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How to re-enter Chatroulette

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How to re-enter Chatroulette: The popular casual chat service Chatroulette , in which anyone can use their webcam to virtually meet people from all over and chat with them, has a security system that blocks access to users who have been guilty of policy violations. of the site offending their interlocutors in various ways.

This system, however, is not infallible and every now and then it happens that someone is no longer able to use the service even though they have not done anything serious. That’s why today I decided to offer you a guide with some tips on how to get back into Chatroulette , which you can immediately put into practice to return to video-chat with people from all over the globe.

If you are interested in this (and considering the fact that you are now here and you are reading this guide I would say yes), then position yourself comfortably in front of your trusty computer and immediately start concentrating on reading everything listed below. In the end, you will see, everything will go the right way and you can also say that you are very happy and satisfied with what you have learned. What do you say, we bet?


Preliminary information

Before explaining what are the operations that you can possibly carry out to be able to start using Chatroulette again in case of blocking, it seems to me necessary to make some clarifications regarding the functioning of the service and the circumstances in which a user can be banned.

Let’s start from a fundamental premise: on Chatroulette the reproduction of obscene, offensive and pornographic materials is not tolerated , therefore the service will block users who violate these rules. Also, to use Chatoulette you must be at least 16 years old .

That said, however, it can happen to be banned erroneously , because the people with whom we were video chatting repeatedly pressed the appropriate button at the top of the site, instead of the one to change user.

However, when the ban is applied, its duration generally varies from 10 minutes to 3 days , but there may also be cases in which it can last for several weeks , if not even a lifetime .

Change IP address

How to re-enter Chatroulette

Having made the above premises, let’s get to the heart of the topic. To find out how to re-enter Chatroulette after being blocked, the first attempt I recommend is to disconnect and reconnect to the Internet to change the IP address , provided it is dynamic .

To do this, you can simply turn your modem / router off and on again by pressing the appropriate ON / OFF button located on the back of the device.

Alternatively, you can act at the software level by entering the internal panel of the device. To do this, open the browser you usually use to surf the Net from your computer (eg Chrome ) and connect to the address or , typing it in the top bar and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. If the addresses in question turn out to be inaccurate and if, therefore, an error message appears after typing them in the browser, you can try to deal with it by reading my article dedicated to how to find the router IP address.

Subsequently, if you are asked to enter login data, fill in the fields on the screen by typing the combinations admin / admin or admin / password , which are the default ones for most modems / routers. If the username and password combinations I just gave you turn out to be inaccurate, read my tutorial on how to see the modem password to try and deal with it.

Once you have accessed the internal panel of the modem / router, you must go to the section dedicated to the administration or  system tools of the latter and look for (and press) the button to disconnect or restart the modem / router . The procedure takes from 30 to 60 seconds and the reconnection to the Internet takes place automatically.

Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise about the sections of the modem / router management panel to be accessed and about the buttons to press since each device has its own functioning, depending on the brand and model and, personally, I am not able to knowledge of the exact device you own.

However, if this can help you, below I have provided you with some of my specific guides on how to access, use and configure the modems / routers of the main brands and those provided by the main telephone operators.

However, keep in mind that, as anticipated a few lines above, if you are using a connection with a static IP address , you will not be able to change the latter by putting into practice the instructions I have provided you a little while ago. As you can guess from the name itself, a static IP always remains static even when restarting the modem / router.

In this case, the only way to get a different IP is to get in touch with your provider and ask for the address change  remotely . If you do not know how to contact the customer service of your landline operator, below I have provided you with some of my tutorials dedicated specifically to the thing.

Use a proxy server

Another system that you can take advantage of is to contact a proxy server , thanks to which you can mask your real IP, without having to really change it, making Chatoulette “believe” that you are connected from a different area of ​​the world and therefore with a different IP address. In fact, proxies are services that allow the PC to communicate with a specific Internet site by acting as an intermediary between the two parties.

There are many proxy server services. Personally, I suggest you try Proxy Site , which is free and allows you to disguise the real IP with a foreign one, choosing between European or US servers.

