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How to regenerate cartridges

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How to regenerate cartridges: Your printer has run out of ink, and after looking around for a while, you realize that the price of cartridges has soared! Following the advice of a close friend of yours, you have therefore decided to opt for a _do-it-yourself_ solution and try to regenerate them yourself. Intent on achieving your goal, you therefore searched for information on the Internet and you ended up right here on my website.

If this is the situation you are in, know that you couldn’t be in a better place! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain to you how to regenerate cartridges in a simple and efficient way, indicating the tools to be used and providing you with all the necessary details.

So, without waiting any longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I can guarantee you that, with a little patience and a pinch of skill, you will be able to obtain a truly satisfying result. Happy reading and good luck!

Preliminary information

Before going ahead and explaining how to remanufacture printer cartridges, let me give you a little more information on the advantages and disadvantages you may face.

Without a doubt, regenerating an exhausted cartridge is a plus economic compared to the purchase of a new print consumable: in fact, recharging is carried out with the aid of a special one refill kitwhich can be purchased in the most well-stocked shops dedicated to office items, or online, at very reasonable prices.

To “replenish” the cartridge reservoirs with color, however, some are required precision and a decent one dexterity, as any loss or dripping of color could significantly compromise the result during printing. Moreover, it is good to buy good quality refill kits, in order to avoid finding oneself, when things are done, with prints that are anything but presentable.

Finally, remember that exhausted cartridges cannot be refilled an infinite number of times: continued use, in fact, causes the progressive exhaustion of the print head. As a guideline, each cartridge should be regenerated at most four times, and then be replaced with a new consumable, but this number may decrease based on the printing activity you usually perform. In any case, avoid remanufacturing cartridges that have been inactive and / or empty for more than 14 daysas they may no longer be able to absorb ink.

So, to sum it all up, refilled cartridges have the advantage of being very cheap but, on the other hand, they could produce lower quality prints than those obtainable, instead, with the original cartridges: keep this aspect in mind even before do anything!

Required material

How to regenerate cartridges

To refill the cartridges of a printer, you need to get all the necessary materials in advance, also providing an optimal workspace for the purpose. In this regard, I advise you to act on a flat space covered with a material that is not affected by the ink permanently: waterproof disposable plastic sheeting, aluminum foil or food film are just a few examples.

Also make sure you have a couple of on hand disposable gloves, so as to protect the skin from any ink stains; some sheets of blotting paper, through which to absorb the ink that could run; some toothpick, which may help you identify the exact color tank; of the Scotch tapeby which to eventually cover the charging holes, and obviously the old spent cartridges.

Clearly, you need to have a dedicated one refill kit compatible with your printer that contains everything you need to bring the spent cartridges back to life: the ink bottles (usually four: black, yellow, magenta and cyan), one or more syringes and a series of spikes to “inject” the color into the appropriate tank. Refill kits can be purchased at most stocked office supplies stores, or online.


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How to regenerate printer cartridges

How to regenerate cartridges

Once you have purchased the kit that best suits your printer and collected all the necessary materials, you can finally take action and start remanufacturing your printer cartridge.

To begin with, adequately protect the work surface, take the cartridge to be regenerated and lift thestickers located at the top of the latter: you should now see a filling hole, that is, the one in which you will have to inject the ink. Some consumables have multiple holes, but only one leads to the ink tank – you can recognize it by the presence of a small sponge.

In some cartridges the holes may not be “open”: in these cases you have to uncover them manually, piercing the hollows under the label with a sharp pencil, a screwdriver or other pointed tool. I advise you to proceed with extreme caution, looking for information on what to do on Google or in the manual of the refill kit: just one mistake is enough and the cartridge will become unusable!

Now, proceed with refilling the tank of the black: after putting on the gloves, take the right amount of ink from the kit bottle, using the syringe and needle provided, then inject them slowly into the cartridge through the filling hole previously discovered, so as to soak the internal sponges in a satisfactory way and avoid the formation of air bubbles.

Pay close attention to do not spill the ink injected into the cartridge and stop as soon as you see that the liquid is about to reach the brim; before removing the syringe, release the accumulated air by “sucking” some ink from the tank and, once this operation is complete, remove it from the hole.

After refilling the cartridge, use a piece of Scotch tape to cover the hole again e pat gently (without rubbing it) la printing head (the one with the metal contacts) on a folded sheet of absorbent paper, until you see a line of ink come out.

Now, repeat the same operations for the color cartridge. This time, however, you will have to regenerate it by filling three different tanks with the most appropriate ink: magenta, yellow and cyan. Pay close attention to do not contaminate the colors and uses different needles for each of them.

In order to avoid errors, I recommend that you check the correctness of the color contained in the tank by gently inserting the tip of a toothpick into the relative refill hole. When finished, cover the refill holes with transparent adhesive tape and check that the print head is actually able to emit all three colors, carefully dabbing it on the absorbent paper.

Using the steps I just proposed you should be able to remanufacture HP cartridges, remanufacture Epson cartridges, remanufacture Canon cartridges and also refill consumables belonging to other manufacturers.

When the result is satisfactory, reinsert the cartridges into the printer: if you do not know how to do it, you can search Google for the instructions (by typing, for example, the words replace cartridges [marca e modello stampante]), or check out my tutorials on how to change Epson printer cartridges, how to change HP printer cartridges and how to change Canon Pixma printer cartridges.

Bypass the print block

How to regenerate cartridges

Once the remanufactured cartridge has been installed, the printer will most likely warn you of the presence of a non-original consumableone cartridge low or, in the worst case, a consumable not compatible.

This mechanism, commonly referred to as print block, can be bypassed in several ways: by disabling the print monitor, by updating the printer firmware or by resetting the cartridge chip using a suitable hardware device. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I refer you to reading my guide on how to bypass the print block with remanufactured cartridges.

Finally, before starting to use the new cartridge, I advise you to clean the print heads, in order to eliminate any residues of the previous operations: if you do not know how to do it, take a look at the specific tutorial I have dedicated to topic.

How to regenerate toner

How to regenerate toner

The steps for regenerate the toner of the printers do not differ much from those seen above: also in this case, it is necessary to buy a new ink refill at specialized stores, or on Amazon, and then pour it into the consumable.


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Of course, it is imperative to purchase ink compatible with your printer to avoid disastrous printing results. Before proceeding with the new refill, it is necessary empty the remaining ink dust in the toner and dispose of it properly to avoid environmental damage.

Generally, to regenerate a toner, you need to remove the plastic cap placed on the side of the cartridge, levering with an object suitable for the purpose and, after having emptied the tank of the old ink, refill it with the new one.

However, some toners do not have a slot that makes the tank immediately accessible: in such cases, it is necessary to manually puncture the consumable and pour the new ink into it, through the hole created (which must subsequently be sealed with tape adhesive).

Finally, in some cases, it is essential to proceed with the restoration / replacement of the print chip, in order to prevent the printer from “rejecting” the newly refilled toner, making it unusable. To find out more, feel free to consult my tutorial on how to regenerate a toner, in which I have treated the subject in great detail.