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How to regenerate toner

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How to regenerate toner: After months of honored use, the toner of your laser printer has run out and, after looking at the prices of the refill consumables, you have noticed that they have increased significantly. For this reason, also urged by an expert friend of the sector, you have decided to refill the printer toner yourself.

In order to avoid errors dictated by your inexperience, before proceeding, you looked for information on the subject on the Net, and so you ended up here, on my website. How do you say? Have I definitely identified the situation you are in? Great, then know that this is just the right place to start! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain to you how to regenerate toner of the printer in the safest way possible, listing the tools and all the precautions necessary to succeed in the enterprise.

So, without waiting a moment longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will have a clear idea of ​​what to do and you will be able to decide, in total autonomy, whether to proceed with the _do it yourself_ or take alternative routes. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before we get to the heart of this guide, let me give you some more information about the advantages, disadvantages and risks that the toner refilling procedure could entail.

As for theeconomic outlayopt for recharging home made of an exhausted toner consumable is certainly a cheaper operation than buying a new toner, especially if it is original.

The regeneration of a toner is carried out with the aid of a special one refill kitwhich must be of good quality, containing everything necessary to make the consumable in question work again: the printing powder to be placed in the tray; the instructions for resetting the chip / gear of “validity” of the consumable; and, if provided, a small funnel to facilitate everything.

On the other hand, however, the regeneration of the toner it may not be a very simple thing: if, as you will soon discover, there are consumables equipped with a special door (in which to pour the powder) that makes the dedicated tank easily accessible, there are other consumables that do not have any outlet holes and that must be punctured manually. In cases like this, one mistake is enough to render the entire print consumable unusable and invalidate the savings made by purchasing the refill kit.

Furthermore, keep in mind that toner is highly toxic, therefore it should not be inhaled or placed in direct contact with skin, eyes or other elements of the human body: for this reason, be sure to act from a work plan suitable for the purpose, even better if outside, since, in all probability, you will have to empty the tank of exhausted ink dust.

Required material

How to regenerate toner

For regenerate the toner of a consumable, it is advisable to procure all the necessary material in advance, preparing a special work area that is optimal for the purpose. My advice, in this regard, is to act on a space coated with plastic material, aluminum or filmavoiding fabric and other materials with fibers (which could “absorb” the toner), in an airy and spacious environment or, better still, outdoors.

Also, have a couple of on hand disposable gloves, in order to protect the skin from direct contact with the color pigment; a plastic bag intact, in which to pour any exhausted ink powder; a flat screwdriver; a rigid file or another tool with which to lift the tank cap as needed; of the Scotch tapebetter if in teflon or other fabric-like material with which to seal it after recharging and, of course, the consumable exhausted.

Also, you must have a dedicated one available toner refill kit compatible with your specific printer model, which contains everything you need to regenerate the same: the ink powder (black only, if you have a monochrome laser printer or CYMK, if you have a color laser printer), the replacement chip (or instructions to restore the print chip already present on the consumable) and, if provided, a small funnel to facilitate the transfer of color. Toner refill kits can mostly be purchased online.


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How to refill toner

How to regenerate toner

Having made the necessary clarifications and found the necessary material, the time has come to take action and to explain to you, in practice, how to regenerate toner of the printer in your possession.

It is important to clarify, right from the start, which charging methods can be different and vary above all according to the brand and model of the printing device: therefore, the necessary steps to regenerate Samsung toner may differ from those usable for regenerate Oki toner which, in turn, could still differ from the procedures envisaged for refill Brother toner or refill HP toner.

On some toners, for example, it is sufficient to locate the tank cap of the unit: in such cases, after having removed the consumable unit from the printer and being careful not to disconnect the black roller (in jargon, PCR), that is the device that is in charge of spreading the toner powder on the sheet, rotates the consumable to locate the toner tank cap (which, on some consumables, could be protected by a metal door held in place by some screws).

When you have found it, put the “cartridge” in a vertical position and, using a flat screwdriver, a rigid file or other suitable tools for the purpose, lift the cap with delicacy.

Once this has been done, move to an open place, surround the part of the consumable that contains the tank (now open) with a plastic bag and turn the consumable overin order to pour the printing powder into the sachet itself, avoiding to disperse it in the environment or to breathe it.

Once this is done, seal the envelope (remember to dispose of it correctly), pour the new toner inside the tank through the hole shown above and, when you are done, put the cap back in place, exerting a fair amount of pressure so that this fits perfectly. If necessary, seal everything with a bit of sealing tape (such as the Teflon one usually used for pipes) to increase the seal.

If you own one color laser printeryou have to repeat the same steps, as well as for the black tank, also for the blue (letter C.such as “cyan”), red (letter M.such as “magenta”) and yellow (letter Ysuch as “yellow”).

Once the charging phase is complete, you must proceed with the restoration of the toner use gearotherwise the printer will not recognize it. Unfortunately, I cannot guide you in the details of this operation, as each consumable has its own mechanism.

Generally speaking, what you need to do is Unscrew the screws that secure the pulley under which the gear of use resides, remove it and, once the mechanism is exposed, make a circular movement to return the spring to the correct position. Generally, the precise position of the print gear and how to reset it are indicated in the user manual attached to the toner refill kit in your possession.

Finally, screw the pulley removed earlier in again and place the consumable back into the printer, which should now recognize it.

On some printers, the process is made even easier thanks to the presence of a toner tubewhich replaces the appropriate cartridge: in this case, simply open the cap / flap located on the tube, by turning the end, to empty the used ink and pour in the new toner in the same way. Don’t forget to close the flap at the end of these steps!

However, things may not always be “roses and flowers”: on some printing devices, the toner refilling procedure is considerably complicated, as the consumable could not be equipped with external plugs for “direct” access to the tank. In this case, it is necessary to identify the exact holes in contact with it, remove the welds present and, literally, “puncture” the consumable, so as to be able to empty the used ink and insert the new one through the hole made.

At the end of the operation, it is necessary to seal the hole with adhesive tape or Teflon or weld it, and then replace the old one print chip with a new chip usually included in the refill kit: without this operation, the consumable will not be recognized by the device.

In cases like this, an expert hand and some familiarity with the subject are required: if you find yourself face to face with a “difficult” toner of this type, my advice is to leave the refill alone. do-it-yourself and to evaluate the purchase of a regenerated tonersuitable for the printer model in your possession, less economical than a home refill but certainly easier to manage and more convenient than an original consumable.


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