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How to refill HP cartridges

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How to refill HP cartridges: You own one HP printer that you frequently use to print photos and documents of various kinds? Is the volume of documents you print so high that you often find yourself having to replace cartridges? If so, why not try to save some money by refilling the cartridges you already have in your home (or office), rather than buying new ones? I guarantee you that there is nothing complicated in carrying out this operation.

In the next paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to refill HP cartridges using special refill kits and following very simple instructions: I am sure that, by putting them into practice, you will be able to refill the cartridges of your printer and thus you can save on the costs (not really content) that you sustain every time you need to buy them of new ones.

If I have intrigued you and if at this point you are wondering what you need to do in order to refill the cartridges of an HP printer, I can only suggest you take a few minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the following lines. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, good work!

Preliminary operations

Before we go into the heart of this guide and see what needs to be done to refill the cartridges of an HP printer, you need to do a few preliminary operations: Check the ink levels of the cartridges and purchase a refill kit. Find everything explained in detail below.

Check the ink level of the cartridges

The first thing I recommend you do is check the ink level of the cartridges, so as to know with relative certainty if the time has actually come to reload them or not. Here’s how to proceed.

  • On Windows – start the application dedicated to the management of your printer (it should have the same name as the latter) and check the ink levels of the cartridges installed in the printer, by pressing the button Estimated levels which should be positioned at the top right. Wait, then, for the program to connect to the printer and take a look at the information regarding the loading of the cartridges. I suggest you also see the consumable model (eg. 302XL), as you will need this information to purchase the compatible refill kit.
  • On macOS – go to System Preferences clicking on the gray icon with gears present in the bar Dockclick on the item Printers and Scannersselect the printer of your interest from the left bar and presses the button Options and supplies …. Now, click on the tab Levels and supplies and check the charge status of the cartridges. Alternatively, click on the tab Generalpresses the button Open printer web page … and click the button Estimated ink levels present in the Safari window that will open. Remember to take note of the consumable model (ex. 302XL) installed in the device, since this information could be useful when purchasing the recharging kit.

Purchase a refill kit

Once you have ascertained that you need to refill the ink cartridges, you need to proceed to buy a refill kit, making sure to take compatible ink bottles for your cartridges. You can find them in specialized stores, at prices between 10 and 25 eurosor on online stores, such as Amazon.

Before purchasing the refill kit for HP cartridges, make sure that the syringe needed to refill the cartridges, plus i ink bottleswhich are generally four: one blackone yellowone magenta is one cyan.

I also suggest that you buy only and exclusively refill kits with inks recommended for the cartridge model of your printer. Otherwise you would risk affecting the correct functioning of the cartridges and / or you would find yourself having to deal with annoying printing problems.

Refill the HP cartridges

Before explaining to you, step by step, what needs to be done for refill the HP cartridges, there are a couple of things that you must necessarily take into account in carrying out this operation. First, avoid refilling a cartridge for more than four times, as in this case you risk getting bad printing results. Secondly, avoid refilling HP cartridges that are left over inactive and out of ink for more than 14 daysas their color absorption capacity may have been irremediably compromised.

Once you have purchased the kit, you must remove the cartridge from the printer you want to reload: open the external doorpulling it slightly towards you, and repeat the same operation with the cartridge access door present inside (on some printer models, however, it is necessary lift the top of the same by gently taking the side edge and pulling it upwards).

Now, rest the cartridge that you extracted on a flat surface, having the foresight to put a sheet of newspaper under it, in order to avoid dirtying everything, and lift thestickers present in the upper part of the latter. Then identify the presence of some holes: these are the slots where you will have to inject the ink.

If you have a single cartridge for all colors (except black), know that in the hole in the upper part of the same you must inject the yellowin the one on the left the magenta and in the one on the right the cyan. For the cartridge Black and for cartridges intended for single colors, however, you have to inject the ink to refill in the only hole available.

Note: not all HP cartridges are the same, and some have no holes. In this case, it is necessary to make the holes manually, using a screwdriver or a pair of scissors, going to pierce the recesses that are visible after removing the label. In carrying out this operation, however, be very careful not to damage the cartridge and, above all, not to injure yourself.

After identifying the holes to inject the refills, proceed to wear a pair of disposable glovesto avoid getting your hands dirty, take some ink from the kit bottles using the syringe supplied and inject it into the cartridge, inserting the needle into the hole on the cartridge.

Screenshot showing how to refill HP cartridges

I recommend: try to be careful not to inject more ink than necessary and not to let the ink come out of the cartridge, taking care to stop as soon as the liquid is about to reach the edge.

Considering that I cannot accurately know the HP printer model in your possession and, consequently, the type of cartridge in use, I suggest you do a quick search on Google (or any other search engine) to find out the exact amount of ink to inject. Maybe you could search for terms like “ink quantity refills HP cartridges [nome modello delle cartucce]“Where instead of model name of your cartridges you have to type the name of the cartridges you use, for example HP 301.

When refilling the cartridges, do not use the same needle of the syringe for different colors. Doing so, in fact, could irreparably alter the printing colors. Also, take care of inject the ink slowly in such a way as to allow the spikes inside the cartridge to absorb the liquid correctly.

Once you have completed the process of refilling your HP printer cartridges, proceed by going to cover with del Scotch tape the holes in which you injected the ink e leave the cartridges to rest for about 5 hours: doing this is very important because, in this way, the ink is absorbed properly.

Subsequently, reinstall the cartridges in the printer and presses the power button of the latter to verify that the cartridges are recognized and can be used. Note that in most cases where the refill process of an HP printer is performed, the cartridges are recognized by the printer as compatible or low on ink.

After reinstalling the cartridges in the printer, do a test print to verify that everything is going to be correct and that the cartridges are working correctly.

If any passage of this guide is not clear to you, try to search on Youtube of the videos showing the procedure by which to refill the cartridges of HP printers: there are many, even in Italian. Just take a look at it to get a clearer idea of ​​what to do right away.