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How to recover Libero’s email

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How to recover Libero’s email: Do you have an e-mail address with Libero but are unable to access your account because you no longer remember the password associated with it or, even worse, the relative account? Well, then I would say that, luckily for you, you have landed on the right guide, at the right time. In fact, if you allow me a few minutes of your precious time, I can explain how to retrieve Libero’s email .

Contrary to what you may think, I already anticipate that this is not a particularly complex operation and that it can be carried out without the slightest problem on the part of anyone, even those who, a bit like you, do not consider themselves properly. a great expert on the Internet and new technologies in general.

How do you say? Did you come across this tutorial not for the reasons mentioned above but because you were interested in finding out if there is a way to recover the emails you have deleted by mistake from your Libero email address? Don’t worry, I’ve already thought about that too. In the final part of the post, in fact, you will find a passage dedicated precisely to the question. Now, however, just chat and let’s get to work. I wish you, as usual, happy reading and I wish you good luck for everything. Are you ready?


How to recover Libero email password

Do you no longer remember the password to access your e-mail account and are you therefore interested in understanding how to recover Libero’s e-mail in this case? So, to begin with, open the browser you usually use to surf the net from your computer or smartphone or tablet and connect to the web page of the Libero website dedicated to password recovery.

Then, type your e-mail address in the Enter your email field , check the box I am not a robot at the bottom and perform the required actions (e.g. select the images that depict certain elements), then click on the Continue button .

At this point, depending on the type of recovery method you selected when registering your account, you can choose to recover the password via a secondary email , via SMS , with a secret question and so on, in order to receive instructions for resetting the secret word.

For example, if you want to recover your password using an alternative email address, choose the option Receive instructions from the secondary email address [email address] and press the Continue button , in order to receive the message containing the instructions necessary to recover your account.

Then check that you have received the message with the instructions for recovering the password at the secondary email address (if you cannot find it, also look in the spam). It is easily recognizable as the object should be instructions for changing password . Then open the message in question and select the link contained within it.

On the Web page that will be shown to you, type the new password you want to associate with your Libero e-mail account in the New password and Confirm new password fields and press the Continue button at the bottom. After doing this, you will see an on-screen warning indicating that the procedure was successful and you will finally be able to access your email again using the new secret word just set.

Is the data you associated with your Libero email address for password recovery out of date or, even worse, never provided it? In this case, you can proceed as follows: after logging in to the dedicated webpage for resetting the password and after providing your email address, select the option  Can’t recover your password? Click here .

Then, check the box Prove that you are the account holder , click on the Continue button and fill out the form that is proposed to you providing the data relating to your person, namely: name, surname, secondary email and mobile number.

Then use the drop-down menu Identity document  to indicate the type of document you intend to use to prove your identity, in fact, and press the Choose file buttons at the bottom to upload the double-sided scan of the same. Then check the box under the heading Criminal liability assumptions and click on the Continue button .

Once this is done, when the Libero team has verified your identity, they will send you via email or SMS (using the data you provided with the form) the necessary instructions to proceed with resetting your password. If you think you need more details on what to do, you can consult my specific guide on how to recover Libero password.

How to retrieve the Libero email address

Free email address retrieval from Chrome

If you no longer remember your e-mail address , I’m sorry to tell you, but recovering Libero’s e-mail address in this circumstance is practically impossible. Libero, in fact, does not allow the recovery of one’s e-mail address starting from other data.

The only thing you can do, in this case, is to try to trace the credentials of your email address from the data saved in the browser on the PC  (if you usually do this), as I explained to you in my guide on how to recover the passwords saved on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. If you use an Apple-branded computer and browse online with Safari, check out my tutorial on how to see passwords saved on Mac.

From smartphones and tablets , however, the procedure to follow is the one you find indicated in my posts on how to see the passwords saved on Android and how to see the passwords saved on the iPhone (the tutorial, at the expense of the name, is also valid for iPad) .

