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How to read certified mail

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How to read certified mail: Certified e – mail (PEC) is a really convenient and useful tool in various situations, and it is no coincidence that its use is spreading more and more even in non-professional areas, to track and document communications and make sure that these have a legal value comparable to that of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The providers that offer this type of service are very many, as well as the ways to consult the e-mails received with this tool. I therefore wanted to create this guide specifically to show you how to read certified mail , examining all the possible options offered by the main companies in the sector.

How do you say? You are very interested in this, given that you actually have some doubts about how to access the PEC and would like an overview of the various methods, to choose the one that best suits your needs? Perfect, you’ve come to just the right place at the right time! Just spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next chapters and you will soon be able to access your certified e-mail in the way you prefer.


Preliminary information

The PEC , as anticipated in the previous paragraphs, is a tool that allows the electronic transmission of communications by e-mail, for which a dispatch and delivery receipt is issued having the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt . From 30 June 2013 it became mandatory for all companies , including sole proprietorships (which therefore must register at least one certified email address in the Register of Companies), as well as for freelancers registered in an order or college .

First of all it is necessary to clarify an aspect that often generates confusion in many people who approach this type of service for the first time: the functioning of the PEC is completely similar to a normal e-mail service, with the difference that, as seen previously, the communications take on legal value and their sending and receiving involve the automatic generation, by the manager, of acceptance and delivery notifications.

The use of special software or dedicated hardware components (eg smart cards) is not envisaged. Everything takes place “behind the scenes”, where the sender’s provider checks the messages sent and, if they comply with all the standards required by the PEC, sends them to the recipient’s provider; the latter, after carrying out a second check, if this is successful, delivers the communications to the recipient.

The configuration, access and use of certified e-mail accounts, therefore, do not differ from the normal use that you are most likely already making of other standard e-mail services. It is therefore possible to access convenient Webmail, smartphone apps (if provided for by the plan subscribed) or, again, you can use classic e-mail clients , such as Microsoft Outlook , Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail , configuring them via the IMAP or POP3 protocols ( now not recommended, as they are obsolete). For all the details, read on.

How to read certified mail

how to read the PEC

If you have serious doubts about how to read certified mail , you should know that first of all you must have subscribed to a subscription plan with one of the authorized providers. There are so many of them (you can find the complete list here ) and the price of the service varies according to the space and features offered by the chosen box.

In principle, I am sorry to inform you that there is no free PEC service ; however, it should be noted that the prices are generally affordable and that some providers also offer free trial periods of some of their plans.

Based on your choice, you will be able to access your PEC account in the manner provided for by the specific service and, if you choose to do so through a specific client, you will have to proceed with the eventual configuration of the latter according to the parameters indicated by the manager.

Don’t worry, it is by no means a difficult operation: in the next paragraphs I will list all the ways to access the mailbox: from PC , via Webmail or client, and from smartphones and tablets , by means of the relative apps.

Obviously, you will first have to open your PEC account by carrying out the relevant online registration procedure and paying by card, PayPal or other methods provided. The registration and activation procedure of the PEC is not complex and does not differ much from that of the classic services for creating an e-mail address: no video calls or complex procedures to verify identity are needed.

How to read certified mail on a PC

PEC Aruba

Let’s see immediately how to read certified mail on a PC . The possibilities through this device are basically two: you can choose to connect to the Webmail of the provider you have chosen (thus using nothing but your favorite browser), or configure the IMAP parameters on the e-mail client that you usually use for management e-mail, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Once you have accessed the Webmail or the client, to open the certified mail communications you will not have to do anything different than what you do when you consult your classic e-mail box, so you just have to go to the folder with the Inbox and click on the message to read . Simple, right?

That said, here is a list of some of the most popular providers and their access methods from a PC.

  • How to read certified mail on Aruba . One of the best known platforms is undoubtedly Aruba, also due to the fact that it offers different subscription plans for all budgets: the basic one, called Standard , costs 5.00 euros + VAT for the first year, while subsequent renewals are charged. 7.90 euros + VAT per year. It is therefore an economic solution, compliant with current legislation and also valid as a digital home: the mailbox provides, in fact, a space limited to 1 GB . However, the services included in this plan are many: access via Webmail is allowed, but it is also compatible with all the most popular e-mail clients, after configuration. The maximum size of messages sent is 100 MB , and there is a limit of maximum 500 recipients for each email (of which 250 in “To:” and 250 in “CC:”). It also provides anti- virus and anti- spam functions and the possibility of applying rules and filters on receipt. Finally, a system for reading and archiving electronic invoices and 24- hour assistance is included . Once registered, to access the Webmail you need to connect to this page , then type the PEC address in the appropriate field and the password in the one below. By subsequently clicking on the Login button, you are redirected to the PEC mailbox where you can read and compose new messages and also view the relative sending / receiving receipts. More info here.
  • How to read certified mail on Libero . Libero offers two subscription methods: Family PEC , at € 14.99 + VAT per year and PEC Unlimited , at a cost of € 30 + VAT per year. Family PEC is the solution reserved for private customers: in addition to ensuring compliance with current legislation and the activation of the digital home , it is equipped with antispam and antivirus filters and allows you to receive any electronic invoices . Furthermore, the holders of a Libero PEC have priority in the management of reports and requests for assistance. To connect via Webmail you need to access this page, then enter the PEC address and password in the appropriate fields in the MailPEC authentication form , under the Login item and click on the Enter button . If, on the other hand, you wish to configure your e-mail client to receive and send e-mails, on this page you will find the relative parameters. More info here .
  • How to read Legalmail certified mail . If you are looking for a PEC service that allows you to test the use for free before proceeding with a possible purchase, Legalmail could be the right solution. In fact, the possibility of trying the service for 6 months is also proposed. The available plans are: Bronze (25 euros + VAT per year), Silver (39 euros + VAT per year) and Gold (75 euros + VAT per year). The basic Bronze plan, for example, entitles you to access a 5 GB mailbox , equipped with antivirus , antispam , security backup and SMS notifications . Lets applyfilters and rules on incoming messages and also to enable the reception of non-certified emails . Messages can be up to 100MB in size and 500 recipients . Client access is guaranteed following the configuration of the IMAP parameters, available on this page . If, on the other hand, you want to access the Webmail, connected to this page , then enter your PEC address (or, alternatively, the User ID communicated during registration) and the password in the appropriate fields and click on the Login button .

