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How to record Skype video calls

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How to record Skype video calls: For business reasons, you need to make a video call on Skype and record its content and then submit it for the attention of colleagues and superiors. You are almost ready to start, your lack of familiarity with computer means, however, does not allow you to find a solution capable of fulfilling the task that has been entrusted to you. Is that so? Well, then don’t panic and try to follow the tips I’m about to give you.

If you dedicate a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to record Skype video calls with tools that are easy to use on both Windows PC and Mac. Which ones? Well, there are many solutions that you can consider: some allow you to record audio and video of Skype calls and then save them locally or on the cloud, others allow you to make video calls while offering the ability to record them automatically.

Interesting, right? So come on, make yourself comfortable, choose the solution that seems to you best suited to your needs and use it following the instructions I am about to give you. You will be surprised at how simple it is. I have just a small recommendation to make you before starting: if you do not want to violate the privacy of your interlocutor, before starting the recording of the video call notify him of what you are doing.


Skype (Windows/macOS/mobile)

If you are using a recent version of Skype (from 8 upwards), you should know that you can record your calls and video calls without resorting to any third party solution. Skype, in fact, integrates a cloud-based recording system that allows you to record calls and video calls in a very simple way by working both from your computer ( Windows PC or Mac ) and from smartphones and tablets. Recordings are displayed directly on the chat screen and can be viewed, listened to and downloaded for a period of 30 days.

To record Skype video calls using the official client of the service for Windows and macOS, start a conversation with the contact of your interest, then click on the + button located at the bottom right and choose the item Start recording from the menu that opens . Within a few seconds, a message will notify both you and your interlocutor that registration has started. Subsequently, to stop recording, click on the item Stop recording which is located at the top left or click again on the  + button located at the bottom right and select the item  Stop recording from the menu that opens.

The recording, as mentioned, will appear as a video in the chat screen: to play it, simply click on its thumbnail. To download it, instead, click on the ⋮ button located on it and select the Save as item from the menu that appears. In some cases, the recordings do not appear instantly in the Skype chat window, but you have to wait a few minutes and / or you have to restart the software to see them.

Do you use Skype mainly from your smartphone or tablet? No problem, the recording function has also been included in the Skype app for  Android , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile . Its operation is practically identical to what was seen previously for the desktop version of the program: you have to start a video call (or a voice call), press the + button located at the bottom and select the item Start recording from the menu that opens.

Subsequently, to stop recording, tap the + button and select the Stop recording item from the menu that opens. The video will become visible on the chat screen and you can download it to the memory of your device by pressing first on its  thumbnail and then on the icon (…) or on the share icon (the rectangle with the up arrow on iOS or the three dots connected on Android).

Evaer (Windows)

Evaer is one of the first solutions to consider to record Skype video calls . It allows you to record both calls and video calls and also supports the recording of group video calls of up to 10 people. It is available for free with a limit of 5 minutes of recording per video call: to remove the limitations and take advantage of additional features, you need to purchase a standard license for $ 19.95 or a professional license for $ 29.95.

To download Evaer on your PC (it is only available for Windows ), connect to the program website and click on the Download item in the top menu, then press the Download now button and wait for the download to complete. Therefore, start the installation of Evaer by double clicking on the EvaerSetup.exe file , press the OK button to confirm the use of  the Italian language , then click on the Next button twice consecutively, on  Install  and  Finish to complete the setup.

You are now ready to record your video calls! Then start Evaer and, if you see the Ready item , it means that the program is configured to record. If, on the other hand, you see the message Waiting , it means that Skype is not yet started: to solve the problem, start the program and wait for it to communicate with Evaer.

Now, start the video call and, automatically, Evaer will record it. While recording, you can click the Stop button (the red square ) below the video channels to stop recording the called caller or contact. Furthermore, you can press the Pause button  (top) to temporarily stop the recording of all video channels or the Stop button (the white square on a red background ) to end the recording and save it.

