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How to re-enable the Facebook account

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How to re-enable the Facebook account: After reading my article on how to unsubscribe from Facebook you had temporarily chosen to temporarily deactivate your account so that you can “detoxify” for some time from the use of the social network. However, if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it seems more than evident to me that despite the efforts you have made, you have not succeeded in your intent and have therefore decided to retrace your steps. How do you say? Things are exactly like this but you haven’t figured out how to do it re-enable the Facebook account? No problem, I’ll help you. Read my tutorial on the matter and you will see that in a little while your account on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network will be active again as if nothing had ever happened.

As? Behind erroneous reports from someone who wanted to spite you, your Facebook account has been deactivated and you don’t know how to get it back? This is also why you have come to the right place, do not worry. Facebook offers solutions for both cases to which I have just referred and today I am here to explain how to make the most of them.

Come on then, take five minutes of free time all to yourself and find out how to proceed without complicating your life too much. I assure you that you will not have to do anything particularly complicated and indeed I am sure that if necessary you will also be ready to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends in need of similar advice. What do you say, we bet?

Re-enable the voluntarily deactivated Facebook account

Reactivating the Facebook account is an operation that can be carried out without problems both from a computer (therefore from the web browser) and from smartphones and tablets (both through the official app of the social network and through the app that is generally used for surf the net from mobile). The steps to take are quite similar in both cases. For more details, please read on.

From computer

If you want to find out how to re-enable your Facebook account because you voluntarily deactivated it and now you’ve changed your mind, all you have to do is log into the social network: it’s really hard to imagine something simpler!

So, all you have to do is start the web browser you normally use to surf the net from your PC (eg. Firefox), to type in the address bar and press the button Enter on the keyboard so as to connect to the main page of the social network. Then fill out the forms Email or phone And Password placed at the top right by typing, respectively, the email address or the telephone number with which you have chosen to register on the social network and the relative password and then presses the button Log in and that’s it. It basically takes longer to explain than to do it.

Once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the Facebook home with all your friends, the posts of others and yours and so on, exactly as if nothing had ever happened.

From smartphones and tablets

How to re-enable the Facebook account

Do you want to re-enable the Facebook account by acting as a mobile? No problem, it can be done. You ask me how? I’ll explain it to you right away. Grab your smartphone or tablet, access the device screen where all the apps are grouped, press the Facebook application icon (it is the blue one with a white “F” printed in the center) and then fill in the forms relating to the name user and password that you see on the screen and presses the button to log in.

Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the social network app and you can start using your account again as if you had never deactivated it.

Haven’t downloaded the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet? Don’t worry, you can also re-enable the Facebook account from the app which is generally useful for surfing the net from your device. So, access the screen of the same where all the applications are grouped, press the icon of the web browser app you usually use (eg. Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS) then type in the address bar and press the button Enter on the on-screen keyboard.

Now fill out the forms displayed on the screen by typing the email address with which you registered with Facebook or the telephone number and the relative password and then click on the button Log in. Very easy, right?

Re-enable the arbitrarily deactivated Facebook account

How to contact Facebook

The situation is a little more complex when you want to re-enable the Facebook account after an arbitrary deactivation by the managers of the social network, as this usually occurs following a violation of the terms of use of the service. A person may have flagged your profile accusing you of using a false name, harassing someone, or posting serious offenses against certain groups of people.

If the report was made incorrectly or out of spite, you should be able to recover your account by logging into this Facebook page and filling out the form that is proposed to you. Then type in your name, your e-mail address and a brief summary of what happened (together with the reasons why your account should be re-enabled) then provide your identity document by uploading it using the button Choose file. Then click on the button Send located at the bottom right and wait 24/28 hours for the managers of Facebook to examine your request for reactivation.

If your reactivation request is accepted, you will receive a message from the social network informing you of the restoration of your account. In this way, you will be able to access your profile again and return to communicate with your friends on the most famous social network in the world.

In case of problems

How to re-enable the Facebook account

Have you carried out the simple steps above to re-enable the Facebook account but are you having problems in being able to complete the procedure correctly? Then try to take a look at the appropriate one help page made available by Facebook with information on account reactivation. Maybe among the solutions indicated you can also find the one that’s right for you.

If even among the suggestions above you cannot find a solution to your difficulties, I suggest you carry out a broader search within the Facebook help center. To do this, do click here then use the search bar at the top to type a keyword related to your problem and select one of the available options from the list that is shown to you.

Alternatively, select one of the most popular topics of the moment by clicking on the one of your interest attached to the section Popular topics or use the menu at the top to choose an issue of your interest on which you would like to receive more information.

Note: All the operations that can be put into practice in case of problems in going to re-enable the Facebook account that I have just indicated can be performed in the same way both from computer and from smartphone and tablet using the Web browser. procedure is practically identical.