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How to read deleted messages

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How to read deleted messages: You have decided to re-read some messages you sent to your friends a few days ago but, unfortunately, you realized that you have deleted them by mistake or, perhaps, following a “carpet cleaning” aimed at emptying the device memory.

In any case, now your need is to retrace your steps, re-reading already deleted conversations. For this reason, in this tutorial I want to show you how to read the messages deleted through different methods and in the various applications of most frequent use.

Before starting, however, it is good to make an important clarification: deleted messages (as well as any other deleted data) are quickly overwritten by other data, which thus occupy the memory space on the phone that was previously occupied by the latter; for this reason it is very difficult to recover them directly from the smartphone memory. In these cases, we mostly resort to previous backups made in the individual messaging applications: I’ll talk about it in more detail below. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp , the famous messaging app owned by Facebook, has now entered the daily life of all of us. Since its debut it has progressively established itself as the preferred application for communicating with relatives, friends and co-workers by many users around the world.

That said, whether you have an Android device or an iPhone , the steps you need to follow are quite similar. In fact, it involves recovering the last backup performed by the application on the cloud space associated with the device. On Android, moreover, there is the possibility to go even further back in time by “manually” restoring the backups that WhatsApp saves locally on the device memory; finally, it is possible to attempt to recover deleted messages directly from the smartphone memory, using programsused for the purpose, but as already said in the past this path hardly leads to appreciable results.

Cloud backup restore

restore whatsapp messages on android

Restoring a backup is the most traditional method of recovering deleted messages. Basically, a backup is the saving of all your messages (of all conversations) in a “package”, which can later be downloaded again within WhatsApp to restore old messages. Clearly, the procedure deletes the messages after the backup , so before proceeding, consider whether the game is worth a candle.

In particular, a cloud backup consists in saving one’s messages within an Internet space, precisely called cloud (cloud). On Android this space corresponds to Google Drive , au iPhone to iCloud .

Typically, WhatsApp automatically backs up to the cloud on a frequent basis, on both Android and iOS. You can check this setting by going to the Settings> Chat> Chat backup menu but, clearly, to retrieve old messages you must have already activated everything in the past; doing it now would be useless. To learn more, you can read my dedicated guide.

But let’s get to the procedure for restoring a backup from the cloud on an Android smartphone . What you need to do is reinstall WhatsApp for Android on your device or even another one, making sure that it is associated with the same phone number and Google account as the one from which the backup originated. On Android smartphones, in fact, the backup is made on Google Drive , the cloud service of the US company, to which the device is “hooked” later to recover the backup.

To verify, and possibly add, the Google account to your Android device, you must go to the Settings menu , press on the item relating to accounts and select Google from the menu that opens. If there are no connected accounts, press on the item to add an account , choose Google and enter your credentials. More info here.

Now you need to reinstall WhatsApp. Therefore, if the application is still present on your device, locate it on the home screen or in the app drawer, hold down your finger on its icon and move it to the delete icon that appears on the screen. Alternatively, you can uninstall it from the Settings> Android Apps menu. More info here.

Now you need to reinstall WhatsApp. Therefore, press the Play Store icon (the ▶ ︎ colored symbol), tap on the search bar located at the top and type WhatsApp in it. When the search is complete, press the app icon in the search results, then click Install and wait for the download and installation procedure: at the end you will find the application on the home screen or in the app drawer. If you are asked to complete your account and enter a payment method for the Google account, ignore it, WhatsApp is 100% free.

At this point, start WhatsApp and follow the first app configuration procedure: as soon as you have verified your number, the device will automatically detect the presence of a backup on Drive. At this point, all you have to do is press the Reset button to complete the procedure. You will see all your old conversations as soon as you enter the main application screen.

On the iPhone , as already mentioned, the procedure is very similar. In this case, however, the backup is made on iCloud and the smartphone on which to restore the WhatsApp backup must be associated, in addition to the same phone number, also with the same Apple ID as the one from which the backup was originated.

To remove WhatsApp from iPhone, if still present, perform a long tap on its icon , select the item Remove app from the menu that opens and confirm. To reinstall WhatsApp on iPhone , then press on the App Store icon on the Home screen or in the App Library, tap on the Search tab , at the bottom right, and type WhatsApp in the search bar located at the top.

At this point, press the Get button next to the WhatsApp icon and, if required, use the Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password to start the application installation, which will be completed shortly time.

After starting and configuring the application, also in this case WhatsApp will automatically detect a previous backup on the cloud and will ask you if you want to restore it.

restore deleted whatsapp messages on iphone

Then press on the option Restore chat history to restore previously deleted messages to your device.

For more details on how to restore WhatsApp backups on Android, read the guide I dedicated entirely to the topic.

Local backup restore

restore deleted messages on android whatsapp

Restoring from local backup is a very different process from the one described above, available only on Android devices . On the platform of the green robot, in fact, the famous messaging application, in addition to cloud backup, also performs an automatic backup (every day, week or month, according to the preferences set by the user) on the device memory.

The restore, also in this case, only works on the devices associated with the same phone number as the one that gave rise to the backup, but with an important difference: the local backup, unlike the cloud one, allows you to choose the backup file to restore and therefore allows you to choose the date on which to report the status of the chats. Cloud backup, on the other hand, allows you to restore only the most recent backup.

That said, let’s take action. The process is a bit more cumbersome than that of cloud backup, but not complex. First, you need an app to manage files and folders more thoroughly. I will use File Manager + , a free and very easy to use application, but any file manager for Android is fine.

