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How to recover Facebook password from mobile

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How to recover Facebook password from mobile: You have mistakenly logged out of Facebook on your mobile phone and now you can’t remember the password needed to access your account again? Don’t despair! You can easily solve the problem by recovering the data from your own device or by following the password recovery procedure provided by the famous social network.

If you give me a few moments of your precious time, I can illustrate you myself how to recover Facebook password from mobile going to “dig” among the data possibly stored in Android or iOS or, if this is not enough, resetting the access data to the famous social network.

Then? How about putting the chatter aside and starting to get busy? Come on: position yourself comfortably, take a few free minutes just for you and immediately start concentrating on reading what is reported below. I sincerely hope that, in the end, you can reach your goal quickly. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How to recover Facebook password from mobile without changing it

You are interested in understanding how to recover Facebook password from mobile phone without changing it? So let’s see immediately how to proceed by acting on it Android that gives iPhone.

In essence, it is a question of trying to trace the access credentials that may be saved in the browsers or apps on the smartphone: it is not always possible but, as they say, trying does not hurt!


If you have a smartphone Android (or a tablet, the procedure to follow is always the same), to try to recover Facebook password from mobile you can contact the password manager integrated into the system. This is the function that is enabled on Android when you connect your smartphone to a Google account and which allows you to store (and view) login data for websites and applications in a cloud-based safe.

To take advantage of it, take your device, unlock it, go to the home screen or drawer and tap the icon of Settings (the one in the shape of gear wheel). In the new screen that you see at this point, tap on the item Google and then on the button Manage your Google Account.

Then select the tab Safety, tap on the item Password manager annexed to the section How to access other sites and you will be shown the complete list of Internet sites and apps for which you have chosen to save the login data.

Therefore, identify the credentials related to Facebook (if available) and tap on it. Eventually, you can help you in the search through the special bar located in the center.

Next, unlock access to the data via the code to protect your device, theFingerprint or in any case the recognition system set on Android and tap on theeye placed in correspondence with the password field, in order to be able to view it in clear text.


ICloud Keychain

To succeed in your intent on iPhone, you can instead take advantage of the ICloud Keychain. It is a system available on iOS (as well as on iPadOS and macOS), connected to the iCloud account, which allows you to save – and therefore also to recover – the passwords typed in Safari and in the apps in use.

To use it, take your iPhone (or your iPad, the procedure to follow is practically the same), unlock it, access the home screen and press the icon of Settings (the one in the shape of gear wheel). In the screen that is subsequently shown to you, tap on the item Password and account (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up Settings> Password), then on that App and website passwords and unlock password access using Face ID, Touch ID or unlock code of the device.

In the screen that will be shown to you at this point, you will be able to view the complete list of sites and apps for which you have chosen to store the login data on the device.

So, identify Facebook (if present), tap his icon (the one with the blue background and the white “f”) and you will be able to view the relative access key in clear text. Eventually, you can help you find the social network by using the search bar at the top.

How to recover Facebook password from mobile by resetting it

Facebook password recovery from app

Putting into practice the information I gave you in the previous lines, you were unable to trace your credentials to access Facebook. Then you just have to reset your password of your account, in order to log in to your account again. I’ll explain immediately how to proceed.

To begin with, take your device, unlock it, access the home screen or, only in the specific case of Android, the drawer and select thefacebook app icon (the one with the blue background and the white “f”). On the social network login screen that is now shown to you, tap on the item Forgot password? which is located at the bottom.

Next, find the your account from the list that is proposed to you. If your account is not mentioned, to find it, tap on the link I’m not on the list at the bottom and type your first and last name or theemail address associated with your profile in the field provided. Next, select the suggestion most relevant.

As an alternative to what I have just indicated, you can type the telephone number that you may have decided to associate with your account in the search field visible at the top of the screen with the list of suggested profiles. Only on iOS, in the same field you can directly enter theemail address.

Once you have selected the correct account, click on the button Keep it going and type the security code that was sent to you by email or by SMS, depending on the data associated with your account and the options offered to you.

Then, tap the button again Keep it going and decide if stay connected on other devices that may be connected to your account or if disconnect them, selecting the option you prefer and pressing the button once again Keep it going.

Then complete the password reset procedure by typing the new access key you intend to use for your account and pressing the button Keep it going. Finally, if everything went well, you will finally find yourself in front of the Facebook home and you can then start using your account again.

If your problem is that you can’t recover your Facebook password from your mobile phone because in addition to not remembering it, you don’t even remember the email address associated with the account, you can refer to the instructions I gave you in my dedicated guide in a specific way to the topic.

If, on the other hand, you are having difficulties because for one reason or another you are no longer able to trace the credentials necessary to access the email account associated with Facebook, you can refer to this other guide of mine to try to fix it.