On the Evaer main screen, you can view the list of recordings made: select the one you are interested in and press the ▶ ︎ key at the bottom to start playback; presses, instead, on the  X to delete the recording or on the arrow icon inside the folder to open the computer folder that contains the recordings.

Using the icons at the bottom you can set the options regarding audio and video recordings: then click on the headphones icon to choose the audio to be recorded between Both parts , Remote audio only and Local audio only ; presses the camera icon to choose the video mode to use during recording and click on the two arrows icon to set the size of the video to be obtained ( 640 × 360 , 480 × 270 , 1280 × 720 etc.).

Finally, click on the gear wheel icon to access the Evaer Settings and choose the startup settings of the software and recordings. If, for example, you want to make manual recordings, click on the Recording settings tab , put the check mark next to Record calls manually and press the Apply button .

Amolto Call Recorder (Windows)

Among the solutions to consider to record video calls on Skype there is also Amolto Call Recorder , which is compatible only with Windows and is available in a free version that allows you to record ten audio calls per month. To also record video calls (without limits), you need to purchase the Premium version at a cost of $ 29.99 (which is still available in a free 10-day trial version).

To try Amolto Call Recorder, connect to the program website and click on the Download button , then press the  Download Now button under the heading  Amolto Call Recorder  and wait for it to be downloaded. Now, double click on the  AmoltoCallRecorder.msi file  and, in the new open window, click on the  Next button twice consecutively. Then  press the Install and  Yes buttons , wait a few moments and press the  Finish button  to complete the installation.

Before starting a call and its recording, click on the Options item to access the Amolto Call Recorder Settings and select the Recording Rule option to customize the recording rules. If you want audio and video recording to be started when a call is received or started, select the Start audio & video recording  option via the drop-down menu next to Action for incoming Skype call , otherwise leave the Do option nothing to start the recordings manually.

Now, access the  Video for Skype section and set the quality and size of the video to record by choosing from the available options, then click on the Video for Screencast option and repeat the operation.

You are ready to record your video calls! Start the call on Skype, then click on the Start recording button on Amolto Call Recorder and select the Screencast option . To stop recording, click on the Stop recording button . If, on the other hand, you have set up automatic recording, just start or answer the call to record its audio and video. To view the list of recordings, you can click on the Recording History item .

If after the free trial you want to activate the full version of Amolto Call Recorder, click on the Not yet activated item at the top and press the Buy licenses online button .

Then proceed with the purchase of the license (at a cost of $ 29.99), enter the activation key obtained and click on the Activate button to switch to  Amolto Call Recorder Premium .

eCamm (macOS)

eCamm is one of the best solutions to record video calls on Mac. In addition to making audio / video recordings in high quality, it allows you to save the output files on your computer, on cloud services like Evernote and Dropbox and on sites like YouTube and Vimeo . It comes in a 7-day trial version, after which it costs $ 39.95.

If you want to evaluate eCamm, go to the program’s website and click on the Try it free button to download its trial version. Once the download is complete, double-click the file to extract the contents of the package, then open the extracted folder and double-click the  Install Call Recorder Demo icon , then press the Open button and start the installation by clicking on the buttons Install and Accept . Enter the password of your user account on macOS (the one you use to access the system) and click the OK button to complete the setup.

Now, start Skype and eCamm and proceed with the software configuration by setting the video quality of the recording and the type of “shooting” between Local only , Remote only , Split screen , Multi-track and Picture in picture . Then choose whether to start recording automatically, by affixing or removing the check mark from the Record calls automatically option , select the folder in which to save the recordings and, once the configuration is complete, close the window.

When you start or answer a video call, the record button on eCamm will activate: then press the red circle icon to record the video call and click on the square icon to stop recording. To view the list of audio and video recordings, click on the magnifying glass icon and press the ︎︎ ▶ ︎ button to start playback.

