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How to rearrange iTunes library

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How to rearrange iTunes library: Is your iTunes library full of files with wrong or incomplete names? Would you like to merge the folders with the music you have scattered all over the hard disk and organize the files according to the albums they belong to? I have the distinct feeling that you would do well to read the guide that I am about to offer you.

We are in fact going to see together how to rearrange iTunes library in order to assign the correct title to all the songs imported into the program (or almost) and organize the library in a single folder divided by album. All in a handful of clicks and without making the slightest effort. Come on, try it!

One of the best ways to rearrange iTunes library is to group all the songs that are added to the program in a single folder, cataloging the files according to artist and album they belong to. It sounds like a complicated operation but in reality iTunes does it all, just tell it what to do.

Then start iTunes and select the item Preferences from the menu Edit to access the program preferences. In the window that opens, select the tab Advanced and put the check mark next to the item Copy documents to the iTunes Media folder when they are added to the library to authorize the software to automatically copy files added to the library to its folder and entry Keep the iTunes Media folder organized to make sure that the files inside the iTunes folder are organized into sub-folders and renamed according to album belonging and track number.

Finally click on OK to save the changes but pay attention to the disk space, because by authorizing iTunes to copy all the files added to its library into the folder iTunes Media You risk finding yourself with a bunch of duplicates scattered around your hard drive. If you want some advice, from now on, after adding a file to iTunes, delete it from its original folder (so you will avoid unnecessary duplication).

If you want to know instead how to rearrange iTunes library because you are tired of seeing all those unnamed or strange-named songs in your library (ex. Track 01, Without title, etc.), there is no doubt. You need to turn to TuneUp Media.

TuneUp Media is a paid program for Windows and Mac that automatically “cleans up” the libraries of iTunes And Windows Media Player correcting all titles and tags of unnamed songs. It is the most effective solution in the industry and is available in a free trial version that allows you to “clean up” up to 50 songs and find up to 25 album covers.

If you want to try it, connect to TuneUp Media website and click on the button DOWNLOAD NOW twice in a row to download the program to your PC. When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (TuneUpInst- and, in the window that opens, first click on Yup and then on OK, Forward, I accept it’s still Forward for another three consecutive times. Then put the check mark on the item I don’t want to install blekko Search Bar to avoid installing additional browser toolbars and click on first Install and then on end to complete the installation process of TuneUp Media.

Now, start TuneUp Media through its icon on the desktop or in the Windows Start menu and the program will open together with iTunes. Then drag the songs you want to “clean up” from the library iTunes to the TuneUp Media box and wait for the program to find the correct information for the selected songs. If you are satisfied with the results found, click on the item Save everything to replace the title and song tags with the information found by TuneUp Media