After installing the app and starting it, press the button in the shape of a gray hard drive , at the top left, to open the list of folders inside the phone. At this point, move to the WhatsApp folder and, within this, to the Databases folder (if you have moved WhatsApp to SD, instead of choosing the internal disk, you will clearly have to choose the SD at the beginning of the path).

Among the backups that you will already find, choose the one you want to restore, which as mentioned can also be prior to the last one. The backup files are called msgstore- [data] .1.db.crypt12 , where instead of “date” there is the date the backups date back to.

Now, follow me in this delicate step: you will have to rename the file of your choice so that WhatsApp considers it as the one to choose when restoring the application. Therefore, hold down on the name of the backup you have chosen to restore, then press the Rename button (bottom center of the screen) and enter the following name: msgstore.db.crypt12 .

There shouldn’t be another file with the same name in the same folder: if so, before doing what I just explained, press and hold the icon of that file and rename it as you like. To conclude this phase, I recommend that you create a copy of the backup file to restore in another folder on your device (in case the current one is deleted following the uninstallation of WhatsApp).

Good. Now, to prevent WhatsApp from looking for the backup to restore on Google Drive instead of on the device memory, I advise you to temporarily disable the association between Drive and the application: you can do this by connecting to this page , logging in to your Google account and removing WhatsApp from the list that is proposed to you.

Now you can proceed as explained above for cloud recovery . Uninstall WhatsApp ; then make sure that the backup file is still in its place (otherwise manually recreate the WhatsApp folders and insert it inside them), reinstall WhatsApp , follow the initial configuration procedure and accept the backup restore.

For more details on how to restore WhatsApp backups on iPhone, read the tutorial I dedicated entirely to the topic.

Data recovery programs

Dr. Phone

If you do not have previous WhatsApp backups from which to draw, the only thing left to do is to try the data recovery programs card which, as mentioned, act directly on the smartphone memory and therefore guarantee little chance of success (a unless the messages were deleted moments before the recovery attempt).

These programs must be installed on the PC, to which the smartphone must then be connected via cable. Among them, I recommend that you take a look at Wondershare Dr. Fone , one of the most famous for recovering deleted data from Android and iPhone, also including functions to perform full backups, restores and transfers of WhatsApp chats from one device to another. other. The program has prices starting from € 29.99, but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test its effectiveness before purchasing. I told you about it in more detail here.

If you prefer to act directly from your device and you have an Android terminal, you can instead try the WhatsApp data recovery function offered by the EaseUS MobiSaver app , which can be obtained for free but which, once you have tested its skills, requires the unlocking of the full paid version. More info here.

How to read deleted messages on Messenger


Have you accidentally deleted messages exchanged with your friends on Messenger and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry: although, even in this case, miracles cannot be done, I will explain how to read deleted messages on Facebook as much as possible.

The first solution that I recommend you to put into practice is to request an archive with a copy of all the messages you have exchanged on Facebook : you can do it from the Facebook app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS by going to the menu ☰> Settings and privacy> Settings> Download your information , by checking the message box and pressing the Create file button .

Alternatively, you can proceed from a PC . In the latter case, access Facebook from any browser, then click on the arrow located at the top right and go to Settings and privacy> Settings . Now press on the item Your information on Facebook in the left menu, select the Messages option from the list you see, then click on the Create file button .

At this point, Facebook will proceed to send a ZIP file containing your conversations to the e-mail address associated with your account. Creating the file can take some time.

If you are lucky and, instead of deleting Messenger messages you have only archived them , you can retrieve them by opening the Messenger app for Android or iOS / iPadOS , searching for the chat name via the top bar and selecting the relevant result: if the conversation it has only been archived and not deleted, you will be able to view it and, by inserting new messages in it, also bring it back to the Messenger home. More info here.

In conclusion, I want to talk to you about a “trick” for Android , which hardly works but which in some cases has made it possible to retrieve Messenger conversations: use a file manager to go to the main / internal memory (or SD ), then to the path Android> data> com.facebook.orca> cache of your device and try to check the information in the cache file fb_temp . If you are very lucky, you may find some deleted chats inside.

Alternatively, you can try the “classic” data recovery software (as I explained to you in the chapter dedicated to WhatsApp ) but, I repeat, the hope of obtaining good results is low.

How to read deleted messages on Instagram

recover deleted messages on instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social networks ever on both Android devices and iPhones . It is mainly based on sharing photos, videos and stories, but it also allows you to exchange messages with other users.

In this case, I have to bring you only bad news: it is not possible, in fact, to read deleted messages on Instagram, because being saved on a server when they are deleted they disappear permanently both for the user and for Instagram itself.

All you can do is recover the media, or photos and videos: in this regard, I refer you to my dedicated tutorial, thanks to which you can explore the topic in detail.

Alternatively, I remind you that you can request a copy of your data : photos, comments, profile information etc. directly from the official app of the social network, by pressing on your avatar (bottom right), then on the ☰ button, then on the Settings item and looking for Download data in the top bar. More info here.

How to read deleted SMS


There are not only social networks and online messaging applications: there are also those who prefer the classic SMS , which have depopulated until the arrival of the aforementioned messaging systems via the Internet.

Are you wondering how to read deleted messages on iOS or Android, but you only use SMS? Well, the procedures I can recommend mostly concern programs and apps dedicated to recovering deleted data . In this regard, I recommend my tutorial on how to recover data from mobile.