To use it, connect to the  home page of the service and choose the server to use through the appropriate drop-down menu on the left, then type (i.e. the complete Chatroulette address) in the Enter Url field adjacent.

Then, press the  Go button . Done! On the Web page that will open at this point, you will find yourself in front of the Chatroulette home page and you will be able to resume using the service. It was easy, wasn’t it?

In the event that Proxy Site should give you problems, you can contact another of the following proxy server services, the operation is good or bad the same.

For further information, I invite you to refer to my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to propose the IP and to my post on how to mask the IP address.

Delete the flash cookies

How to re-enter Chatroulette

Another way you have on your side to be able to re-enter Chatroulette is to delete the cookies that the site has saved on your PC to identify you. In this case, however, a normal removal of the browser’s navigation data, as I explained to you in my tutorial dedicated to how to delete the history of the sites visited, is not enough, as Chatroulette also saves special cookies related to Flash Player called, in fact, flash cookies .

To delete the flash cookies saved on your PC, you must connect to this page of the Flash Player website and click on the Delete all button . If, on the other hand, you do not want to delete all the flash cookies on your PC but only want to get rid of those of Chatroulette, locate the entry in the list that appears, select it with the mouse, click on the Delete website button  and then , on that Confirm .

Contact Chatroulette

How to re-enter Chatroulette

In the unfortunate event that none of the solutions already indicated should prove useful to be able to re-enter Chatroulette, to try to cope with the situation, there is nothing else to do but get in touch with the staff of the famous service. Unfortunately Chatoulette does not offer a feedback form on its home page, but it is still possible to write to the email address for support: .

So, open the e-mail client that you generally use on your computer or, alternatively, start your favorite Webmail service, start composing a new message by clicking on the appropriate button (generally it is the one depicting the pencil and the sheet ) and enter the e-mail address above in the field dedicated to the recipient  ( A ).

Type in the Subject field a brief description of the problem you encountered and, instead, in the body of the message explain the situation in detail, indicating, in English , that you believe that your IP address has been banned erroneously from the site, which is why you are no longer able to log in and use Chatroulette and that if you have done something that can be interpreted as a violation of the rules, you apologize for what has happened and promise that it will never happen again in the future.

Still in the body of the message, I suggest you include useful information to identify your user, such as your IP address and the approximate time when the ban took effect. With this information, the Chatorulette team should be able to retrieve the recordings of your chat sessions and understand, therefore, whether you have been banned for a legitimate reason or not.

Finally, send your e-mail message by clicking the send button (usually the one with a paper airplane ). Then wait for the response from Chatroulette, taking into account that it may not be exactly immediate (it could take hours, days or weeks, try to be patient) due to the high number of requests.

Other useful solutions

Photo showing a person using a notebook

To conclude, I want to point  out alternative solutions to those above that you can take advantage of to try to access Chatroulette again if you have not yet succeeded in your intent.

  • Using a VPN – acronym for Virtual Private Network, VPNs are particularly popular tools through which you can both protect your connection and disguise the IP address, thus bypassing the regional blocks imposed by some Internet sites, as in the case of the ban. applied by Chatoulette towards you: in short, it is a system that acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the sites (or services) used, hiding his identity (the connection, via VPN, may appear to come from another country ) and protecting inbound and outbound traffic. To learn more about the topic and to find out which are the solutions belonging to the category you can use, I suggest you read my article on the best VPNs.
  • Using a different Internet connection – it may seem trivial to most, but considering the fact that the block applied by Chatroulette exists towards a given IP address and that connecting to a different Internet connection also varies the latter, you can evaluate the hypothesis to connect to a different network, to a hotspot or, again, to use your mobile phone as a modem and, therefore, to take advantage of the data connection service that can be used by the computer.
  • Use a different videochat service – you probably weren’t aware of it, but you should know that Chatroulette is not the only videochat service on the Net. There are in fact several services with similar characteristics, such as those I pointed out to you in my chat article free video without registration to see yourself on cam, which you can use as an alternative or simply to deceive the wait, waiting for the ban against your users to be deactivated.