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How to receive faxes on PC

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How to receive faxes on PC: Incredible but true. There are still people in the world, not to mention companies, who use fax. And unfortunately you just came across one of them!

What should you do now? Set yourself up as a champion of progress, rant and expect to receive your documents by email, or give up and buy a useless fax machine? I would say not to plant any problems and adopt a solution that will satisfy both sides.

What am I talking about? Of one of those services that allow you to receive faxes on PC: there are now several to choose from, and some of them are even free (albeit with limitations). Use them and you will be able to obtain an Italian fax number – of the city of your choice – through which you can receive your documents directly via email, in the form of a PDF file.


Faxapp is one of the best online fax management services. It is paid, its basic plan costs 3.75 euros / month, but it is possible to try it for free for 10 days without providing a credit card number and without being forced to renew.

To activate the 10-day trial, connect to the Faxapp home page and click on the button Try it 10 days for free you see at the top right. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you providing all the required data (email address, username and password to use to access the service), select a city from the menu Area code to set the prefix of your virtual fax number and click on the button Go on.

At this point, access your e-mail box, click on the confirmation link that was sent to you by Faxapp to validate your identity and you can immediately start receiving faxes via email. The documents will come to you in the form of PDF files, as attachments to email messages. A promotional message is printed at the end of the free faxes.

Messagenet FreeFAX

Messagenet is one of the few companies to offer a service for receive faxes on PC completely free, with no time limits. The service in question is called FreeFAX and, to use them, you need to make a quick online registration in which to provide a valid email address and mobile number.

FreeFAX has a reception limit of 3 faxes per month which however is not valid in the first 90 days of subscription. To remove the limit, you can subscribe to the FaxIn plan which costs 50 euros per year + 15 euros for one-off activation. But now let’s focus on the free offer.

To activate your fax number on Messagenet, connect to the company’s website and click on the button Activate placed under the heading FreeFAX. On the page that opens, choose the prefix you want for your virtual fax number and first click on Activate and then on Sign in.

Then accept the conditions of use of the service, putting the check mark next to the item I accept which is located under the boxes with the privacy policies, and presses the button Continue to fill out the FreeFAX registration form.

Now, provide a valid email address and mobile number, click the button Continue and confirm your identity by clicking on the verification link that came to you via email.

A few more steps and here we are! On the page that opens, enter the code you received via SMS, click on Continue twice in a row and fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the required data: name, surname, etc.

Then press the button Confirmationput the check mark next to the item In accordance with clause 9.6 of the Messagenet service contract, I declare to use the numbering in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Italian Republic and first click on Confirmation and then on Continue to activate your free fax number.

From now on, every time someone sends you a fax to the number provided by Messagenet, you will receive an e-mail message with the document in PDF format attached.


If you need a fax number to use for business purposes, you can also consider proposing Faxatorto be precise the offer F-100 that at the price of 4.90 euros + VAT per month (to which 35 euros for one-off activation must be added, which can be paid for during promotional periods) allows you to receive unlimited faxes via email.

Unfortunately there is no free trial period, it is possible to register for free on the site but only to send faxes. If you remember correctly, I also talked about it in my tutorial on how to send faxes over the Internet.