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How to recover deleted Instagram posts

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How to recover deleted Instagram posts: It all happened within a few moments: your child took your smartphone that was left unattended and, tapping here and there, inadvertently deleted a post that you posted on Instagram. It was a collection of photos that you had carefully edited, applying various filters and corrections, and which you had then kept only in the original version in the Gallery of your smartphone.

You could do it all over again, but you don’t feel like it or the time, so you want to know if there is a way to restore the deleted post. Do not worry: if this is the case, I inform you that you have found the tutorial that is right for you! In fact, you must know that the deleted posts on Instagram (as well as other content published on the platform, which I will talk about later) can be restored within a certain time limit, and everything is feasible in a handful of taps.

So if you want to know how to recover deleted posts on instagram, take a few minutes of free time, read the next lines carefully and try to put my instructions into practice. I wish you a good read and I wish you good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Let’s start with the most important information: what is the time limit to recover posts that have been deleted on Instagram? I’ll answer you immediately: when you delete a post on the famous Meta social network, it is automatically inserted in a sort of virtual basket (the section Recently deleted) from which it can be restored within 30 days (regardless of whether it consists of one or more photos, or videos).

For this reason, all posts that have been deleted for more than 30 days are unfortunately no longer recoverable. Within the same time frame it is possible to recover too Reels and videos of IGTV; the same goes for the stories, provided, however, that the latter have been saved in the section Archive (otherwise they will be recoverable only within 24 hours; more info here).

Before explaining yourself in detail how to recover deleted posts on instagramI would like to point out that it is possible to carry out this operation only fromapp of the social network for smartphones (available on devices Androidincluding those without access to Google services, and on iPhone). It is not possible, at least at the moment, to proceed from official site or from its application available on Windows.

How to recover deleted Instagram posts

Recover deleted posts from Instagram app

The first step you need to take for restore a deleted post on Instagram is to open thesocial network app on your smartphone. Once this is done, click on the icon of yours profile picture located at the bottom right and then proceed by tapping the ☰ button you see at the top right. Then select the wording Settings from the menu that is shown to you and then press on the item Account.

At this point, scroll through the list of items you find in this last screen and tap on the wording Recently deleted. In this section (by pressing the icon of 9 boxes located at the top) you can see all the posts that have been deleted in the last 30 days. To restore one, tap his previewthen press the ⁝ button located at the top right and select the item Reset placed at the bottom, to then give confirmation.

Returning to your profile page you will be able to see the post restored again in it (if you do not find it immediately, swipe from top to bottom to update it). It wasn’t difficult, was it?

How do you say? The post was not deleted from your profile but from the section Archive and would you like to restore it on your personal page? No problem: press again on yours profile picture located at the bottom right, on the home screen of the app, and go to ☰> Archivethen tap on voiceat the top, and from here press on the wording Post archive. At this point, press onpreview of the post you want to restore and then go to ⁝> Show in profile.

After seeing how to recover deleted posts from instagram you want me to explain too how to restore a deleted story from instagram? If so, go back to the section Recently deleted mentioned in the previous paragraphs and, in the latter, press the icon of circle at the top right.

Then select thepreview of the story you want to recover, press the button ⁝ Other placed at the bottom and, finally, tap on the item Reset twice in a row. For more details on these procedures, check out my guide on how to recover deleted Instagram photos.

How to recover deleted comments on Instagram

Recover deleted comments from Instagram app

What you are interested in recovering is a comment you posted on Instagram and not a post intended as a photo or video? No problem. If you want to know how to recover deleted comments on instagram, I will immediately show it to you. Keep in mind, however, that even in this case this is only possible from theInstagram mobile app and only for a very short period of time (ie in the ten seconds following the deletion of the comment, in order to cancel the operation on the spot).

All you have to do, therefore, to restore a deleted comment under an Instagram post (regardless of whether it is a comment made in person or received) is to press on the item Cancel at the bottom, as soon as the comment has been deleted.

That’s all! At the time of writing this is the only way to restore deleted comments on the social network in question. I also inform you that by repeating the step I just showed you you can also cancel the deletion of the comments made on Reels.