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How to reflect an image

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How to reflect an image: Do you like the reflection effect seen in the promotional images of so many famous tech products? Have you ever thought of applying it to your photos to make them more professional and particular? You don’t have to be a graphics expert to do it, just use ReflectionMaker.

ReflectionMaker is a completely free online service that allows you to apply beautiful reflections to images without any effort. Just select the photo you want to apply the reflection to and click a button to get almost perfect results. there how to mirror an image using it.

All you need to do to find out how to mirror an image is to connect to the ReflectionMaker website and click on the button Browse (or Choose file) located on the right to select the photo to which to apply the reflection effect. You can select images up to 200KB large, JPG, PNG and all major graphic file formats are supported.

Then set the height of the reflection you want to add to your image by moving the bar indicator reflectionsize (50 is the default and is fine in most cases), and click the button generated located in the center of the page to apply the reflection effect to the selected photo. This should take a few seconds (it depends on the size of the image and the speed of the connection you are using).

At the end of the procedure, the photo with reflection effect will be displayed in the center of the page and you can download it to your PC. Then select it with the right mouse button and click on the item Save image as from the menu that appears. If you are asked to confirm the download, click the button Save and the reflection photo will be downloaded to your computer.

You can also choose to use a color other than white as the background of the reflection by clicking on the white square located below the item backgroundcolorand apply the reflection effect to a photo already on the Internet, by typing its address in the field imageurl. So, saw that reflect an image Isn’t this an operation for graphics experts only?