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How to reactivate the Play Store

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How to reactivate the Play Store: What could have ever happened? The other day I downloaded several apps without problems and today, however, the Play Store on my Android device does not want to know anything about working! Aaaaaaaargh! I bet that is exactly what you are thinking in your mind right now and I also bet you would like to see if I can help you in some way to cope with it. Did I see it right? I supposed. Then consider yourself more than lucky: today, with this guide of mine, I just want to explain to you how to reactivate the Play Store.

Starting from the fundamental assumption that sometimes it can understand that the Play Store “jams” (perhaps as a result of some internal system error) or that it stops working as usual, blocking or not starting at all, in the following lines we will therefore go to in review all the various and possible operations that can be carried out to try to solve a situation of this type so as to make the app store of the big G mobile platform work again without problems.

How do you say? Your problem has nothing to do with the above but, much more “trivially”, you have accidentally deleted the Play Store from your device (or it never was) and now you would like to understand how to activate it? No problem, I had already thought about this too. You will find a passage dedicated to the topic at the end of the article. But now just chat and let’s take action. I wish you, as usual, happy reading and I wish you a big good luck for everything.

Note: Since I am not aware of the exact model of Android smartphone or tablet in your possession and since numerous versions of the Google mobile platform are available on the square, more or less customized by the various manufacturers, the indications relating to the items in the menus and in the various screens that you find in this guide may differ slightly from what you see. I will try to be the possible plan of help but by virtue of what has just been stated, you too must be good at identifying the correct sections to access and intervene on.

Empty the cache

The first operation that I invite you to do to try to reactivate the Play Store is to go and empty the cache of the store itself as well as that of Google Play Services. Let’s see immediately how to proceed both in one case and in the other.

First of all, grab your device, unlock it and go to the screen of the same where all the apps are grouped, then press the icon of Settings (the one with thegear) and step on the item App or access the section first General and then press on Application Management.

On the screen that appears, locate, next to the section Download, the wording Google Play Store, press on it and then tap on the button Clear cache. Done!

Now, go back again to the screen where there is a list of all the applications installed on the device, locate the wording Google Play Services always attached to the section Download, press on it and, even in this case, stop on the button Clear cache.

Then check that the Play Store has resumed functioning normally and if not, try to put the next procedure into practice as well.

Erase data

How to reactivate the Play Store

Have you performed the above steps but still haven’t managed to “get a spider out of the hole”? I’m sorry but… don’t give up yet! Instead, try to reactivate the Play Store by deleting the data relating to it. You ask me how to do it? I’ll explain it to you immediately.

First, stop on the icon of Settings that you find in the screen where all the apps are grouped and then presses on the item App or access the section first General and then press on Application Managementthe.

Now, locate the entry Google Play Store in the section Download, press on it and press the button Clear data attached to the screen that you will later see appear.

Therefore, confirm the execution of the operation by pressing on OK in response to the warning that appears on the screen, then make sure that the Play store has resumed functioning without problems.

Uninstall the updates

How to reactivate the Play Store

Not even proceeding as I indicated in the previous step were you able to solve and would you like to know if there are further solutions to be able to reactivate the Play Store on your device? Well, of course you do: try uninstalling the updates for the latter.

To do this, always go to the section Settings of Android, presses on the voice App or access the section first General and stop on Application Management then identify the wording Google Play Storand attached to the section Download and presses the button Uninstall update.

Finally, click on OK in response to the notice included on the screen through which you are asked to confirm that the procedure has been carried out and then press on Uninstall in order to proceed with the uninstallation of the updates.

At the end of the procedure, by accessing the Play Store you will find yourself in the presence of the version of the same originally installed on your device. So check that everything is working again. Later you will also be offered to download the various updates available in order to bring the store back to the most recent version for your device.

Reconnect the Google account

How to reactivate the Play Store

Did none of the steps described above have the desired effect? Then I suggest you try to cope with this by going to unlink and reconnect the Google account to your device.

To do this, always go to Settings on your Android device, press on the voice Account (on some devices it may be necessary to press the card first General), stop on the logo of Google, then on yours Gmail address and then on the voice Remove account (if you can’t see it, press the button first […] which is at the top right).

Once you have logged out, go back to the main account management screen, first on the item Add account, select the logo of Google and fill in the fields you see appear on the screen by typing yours Gmail email address and the password associated with it in order to log in to the Google account.

As seen together in the previous lines, then check that the Play Store is back to work normally and if not, try, as a last resort, to put into practice the instructions you find in the next paragraph.

Further useful operations

Together with the above operations there are other small tricks which, although apparently they may be trivial, are still useful to circumvent any malfunctions of the Play store. Let’s see immediately which ones. You can find everything below.

Check the Internet connection

How to reactivate the Play Store

First of all, I suggest you make sure that your smartphone or tablet has an active Internet connection. It is preferable that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network (ADSL or fiber) but the data connection is also fine (bearing in mind the fact that you may be subject to unexpected costs based on the rate for surfing the internet activated with your manager).

If you don’t know how to verify that you have an active Internet connection, call the notification center of Android by swiping from top to bottom and make sure the buttons Wifi or that Conn. Data are colored. Otherwise, press the one corresponding to the type of connection you want to enable and in the case of wireless networks also indicate the name of the one you want to connect to (if required) by typing the relative password (always if required).

Check the date and time

How to reactivate the Play Store

Another thing I invite you to do is to check that the date and time on your device are set correctly. In fact, some processes involved with the Play Store require this information to coincide with your location.

To do this, go to the section Settings of Android and presses on the voice Date and time (on some devices it may be necessary to access the section first General). Then check that the options related to automatic date and time And automatic time zone are active (and if not, take care of it yourself). Alternatively, you can leave the aforementioned functions disabled by manually intervening on the settings related to date, Now And time zone, precisely.

Restart the device

How to reactivate the Play Store

Restarting the device can also be useful to deal with any problems arising from the use of the Play Store. Don’t you know how to do it? I’m amazed at you, it’s so easy. Anyway, no problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

All you have to do is press and keep holding on for a few moments on / off button placed on the body of the device (generally at the top or at the top) then select the item Restart in the menu that you will see appear on the screen and that’s it. The device will then turn off and turn on again automatically (similarly to how it happens on your computer when you restart it).

Reset the device

As they say, to extreme evils, extreme remedies. If, despite having put the above instructions into practice, you have not yet been able to reactivate the Play Store, I strongly suggest that you consider resetting your device, a procedure which, precisely, allows you to solve any software conflicts, eradicates any malware infections and restores the terminal’s performance to acceptable levels, eliminating annoying “freezes” and error messages that may appear over time.

To do this, you can refer to the detailed instructions I gave you in my guide on how to restore Android, in fact. However, keep in mind that by restoring your device you will inevitably face the loss of data saved locally on it, unless a prior backup is performed, as I explained to you in the tutorial just linked and how I proceeded to talk to you in detail about the question in my specific post on how to backup Android.

Reinstall the Play Store

Photo showing the Google Play Store icon on Android

Your problem is not that the Play Store has stopped working correctly but that you have deleted it by mistake from your device or even worse that it has never been installed on your smartphone or tablet (some manufacturers, especially the most cheap, due to timing and costs related to Google certifications do they get devices on which the Play Store is not present to the stores)? In this case, you can follow the instructions I have provided you in my guide on how to install Play store on Android to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

But I anticipate that to perform the operation in question it is essential that your device is unlocked (or rather “rooted”). If this is not the case, you can refer to my tutorial on how to root Android to receive more details on the issue and above all to find out what steps to take to succeed.