After the free trial of eCamm, you can purchase the full version of the program by connecting to the official eCamm website, pressing the Buy button $ 39.95 and choosing a payment method between  credit card  or  PayPal  to complete the purchase.

Callnote (Windows/macOS)

Callnote is a good solution to record audio and video of calls made on Skype. In the free version it allows you to record audio calls only, while by subscribing to a monthly or annual subscription (with a free 14-day trial) it also allows you to record video calls in high quality, save the recordings on your computer and upload them to cloud services such as  DropboxGoogle DriveOneDrive  and many more. It is available for both Windows and macOS.

To download the software on your computer, connect to its  official website and click on the Download button , then press the Download button under the heading Free , enter your data in the  First nameLast name  and  Email fields  and press the  Download button .

Once the download is complete, you can start installing the program. If you have a Windows PC , double-click the  callnote-install- [version] .exe file , press the Run button , set the language using the appropriate drop-down menu and click the OK button, then press the Next button four times and click on Install . Wait for the installation to be completed and press the Finish button to close the window and start Callnote.

If you are using a Mac , on the other hand, double-click on the  callnote-install- [version] .pkg file and, in the new open window, press the Continue button twice . Now, click the Install and Continue Installation buttons and wait for it to complete, then click the Restart button to restart your computer and complete the installation.

Then start Callnote, enter your email in the  Enter your email to activate Callnote field  and press the  Sign in button to activate the free version of the program. To be able to record video calls, you need to subscribe by choosing from the available options.

  • Callnote Premium ($ 9.95 / year) : Allows you to record 30 audio and video calls per month and also allows you to save recordings to Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail and YouTube. Among the additional features, there is the ability to pause recording and automatic transcription of audio.
  • Callnote PRO ($ 39.95 / year) : to record video calls without limitations, with the ability to save files also on OneDrive and Google Drive. It allows you to record in high quality and edit video and audio.

To sign up for a subscription and activate the free 14-day trial , click on the Upgrade item  in Callnote, choose the type of subscription you are interested in and press the Upgrade button again .

Then choose the payment method between credit card and PayPal and enter the data, then click on the Complete payment button (on the Buy button if you have chosen PayPal) to complete the subscription procedure. You must know that by confirming the purchase you will not be charged any costs: the first charge will take place at the end of the free trial.

Now, start Callnote again and click on the Check license item to update the license which will switch from Free to Premium or PRO. To record a video call, click on the Recording options item and put the check mark next to the Record video option , then check that the Skype logo is selected at the top and start the video call. In the Callnote window that appeared at the bottom right, click on the  red circle icon  to start recording and on the  white square  to stop it.

To view the list of recorded calls and video calls, click on the Library item and press the ▶ ︎ button to start playback or the trash can icon to delete it. By clicking, instead, on the Settings option you can set the video quality of the recording and view the path of the folder that contains the recordings, while by pressing the Sharing options item  you can set the automatic saving of the recordings on your Evernote , Dropbox , Facebook , Gmail and YouTube etc.

If at the end of the free trial you do not intend to continue the Callnote subscription, a few days before the expiration you must disable the automatic renewal: to do this, start Callnote, click on the Upgrade item and, in the new open page, follow the instructions shown. For example, if you have chosen to pay with PayPal , log into your account and click on the gear wheel icon at the top right, then click on the Payments items and Manage automatic payments , select the  Kanda Software Inc. option. and presses the Cancel and Cancel automatic payment buttons .

Alternative solutions to record Skype video calls

Many solutions to record video calls on Skype are paid and / or have limitations in their free version. If this does not suit you, you should know that you can succeed in your intent even using the software that allow you to record the computer desktop : they are less professional solutions than those mentioned above, but still ensure good results.

For example, with  Open Broadcaster Software you can record everything that happens on your computer screen, with the ability to create combined recordings between desktop and webcam. In addition, you can set the video quality, choose whether to record audio and many other features, all for free on Windows, macOS and Linux computers. To know more, you can read my guide on how to record video from PC.