How to recover deleted Libero mail

Are you interested in understanding how to recover Libero email that you have deleted ? You can do this too! To find out how to do it, continue reading, you will find everything explained in detail below. I already anticipate that you can act both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet .

From computer

Free email basket

If you want to retrieve one or more emails that you have deleted by mistake from your Libero account and if you have a computer available, first of all access the relevant Web interface , opening the browser you generally use to surf the Net and going to the home page. Libero Mail page . Then click on the Enter button and provide the necessary data to log in, typing them in the dedicated fields.

Once logged in, click on the Mail menu located at the top and select the Trash item in the left sidebar. Identify, therefore, the email you intend to retrieve among those listed (if necessary, you can help yourself with the search bar at the top left, by typing in the keywords useful for the purpose) and click on its subject , so such as to open it.

In the new page that will be shown to you, press on the Other menu at the top, choose the Move option and press the Move button , to move the message in question to the Inbox section (or choose a different folder ) of the box.

If you need to retrieve more than an email from the trash, instead, do this: select the box next to the name of the relevant sender in the list of emails in the trash, click on the Other menu at the top, choose the item Move from the box that opens and press the Move button to, in fact, move all messages to the inbox. If you want to select a different folder , click on its name from the appropriate menu before proceeding with the move.

Don’t you use Libero via the web interface but via a computer client ? This is also feasible in this case: you have to open the program in question, select your free e-mail account, go to the Trash section , locate the message or  messages to be recovered, select them and click on the menu or button to move them to the mail incoming (or in another folder ). For more information, you can read my post on how to recover deleted emails from Libero.

And if the emails you want to recover are not present in the Recycle Bin and if you manage Libero’s mail using a computer program, you can try to recover them using data recovery software . To find out what these programs are and how to use them, read my tutorial focused specifically on how to recover deleted emails.

From smartphones and tablets

Email Trash Free Android

Do you want to recover deleted emails on Libero from your smartphone or tablet ? I’ll explain immediately how to proceed. If you use the official app available for Android and iOS , start the latter on your device, log in to your Libero account, press the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top left and select the Trash item from the menu that appears .

In the new screen displayed, locate the email of your interest (if you want, you can help yourself in the search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass at the top and typing in the reference keywords), press the button with the folder and the down arrow at the top and select the Inbox item from the menu that appears to, in fact, move the message to the inbox, or choose a different folder .

If you need to retrieve more than one e -mail message, instead, proceed as follows: go to the Trash section of the app by selecting the relevant item in the side menu, which you can access by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines at the top left . Then, press and hold for a few moments on the first message you want to retrieve in order to select it, then tap on the other messages of your interest as well.

Finally, tap on the button with the folder and the down arrow at the top and select, from the box that you see appear, the folder of your mailbox where you want to move the messages. Done!

Do you manage Libero mail with a different app and would you like to understand how to recover deleted messages in this case? The procedure to follow is good or bad the same: start the reference application on your device, select your email account , go to the Trash section , select the message or messages to be recovered and tap the button to move them to the inbox or in another folder . For further information, see my post on how to recover deleted emails from Libero.

In case of doubts or problems

Free Assistance

Did you follow the instructions on how to retrieve Libero’s e-mail that I gave you in the previous lines, but you have not yet succeeded in your intent or has some hitch arisen in the course of work? Under the circumstances, the best suggestion I can offer you, to try to deal with this, is to visit the section of the free Internal site dedicated to assistance .

So, after connecting to the relevant home page , select the service for which you need help (eg Libero Mail ) and, in the new page displayed, click on the topic of your interest among those available, then click on the corresponding link to your doubt or your problem. Alternatively, you can search by keyword, typing the reference in the appropriate field at the top and then selecting the relevant suggestion.

If you can’t solve it in this way either, you can consider putting yourself in direct contact with Libero’s staff. You can do this by phone , by filling out a special online form or by sending an e-mail message , as I explained to you in detail in my guide on the subject.