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How to register Skype

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How to register Skype: Soon you will be having an important conversation on Skype and you are not going to miss any details. For this reason, you therefore decided to register Skype . However, if at this moment you find yourself here, reading this guide, it is most likely because despite your good intentions and despite the efforts you have made, you have not been able to understand how to do it. How do you say? This is exactly how things are and would you like me to help you? Well, if this is the situation then know that you have nothing to worry about, you can fully count on me.

With the update to version 8, the famous VoIP client has added a special function through which to record calls and video calls, which is based on the cloud and is also available in the mobile environment. However, there are also special third-party tools that you can use to achieve this. In any case, do not worry, they are still very simple tools to use and that even those who, a bit like you, are not exactly expert in computer science can be able to exploit without particular problems.

Having made this necessary premise, if you are therefore interested in finding out what you can do to register Skype, I invite you to get comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and focus carefully on the information I am about to provide you. Ready? Yup? Fine, then let’s proceed!


Skype (Windows/macOS/mobile)

As widely mentioned in the opening of the post, Skype, starting from version 8, integrates a function to record calls and video calls within it: this means that it is possible to record calls and video chats in a free, easy and fast way without resorting to external solutions. Recordings are saved as MP4 video, are automatically saved to the cloud but can be downloaded locally with a simple click. Once created, they appear on the chat screen, where they remain available for 30 days.

To register Skype from your computer, start the official client of the service for Windows or macOS (if you have not yet installed it, find out how to do it through my guide dedicated to the topic), select the contact with whom to start a conversation and call him by pressing on the button of the call (the handset) or of the video call (the video camera) . Once the conversation has started, click on the + button located at the bottom right and select the item Start recording from the menu that opens.

Within a few seconds, the recording will start and both you and your interlocutor will receive a notification of the thing (as, for privacy reasons, all participants in a recorded conversation must be notified of the thing). When you have finished your chat, to stop recording, click on the Stop recording item located at the top left or, alternatively, click on the + button located at the bottom right and choose the Stop recording option from the menu that appears. opens.

As mentioned, the recordings are displayed as a video within the chat. To play them, simply click on their thumbnail. To download them, instead, click on the ⋮ button located at the top right (after selecting them or positioning the mouse on their thumbnails) and select the item Save as from the menu that appears.

Skype registration

The recording function has also been included in the Skype mobile app for Android , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile . To use it, start a call or a video call, press the + button located at the bottom and select the item Start recording from the menu that opens.

Once the chat is over or in any case when you want to choke the recording, press the + button again and select the Stop recording item from the menu that opens.

Mobile Skype registration

As well as on desktop, even in the mobile environment, Skype recordings remain available for 30 days on the conversation screen. To reproduce them, just tap on their thumbnails. To save them, however, you need to press the icon (…) or the sharing icon (the upward arrow on iOS or the three connected dots on Android).

Note: Since Skype’s recording function is cloud-based, its appearance on some devices may be delayed compared to its appearance on other devices. Another important thing to underline is that, sometimes, the recordings do not appear immediately in the chat screen, you have to wait a few minutes and / or close and reopen Skype.

Callnote (Windows/macOS)

If you are not satisfied with the recording feature included in Skype, try some third-party solutions. The first alternative program that I invite you to try to register Skype is Callnote . It is a software available for free (with 10 registrations per month, to remove this limit you need to purchase one of the paid versions of the software, starting at $ 9.95 / year) and can be used on both Windows PCs and macOSthanks to which it is possible to record both audio and video of calls made through the famous VoIP client. In addition to recording Skype, this software can also be used in conjunction with Facebook, Viber and various other services to make and receive video calls. The program is not localized in Italian but is still perfectly understandable.

So if you are interested in finding out how to record Skype calls with Callnote, the first operation you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of the software. Once this is done, press the green Download button , then the Download for button for Callnote (corresponding to the logo of the operating system in use on the computer, in the left column) and fill out the form that is shown to you by typing your name, your surname and your e-mail address and then presses the Download button . Then wait a few moments for the software download to start and complete.

When the download is complete, double-click on the callnote-install-xxxexe file obtained, then click on OK and then on Next four times in a row. To conclude, presses first on Install and then on Finish .

Callnote screenshot

If you are using a Mac, start the Callnote pkg package , click the Continue button twice in a row and then click Install . and Continue installation . Then type in the administration password of the Mac and complete the setup by pressing first on Install software and then on Restart (the computer will be restarted).

