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How to reinstall Facebook

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How to reinstall Facebook: In an attempt to free up the memory of your mobile device, you have uninstalled a few applications. In carrying out this operation, however, you have also mistakenly deleted the Facebook application. You have noticed your mistake and would like to restore the Mark Zuckerberg social network application but you are experiencing a small hitch.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, tell me: how can I help you? Need help reinstalling the Facebook application? It’s so true? I imagined. If that’s the case you will be happy to know that you have my full attention and that this guide will be properly dedicated to solving this problem of yours.

All you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and sit comfortably. Keep your Android or iOS mobile device at hand because I will explain step by step what you will need to do to reinstall the application in question. With that said, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! I wish you a good read as usual.

How to reinstall Facebook on Android

Re-installing the Facebook app on Android is really a breeze. Even if you are not yet familiar with the world of applications of the Android operating system, just know that the procedure is the same for all applications. Once you have learned how to install (or reinstall, in this case) an app, you can easily proceed with all the other applications in the Android PlayStore.

Speaking of PlayStore, keep in mind that this is the name of the default virtual store of smartphones with the Android operating system. Then search for its application in the list of apps on your smartphone because you will need to log in to reinstall Facebook. If you don’t find it, keep in mind that the app is in the form of a colorful triangle (in new Android versions) or a white shopping bag with a colored triangle inside (in older Android versions).

Found it? Perfect! Now start the Android virtual store app to access it. To reinstall the Facebook application you will have to search for it again and manually via the Android PlayStore search engine.

To do this, once you have logged into the PlayStore and you are in its main screen (called Apps and Games) you will first need to tap on the text box dedicated to the internal search engine, located at the top. Then type Facebook and press the button Near from the keyboard of your smartphone to confirm the terms of your search.

Wait a few moments for the search results to appear. You can’t go wrong in identifying the application to install: the Facebook icon is the unmistakable one White f on blue background. Then tap on its icon to view the application preview tab. To install it again on your device, press the button Install and then, in the notice that appears regarding the acceptance of the permissions requested by the application, click on the button I accept.

Now you just have to wait a few seconds for the application to complete the automatic download and installation of all the files necessary for its operation. You will easily know when this short procedure is completed: the button will appear instead of the Install button Uninstall it and the button You open. This means that the app has been installed and is ready to be launched via the button You open.

You can check the completion of the download and the automatic completion of the installation of the Facebook application also through the main screen of your device. When the Facebook application icon appears, the app has finished downloading and you can start it.

There is an even easier way to reinstall apps that have been uninstalled from your device. To see this procedure, go to the Android PlayStore again and, from the main screen, tap the button with the menu symbol (three horizontal lines).

A small side panel will open: tap on the item My apps and games to access a section of the PlayStore relating to the apps installed but also to those previously present in the device but later removed.

The section in question is called My apps and games and consists of three tabs: Updates (presents a list of installed apps that need to be updated), Installed (lists all the apps installed in the memory of your Android device) e Collection (it includes the complete list of all apps that have been installed in the memory of the Android device and have since been uninstalled).

Then locate in this screen (which also has the wording not on this device) the Facebook application. To reinstall it, press the button Install and then on the button I accept.

Have you tried to reinstall the Facebook app following the procedures I indicated but do you think this process is a bit difficult? Don’t worry, I can help you with another alternative method.

If you are reading this guide of mine directly from your Android smartphone and you want to succeed in your intent to reinstall the Facebook app you can simply tap on the link that I am about to share below. The link in question refers directly to the Facebook app tab on the Android PlayStore.

By tapping on it you will be automatically brought back to the Android virtual store; to reinstall the Facebook app just tap on the button Install and then on the button I accept.

  • Facebook – reinstall the application by tapping on this link which refers to the Google PlayStore.

How to reinstall Facebook on iOS

Do you have a smartphone (or a tablet) with an iOS operating system and, after having mistakenly uninstalled the Facebook app, would you like to know how to remedy your “mistake”? Don’t worry, I can without a doubt help you.

Reinstalling an application on an Apple device requires the use of the App Store, the default virtual digital store for mobile devices created by the Cupertino company. Having clarified this premise, let’s see immediately, step by step, how to reinstall the Facebook app on iOS.

First start the Apple PlayStore, the application has an icon with a stylized A in white, it looks like a compass and has a blue background. Found it? Very good! Tap on it to start the application and then, to search for the Facebook application, press the Search button (symbol of a magnifying glass) located in the bottom menu.

On the next screen, tap on the text field at the top, next to the Search item, and then type the term Facebook. To search for the application in question, using the App Store integrated search engine, then press the button Near from the keyboard of your smartphone.

Now wait for the search results to appear and, through the screen that opens, locate the Facebook app (the icon has the shape of a White f on blue background).

If the app was in your device memory and was uninstalled, instead of the button Get / Install the symbol of a speech bubble with a down arrow.

The operating system of the Apple device remembers the names of the apps downloaded through the speech bubble symbol. To reinstall them, just tap on this symbol and you can reinstall the app quickly, without having to press the button again Get / Install.

To verify the successful reinstallation of the Facebook app, simply wait for the download to finish. Once the app has completed the automatic installation, you can launch it via the button You open.

The newly reinstalled Facebook app will also appear on the main screen of your device and you can start using it again as if nothing had happened.

If you encounter problems in carrying out the steps I indicated, you can reinstall the Facebook app with an alternative method. In fact, I’m about to point you to the direct link that refers to the App Store.

Then take your Apple device and directly tap on the link you find below. You will be sent back to the iOS App Store and you can reinstall the Facebook app by tapping on the cloud symbol.

  • Facebook – reinstall the application by tapping on this link which refers to the iOS App Store.

Other Facebook apps to install or reinstall

After reinstalling the Facebook application did it occur to you that perhaps you forgot to reinstall the other complementary applications? Would you like to find out what other popular applications might be useful to you? No problem. Below you will find a summary list of applications developed by Facebook that, in my opinion, you may need.

  • Facebook Lite: This is a lighter version of the Facebook application. This version is in fact designed for a more optimized use of the social network: the app consumes less in terms of packet data traffic and is designed to work even with a slow Internet connection. It is only available for Android.
  • Facebook Messenger: this is the Facebook messaging application, essential to be able to keep in touch with friends of the social network. It is available for Android And iOS
  • Facebook Business Suite: for those who have a Facebook page this app is essential, since it allows you to manage it in all respects, it also allows you to manage Instagram profiles, messages and statistics. The app features a mobile-friendly interface and is available on Android And iOS.