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How to read USB flash drive on Huawei

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How to read USB flash drive on Huawei: In the USB flash drive they lent you, there are several files you need to consult. Unfortunately, however, you do not have a computer at hand and, at the moment, it is impossible for you to view them. Since you have a Huawei smartphone or tablet , you would like to try using this device to achieve your goal, but you don’t know if it is feasible.

Don’t worry, the answer to your doubt is affirmative and, if you want, I’m here today to explain how you can achieve your goal. In the guide you are about to read, in fact, I will show you how to read USB stick on Huawei to manage the data stored inside the drive. First, I will show you the hardware and software requirements necessary for the device to be recognized by Android. Then I will show you the procedure you will have to go through to connect and browse the memory of the USB stick.

How do you say? Are you looking forward to reading and, above all, to putting into practice the advice I have prepared for you? So let’s not waste any more precious time! Sit comfortably, cut out a few minutes of free time and dedicate them to reading the suggestions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading!

Compatible USB sticks

Before finding out  how to read a USB stick on Huawei , you must make sure that you have a device compatible with your smartphone or tablet and that your device supports OTG  (USB on the go) technology, without which it is not possible to use media such as, in fact, the USB flash drives with Android smartphones and tablets.

I warn you that in order to be properly recognized by Android, the key must have been also formatted using the file system FAT32 , exFAT and NTFS . If you don’t know  how to format a USB stick , read the tutorial in which I explain how to do it.

In the next lines, on the other hand, I will show you some products that could serve your purpose, in case you were not already equipped with them.

Micro USB and Type-C sticks

microUSB key

A common USB stick cannot be connected directly to a Huawei smartphone or tablet, as the only USB port available on these devices is microUSB or Type-C . In these cases, to use common sticks, you must have an adapter, such as the ones I will talk about in the next chapter , or buy a USB stick with a microUSB or Type-C connector.

In the latter case, there are several products that can do for you, depending on the type of input available in the smartphone or tablet Huawei model you have. In the case of Huawei mobile devices with input microUSB , it is possible to refer to the products listed below.

In the case of Huawei devices equipped with a USB Type-C port , however, there are several solutions to consider, such as those shown below, which also guarantee the possibility of connection with the PC, via a classic USB connector.

The choice of one mass device over another, as I anticipated, depends exclusively on you, as you have to consider the type of USB input of your Huawei smartphone or tablet, the size of the memory of which you need and, above all, the budget you have available for the purchase.

USB adapters

usb hub

If you already own a USB stick and you just want to be able to connect to the USB port of your mobile device, you can orient yourself on the purchase of a USB adapter . There are different types: for example, if you only need a simple USB to Type-C or microUSB adapter , you can consider the ones listed below.

Alternatively, in case you were interested in buying HUB  to connect multiple devices to your Huawei device simultaneously, I recommend the products you find below.

A USB HUB can be a good choice in case you need to connect more than one stick or various peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard, to your device. For example, Huawei’s Mate series offers the possibility to connect the smartphone via HDMI to a monitor to make it similar to a portable PC, with the possibility, via USB HUB, to connect mouse, keyboard and any USB device, including sticks.

Read USB stick on Huawei

Now that you are aware of the hardware and software requirements that guarantee the correct recognition of the USB stick on a Huawei smartphone or tablet, it’s time to see, in practice, how to connect a peripheral of this type to the Chinese giant’s mobile devices and how manage files within it.

Use a file manager

android file management app

First of all, you need to have an app with the file management function, i.e. a file manager , to explore the folders and files present in the memory of the USB stick.

In this regard, you can rely app pre-installed Management File Huawei, which allows to perform all necessary operations on the data: rename, create and delete files and folders and copy procedures, pasting or moving data.

In short, the pre-installed Huawei app may be more than enough but, in case you want another valid alternative, I recommend using Google Files : a free app developed by Google that allows you to manage the space of a partition , such as the internal memory of the smartphone, the microSD or, in this case, the mass peripherals connected via USB. Its features are almost the same as Huawei’s File Management app , so it’s up to you to choose which app to use.

In case you are interested in Google Files , I suggest you reach this link to access the app’s tab on the Android Play Store . To download the application, you must press the Install button   and then wait for the download and installation of the same. At the end of the procedure, press the Open button or use the appropriate icon on the home screen to open the app.

Access the data on the USB stick

huawei usb stick connection

If you want to view the data inside the USB flash drive, connect it to your device Huawei via the USB input and carries out, successively, a swipe from the top downwards, in correspondence with the upper edge of the screen: by doing so, you’ll access to the Android notification Center.

Among the notifications you see, you can notice one of the Settings app with the wording Power of the device connected via USB . This means that the USB stick is properly powered and accessible from the Android operating system. After that, you have two choices: use the internal tool File Explorer (App File Management ) or launch the app Files by Google .

If you want to take action directly from the File Management of Huawei, you have to do is perform a swipe from top to bottom, near the top of the screen, and choose the words Show , which you can find in the notice bearing the name the USB stick .

file management huawei usb stick

In this way, the File Management app will be immediately launched , which will show you the data present in the memory of the USB stick. In case you want to manage folders and files, deleting them, renaming them, copying or moving them, you must keep your finger pressure on one of these, in order to select it, and choose one of the icons that you find in the bar at the bottom, based on the operation you want to perform.

If you want to use the app  Files by Google , and it starts from the Home screen, you tap on the appropriate label that matches the name of the USB stick , you are here Storage devices .

files by google usb stick

By doing so, you can see the contents of the USB stick, browsing the different folders and files inside it. All the operations you can perform on a file or folder, such as deleting, moving or copying, are accessible by pressing the ▼ icon, which you can find alongside. Easy, right?