom tracks by recording the sound from the microphone of your PC, by clicking on the button REC placed at the bottom.

Do you want to add special effects to the tracks and samples inserted in the various audio channels? no problem, just click on the buttons FX (located on the left) and choose the effects to be applied to the individual audio channels from the menu that opens.

When you are done with remix songs online are you satisfied with the result, you can export your work as a WAV audio file by first clicking on the button with the down arrow placed at the bottom right and then up Mixdown Anyway And Save as .wav. To save your remixes online and edit them later, you must instead create a free account on the site by clicking on the item Sign Up top right. Have fun!