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How to recover deleted photos from the gallery

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How to recover deleted photos from the gallery: You are trying to install an application, but you are unable to because you receive a warning that there is no more free space in the memory of your device. You try to take a photograph or shoot a video with your smartphone’s camera but, even in this case, a memory full warning message prevents you from doing so. So you decided to clean up and you noticed that the gallery is full of photos. Bad luck, however, meant that, by way of distraction, I accidentally deleted some photos you care about.

Now you are a bit panicky because you don’t know if you have a backup service active or if you can somehow remedy your mistake. In this case I must then tell you that you can feel comfortable and that there is probably a good chance that you will find a happy ending in this story. In fact, if the part of memory where the images were allocated has not yet been overwritten, you may have a good chance of restoring your photos.

You could be even luckier and find that a backup service is active on your device, through which you can restore your multimedia contents. So if you want find out how to recover deleted photos from gallery, you just have to take a few minutes of your time and follow the advice that I will show you step by step. Then shake off your anxieties and focus on what you will read in the next few paragraphs. I wish you a good read!


How to recover deleted photos from the recycle bin

When everything seems to be lost, the solution is often simpler than you can imagine. When you delete a photograph on a device with an operating system iOS, this is not immediately deleted, but is moved to a recycle bin, i.e. a folder where the images remain in storage for a predefined period of time, before being definitively deleted from memory.

To check if the photo is still in memory, start the application Photo, whose icon you can find it in Homescreen of your device. Then tap on the icon Album that you find in the bar at the bottom and then scroll through the albums you see on the screen, taking care to select the one named Get rid of recent.

All the photos that you have mistakenly deleted on your iOS device will therefore be present in this album and can be restored at any time, provided that no more than 40 days have passed since you mistakenly deleted them.

Then tap on the preview of the photo you want to recover and then tap on the item Recover that you find at the bottom right, so as to restore the media file. You can also tap on the voice Select top right, to select multiple photographs; after selecting them, tap the button Recover bottom right.

On devices Android, the matter is a little different because it depends on the app you are using to manage the gallery of your photos. If you use the application Google Photos, which I also recommend using for its backup functionality free and unlimited in the cloud of your multimedia files, you can also check in this case if the photos are in the virtual recycle bin.

To do this, tap on the app icon Photo that you should find in the Homescreen of your device. Once the application has started, tap on theicon that you find at the top left. Then select the item Trash can and press your finger for a few seconds on the preview of the photo to be restored. If necessary, also select other photos to be recovered, if necessary, and then tap the button Restore that you find at the bottom right.

The photos in Trash can they remain available for their recovery for 60 days from their elimination. After this term, they are permanently deleted from the device memory.

There are also other applications, especially those pre-installed on various Android devices, which manage the multimedia gallery. Some of these, but not all of them, have the same functionality as the one I told you about in the previous lines. Just to give you an example, on a device Huawei in my possession, the multimedia files remain in the recycle bin for 30 days, only to be definitively deleted.

How to recover deleted photos from gallery via online backup

Another solution you can try is to check if your device has automatic backup of the multimedia files present in the memory.

Some services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos and many others, when you download their app they also give you the possibility to activate the automatic backup service of the multimedia files in your gallery. In the next few lines I will then tell you about some cloud services for backing up photos that you may have active on your device in order to easily recover your photos.

Google Photos and Google Drive

These two applications are often present on Android devices. While Google Drive is a limited cloud space, where to store any file, Google Photos instead, it is an application that allows you to store your photos in an unlimited way.

However, these are not kept with the same resolution with which they were taken, but are somewhat reduced, still trying to maintain high quality.

Precisely for this reason I recommend you download the application Google Photos even on your iOS device, so as not to have limitations on the online storage space imposed by iCloud.

To verify that the backup on Google Photos is active, start the application and tap on theicon that you find at the top left. Then tap on the voice Settings and then on Backup and synchronization. Then turn on the voice Backup and synchronization, moving the lever from left to right; then choose the Google account on which to store the multimedia files and then select the item Loading dimensions. Then select high quality, to take advantage of the free backup, or select Original, to use your account space.

You can view all the photos in the cloud both from the application and from the Web panel that can be consulted there link.

Through simultaneous use with Google Drive, you can make sure to move a copy of all the photos in Google Photos to a folder in your virtual space in Google Drive. This folder, called Google Photos, will be present within the main folder My Drive. You can view its content through the app or from the web panel accessible to it link.


Devices with iOS operating system have, as a backup service, the one offered by Apple, iCloud. This service is very similar to Google Drive, in fact you have limited space to store your files. When it is finished, you can decide to empty it or buy a subscription to expand it.

Then reach the official website iCloud and log in with your credentials. After logging in, click on the icon Photo and wait for the media library to load. Then click on the entry Recently deleted that you find in the left sidebar.

In this folder you will find all the photos that you have mistakenly deleted, considering however that you will not be able to recover those that have exceeded the stock of 40 days. When this deadline is exceeded, the photos are deleted.

Then select the thumbnail of the photo to be recovered, then click on the wording Recover which you can find at the top right.

Other online backup services to recover deleted photos from gallery

There are also other online backup services that can help you keep copies of your media files, so you don’t have to accidentally delete your media files. Below I will show you some online services, with an attached application, that you may already have active on your device and therefore easily recover your files.

  • Dropbox (Android/iOS) – It is a service that offers a virtual space for storing your files. Through the mobile application, you can also backup your multimedia files with the possibility to restore them at any time. You can view and recover photos through the application or through the official website.
  • OneDrive (Android/iOS) – The virtual space service created by Microsoft allows, through the dedicated app, to backup the photos in the memory of your device. In fact, a folder will be generated with all the photos in the memory of your phone, which can be consulted both from the app itself and from official website.
  • Mega (Android/iOS) – It may be a little-known service, but it offers a virtual space to keep a backup of your files online. Through its application, you can automatically upload the multimedia files present in the gallery of the device. You can then view if the deleted photos are in the backup, through the app or via the official website.

Applications to recover photos deleted from the gallery

If, on the other hand, the photos that you have deleted are not present in the virtual recycle bin or in the online backup, then you can try using the apps that I will indicate below, which will help you scan the memory partitions of your device and verify that there is there is still a trace for recovery.

However, if the memory partition has already been overwritten, the chances of recovery are very minimal. I will also indicate an app that you can use to create a virtual trash can, in case you do not use any of the apps that I mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

  • DiskDigger (Android) – It is an application Free which, thanks to root permissions, allows you to recover photos deleted by mistake. If your Android device does not have root permissions, you can still use this app by performing a superficial scan, which could help you find the photos you have lost.
  • Undeleter Recover Files & Data (Android) – This application Free it is similar to the one I indicated in the previous lines and allows you to recover deleted photos. This application also requires root permissions, but not mandatory.
  • Dumpster (Android) – It is an application Free which allows you to prevent problems caused by incorrect deletion of photos from your device. If you don’t use an app that already has a virtual trash can function, such as Google Photos, then Dumpster can help you. In fact, the app creates a copy of the photos that can be restored in case they are deleted by mistake.