Callnote Mac installation

When installation is complete, wait a few moments for the software window to be visible on the desktop and then press the Allow access button (to authorize access to the network in the Windows firewall). Now type the e-mail address you specified on the software website when you started the Callnote download and then press the Sign In button .

Now, start Skype by pressing on its icon and, if requested, click on the Allow access button that is shown at the top of the program window, near the Callnote.exe item you want to use Skype in such a way as to authorize the software just installed to establish a connection with the VoIP client.

Proceed now by bringing the mouse cursor back to the Callnote window and pressing the Skype icon located at the top. Then put a check mark next to Always start recording when call starts so as to automatically start recording calls on Skype without you doing anything (option available only for Skype 7 and earlier). Please note that by default the software only records the audio of calls made on Skype. If you are interested in recording video in addition to audio, put a check mark next to Record video .

If you are using Skype 8 or later, to start recording a call, you must click on the REC button in the Callnote widget (the floating window of the program) and

You will then be able to view and listen to all the recordings made by starting Callnote, pressing on the Library item located on the left and then clicking on the ▶ ︎ button relating to the recording of your interest. Alternatively, you can access the recordings made by the program by going to the Callnote folder that you can find in the Documents folder on your computer.


Finally, know that thanks to Callnote you can also automatically archive recorded Skype conversations on Evernote , Dropbox , Google Drive or OneDrive and you can share them on Facebook and YouTube (the free version of the program, however, only supports Dropbox).

To do this, simply press the Sharing options item located in the left part of the program window, click on the name of the service that you intend to use in conjunction with Callnote, press the Connect button and provide the access credentials referring to the your account for the chosen service.

Subsequently, check the Send to [service name] automatically item to automatically send Skype recordings to the indicated service and then put a check mark next to the Video , Audio , Chat and / or Snaps items based on what are the your preferences and needs.


Free video Call Recorder for Skype (Windows)

If you need to record a call made on Skype, have a Windows PC and use a version of Skype earlier than 8, you can also use Free video Call Recorder for Skype . It is a free program that, as the name suggests, allows you to record video calls made via Skype by saving them in MP4 or MP3 format (audio only) on your computer.

So if it is your intention to find out how to record Skype with Skype with Free Video Call Recorder for Skype the first thing you need to do is to click here in order to connect to the program download web page. Once this is done, press the blue button with the word Download located at the top right.

Then wait a few moments for the software download to start and complete, then open the FreeVideoCallRecorder_xx.exe file that was downloaded to your computer to start the software installation procedure.

In the window displayed on the screen, then presses on Yes and then on OK then presses the Next button twice in a row and click on Finish to conclude the setup. Please note that during the installation procedure of the program you may be offered the download of some extra programs: refuse by removing the check mark where appropriate.

Screenshot showing how to record Skype video

When installation is complete, wait a few moments for the software window to be visible on the desktop and then press the Continue button . Now, expand the drop-down menu located under the Recording mode item to select an operation by which to record Skype: if you intend to record Skype both from the side of the call and from that of the receiver, press the option Record all parts . If, on the other hand, you prefer to record only the video of whoever receives the video call, press the option Record only other part . Finally, there is the Audio Only option to record call audio only.

Screenshot showing how to record Skype video

Then, start Skype on your computer, wait for a video call to be received or start one yourself by simply selecting the contact you want to interact with and then pressing the button depicting a camera .

When the video call has started, presses the button depicting a red dot in the Free Video Call Recorder for Skype window in order to start the procedure by which to register Skype.

Screenshot showing how to record Skype video

At the end of the video call you can interrupt the registration procedure by pressing the appropriate stop button attached to the software window.

You will then be able to see the video of the recorded video call (or listen to the audio file of the voice recording) by accessing the Windows Videos folder used as the default output folder by the program. If you wish, you can also change the folder in which Free Video Call Recorder for Skype automatically saves the recordings by pressing the Browse button … present under the Output folder item in the program window.

Other solutions to record Skype

If the resources to register Skype that I proposed in the previous lines were not to your liking or if you are still looking for some tool that allows you to achieve your goal, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial Programs for Skype . In the tutorial you will not only find additional programs and tools with which to record Skype, but also various other tools that may be useful during your conversations through Microsoft’s famous VoIP client.