The procedures and methods illustrated so far to understand how to read certified mail online are the same for more or less all the providers that provide these services. Each of these, in essence, generally offers the possibility of accessing the mailbox on Webmail via a browser and at the same time provides precise indications on the configuration for access from the client in special support pages.

Therefore, I advise you to evaluate the best certified e-mail service suitable for your use and economic needs: you may also find interesting free PEC solutions (for a limited period of time, as already mentioned before).

How to read certified mail on Android

IObit iFun Screen Recorder

Would you like to be able to access your PEC from mobile, via smartphone or tablet? Let’s see, then, how to read certified mail on Android . First of all, check that the plan you subscribed also provides for access in this mode: it is possible that in some subscriptions the use from smartphones and tablets is not included.

That said, many managers have developed very useful apps dedicated to their PEC services. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the e-mail management app on your device and configure it by entering a new account with the specific IMAP parameters provided by the PEC manager you have relied on. Let’s see, below, some of the most popular services.

  • How to read Aruba certified mail on Android . The Aruba PEC mobile app , available for Android devices (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have a Google store), is extremely convenient and functional if you want to manage certified e-mail on the go. Alternatively, you can configure the email app of your device by entering the parameters provided by the manager.
  • How to read Libero certified mail on Android . For this provider it is possible to take advantage of the Libero Mail App , available for Android (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have a Google store). When the app starts, tap on the Add account item and enter the email address of your PEC and password in the appropriate fields. Another way to access Libero Mail PEC on the go is to configure the specific IMAP parameters indicated by the manager, inserting them in the app normally used for managing e-mail on a smartphone or tablet.
  • How to read Legalmail certified mail on Android . If you have chosen the latter as a certified email service, you can certainly take advantage of the Legalmail app (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have a Google store) to comfortably access your certified e-mail box on the move. If you prefer to add an account to the e-mail app already present on your smartphone or tablet, on this page you can find useful information to carry out the configuration.

How to read certified mail on iPhone

PEC iPhone

Do you have a mobile device with the bitten apple logo? So let ‘s see how to read certified mail on the iPhone . It is a good idea to always check in advance that the chosen subscription also includes access on the move: it is possible that in some plans this mode is not contemplated. Many providers also provide a dedicated PEC app.

If you prefer to use the e-mail management app of your iPhone (or iPad), for example Apple Mail , you will need to configure it on the client by entering a new account with the specific parameters indicated by your PEC manager. Let’s see below some examples relating to the most popular services in this area.

  • How to read Aruba certified mail on iPhone . The Aruba PEC mobile app is available for iPhone / iPad . Alternatively, you can configure the email app of your device by entering the IMAP parameters provided by the manager.
  • How to read Libero certified mail on iPhone . The Libero Mail app for iPhone / iPad also allows you to enter the PEC account: this is certainly the most immediate way to access your PEC mailbox on the go. It will be sufficient, in fact, to tap on the Add account item and enter the Libero Mail PEC address and password in the appropriate fields . If you are more comfortable using your device’s email client, you will need to configure its IMAP parameters.
  • How to read Legalmail certified mail on iPhone . If you have chosen a plan from the Legalmail provider, you can easily access on the go by downloading the dedicated app, also available for iPhone / iPad . In case you prefer to use a generic mailbox management app such as Apple Mail, you need to configure the correct parameters provided by the manager on this page to receive and send messages.

How to read certified mail in EML format

EML file

Have you come across an EML file and not sure how to proceed? You must know, first of all, that this particular format contains a complete e-mail message (therefore with the text formatted and including images and any attachments). EML files are generated by e-mail applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail , and can often be easily opened by double clicking on its icon: the default program for managing e-mail is usually opened.

However, in some cases the operating system may not have correctly associated this format with software. Therefore, I suggest you read my dedicated guide, where I show you all the possible options to learn how to read certified mail in EML format , both from computers with Windows and macOS operating systems, and from Android or iOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets. .

How to read XML certified mail


It can happen to be confused when you receive a PEC with an electronic invoice and the latter shows the XML format . In these cases, in fact, by double clicking on the file in question it may happen that it is opened by a program that is not suitable for consulting the invoice.

It is therefore advisable to have specific software, or to use an online tool dedicated to this type of operation. If you want to know in detail how to read XML certified mail, I suggest you read my dedicated guide, where you can choose the best solution for your needs: you will find all the information on programs for Windows and macOS, on apps for Android and iPhone and on more efficient online services.